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These Marvel novels are on sale from and The ComicWeb is an affiliate of these sites, which means that if you follow the links for these books and make a purchase then the ComicWeb gets a (very small) percentage of the purchase. We like Powell's because they are an independent book seller that also sells new and used books.

The Further Adventures of Batman Powells's
The Further Adventures of The Joker Powells's
The Batman Murders Powells's
Batman: To Stalk a Specter Powells's
Batman: Captured by the Engines Powells's
The Further Adventures of Batman Volume 2: Featuring the Penguin Powells's
Batman Returns Powells's
Catwoman: Tyger Hunt Powells's
The Further Adventures of Batman Volume 3: Featuring Catwoman Powells's
The Death and Life of Superman Powells's
The Further Adventures of Wonder Woman Powells's
Superman: Doomsday & Beyond Powells's
The Further Adventures of Superman Powells's
Batman: Shadows of the Past Powells's
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – The Animated Movie Powells's
Batman: Duel to the Death Powells's
Batman: The Dragon and the Bat Powells's
Batman: Knightfall Powells's
Batman: Knightfall & Beyond Powells's
Batman Forever Powells's
Batman: The Ultimate Evil Powells's
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Heat Wave Powells's
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Exile Powells's
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Deadly Games Powells's
Lois & Clark: A Superman Novel Powells's
Sandman: The Book of Dreams Powells's
Batman: SubZero Powells's
Batman & Robin Powells's
Legends of the Batman Powells's
Tales of the Batman Powells's
The Adventures of the Batman Powells's
Steel Powells's
Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses Powells's
Kingdom Come Powells's
The Life Story of the Flash Powells's
Batman: No Man's Land Powells's
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Powells's
Batman: The Stone King Powells's
Justice League: Secret Origins Powells's
Justice League: In Darkest Night Powells's
Justice League: Wings of War Powells's
Justice League: The Gauntlet Powells's
Smallville: Strange Visitors Powells's
Smallville: Arrival Powells's
Smallville: See No Evil Powells's
Smallville: Dragon Powells's
Smallville: Flight Powells's
Smallville: Hauntings Powells's
Wonder Woman: Mythos Powells's
Smallville: Animal Rage Powells's
Justice League: Red Justice Powells's
Justice League: Wild at Heart Powells's
Smallville: Whodunnit Powells's
Smallville: Speed Powells's
Smallville: Buried Secrets Powells's
Justice League: No Man Is an Island Powells's
Justice League: A Golden Opportunity Powells's
Smallville: Shadows Powells's
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Powells's
Smallville: Runaway Powells's
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Powells's
Justice League: A League of His Own Powells's
Justice League: Speed Trap Powells's
Smallville: Silence Powells's
Smallville: Greed Powells's
Smallville: Curse Powells's
The Flash: Stop Motion Powells's
Smallville: Temptation Powells's
Smallville: City Powells's
Smallville: Sparks Powells's
The Forensic Files of Batman Powells's
Justice League of America: Exterminators Powells's
Catwoman Powells's
Green Lantern: Sleepers Book One Powells's
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Powells's
Constantine Powells's
Green Lantern: Sleepers Book Two Powells's
Crisis On Infinite Earths Powells's
Green Lantern: Hero's Quest Powells's
Superman: The Never-Ending Battle Powells's
Batman Begins Powells's
Green Lantern: Sleepers Book Three Powells's
It's Superman! Powells's
JSA: Ragnarok: Book One Powells's
V For Vendetta Powells's
DC Universe: Last Sons Powells's
DC Universe: Inheritance Powells's
Superman Returns Powells's
Batman: Dead White Powells's
Batman: Inferno Powells's
Infinite Crisis Powells's
DC Universe: Helltown Powells's
Batman: Fear Itself Powells's
DC Universe: Trail of Time Powells's
52: The Novel Powells's
Superman: The Last Days of Krypton Powells's
Batman: Gotham Knight Powells's
The Dark Knight Powells's
Wonder Woman Powells's
Batman and Superman: Enemies & Allies Powells's
Countdown Powells's
Final Crisis Powells's
Wayne of Gotham Powells's
The Dark Knight Rises Powells's




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