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Doctor Who DVDs and Episode Guide

Doctor Who books, graphic novels, and audio plays

Doctor Who dvds - classic episodes, new series, movies

Doctor Who Spinoffs - Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures

These Doctor Who dvds are on sale from The ComicWeb is an affiliate of Amazon, which means that if you follow the links for these dvds and make a purchase then the ComicWeb gets a (very small) percentage of the purchase.

Doctor Who Television Episodes

1st Doctor:
William Hartnell

  An Unearthly Child


The Daleks


  The Edge of Destruction


Doctor Who the Beginning Collection: includes: Unearthly Child, The Daleks, & Edge of Destruction DVD
  Marco Polo DVD - unavailable
  The Keys of Marinus DVD
  The Aztecs DVD
  The Sensorites DVD
  The Reign of Terror DVD
  Planet of Giants DVD
  The Dalek Invasion of Earth DVD
  The Rescue DVD
  The Romans DVD
  The Web Planet DVD
  The Crusade DVD - unavailable
  The Space Museum DVD
  The Chase DVD
  The Time Meddler DVD
  Galaxy 4 DVD - unavailable
  Mission to the Unknown DVD - unavailable
  The Myth Makers DVD - unavailable
  The Daleks' Master Plan DVD - unavailable
  The Massacre DVD
  The Ark DVD
  The Celestial Toymaker DVD - unavailable
  The Gunfighters DVD
  The Savages DVD - unavailable
  The War Machines DVD
  The Smugglers DVD - unavailable
  The Tenth Planet DVD

2nd Doctor:
Patrick Troughton

  The Power of the Daleks DVD - unavailable
  The Highlanders DVD - unavailable
  The Underwater Menace DVD - unavailable
  The Moonbase DVD
  The Macra Terror DVD - unavailable
  The Faceless Ones DVD - unavailable
  The Evil of the Daleks DVD - unavailable
  The Tomb of the Cybermen DVD
  The Abominable Snowmen DVD - unavailable
  The Ice Warriors DVD
  The Enemy of the World DVD
  The Web of Fear DVD
  Fury from the Deep DVD - unavailable
  The Wheel In Space DVD - unavailable
  The Dominators DVD
  The Mind Robber DVD
  The Invasion DVD
  The Krotons DVD
  The Seeds of Death DVD
  The Space Pirates DVD - unavailable
  The War Games DVD

3rd Doctor:
Jon Pertwee

  Spearhead fromSpace DVD
  Doctor Who and the Silurians DVD
  The Ambassadors of Death DVD
  Inferno DVD
  Terror of the Autons DVD
  The Mind of Evil DVD
  The Claws of Axos DVD
  Colony In Space DVD
  The Daemons DVD
  Day of the Daleks DVD
  The Curse of Peladon DVD
  The Sea Devils DVD
  The Mutants DVD
  The Time Monster DVD
  The Three Doctors DVD
  Carnival of Monsters DVD
  Frontier In Space DVD
  Planet of the Daleks DVD
  The Green Death DVD
  The Time Warrior DVD
  Invasion of the Dinosaurs DVD
  Death to the Daleks B007VI74VM DVD
  The Monster of Peladon DVD
  Planet of the Spiders DVD

4th Doctor:
Tom Baker



  The Ark in Space DVD
  The Sontaran Experiment


  Genesis of the Daleks DVD
  Revenge of the Cybermen DVD
  Terror of the Zygons DVD
  Planet of Evil DVD
  Pyramids of Mars DVD
  The Android Invasion DVD
  The Brain of Morbius DVD
  The Seeds of Doom DVD
  The Masque of Mandragora DVD
  The Hand of Fear


  The Deadly Assassin DVD
  The Face of Evil DVD
  The Robots of Death DVD
  The Talons of Weng-Chiang DVD
  Horror of Fang Rock DVD
  The Invisible Enemy DVD
  Image of the Fendahl DVD
  The Sun Makers DVD
  Underworld DVD
  The Invasion of Time DVD
  The Key to Time Storyline DVD-complete series
  The Ribos Operation DVD
  The Pirate Planet DVD
  The Stones of Blood DVD
  The Androids of Tara DVD
  The Power of Kroll DVD
  The Armageddon Factor DVD
  Destiny of the Daleks DVD
  City of Death DVD
  The Creature from the Pit DVD
  Nightmare of Eden DVD
  The Horns of Nimon DVD
  Shada DVD
  The Leisure Hive DVD
  Meglos DVD
The E-Space Trilogy Full Circle DVD
The E-Space Trilogy State of Decay DVD
The E-Space Trilogy Warriors' Gate DVD
  The Keeper of Traken




5th Doctor:
Peter Davison



  Four To Doomsday DVD
  Kinda DVD
  The Visitation DVD
  Black Orchid DVD
  Earthshock DVD


  Arc of Infinity


  Snakedance DVD
The Guardian Trilogy Mawdryn Undead DVD
The Guardian Trilogy Terminus DVD
The Guardian Trilogy Enlightenment DVD
  The King's Demons DVD
Twentieth Anniversary Special The Five Doctors DVD
  Warriors of the Deep DVD
  The Awakening DVD
  Frontios DVD
  Resurrection of the Daleks DVD
  Planet of Fire DVD
  The Caves of Androzani DVD

6th Doctor:
Colin Baker

  The Twin Dilemna DVD
  Attack of the Cybermen DVD
  Vengeance On Varos DVD
  The Mark of the Rani DVD
  The Two Doctors DVD


  Revelation of the Daleks DVD
The Trial of a Timelord

The Trial of a Timelord The Trial of a Timelord

The Mysterious Planet

The Trial of a Timelord Mindwarp in The Trial of a Timelord DVD
The Trial of a Timelord Terror of the Vervoids inThe Trial of a Timelord DVD
The Trial of a Timelord The Ultimate Foe in The Trial of a Timelord DVD

7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy

  Time And the Rani DVD
  Paradise Towers DVD
  Delta And the Bannermen DVD
  Dragonfire DVD
  Remembrance of the Daleks DVD
  The Happiness Patrol DVD
  Silver Nemesis DVD
  The Greatest Show In the Galaxy DVD
  Battlefield DVD
  Ghost Light DVD
  The Curse of Fenric DVD


8th Doctor:
Paul McGann

  TV Movie Only UK version DVD

9th Doctor:
Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who the Complete First Season (2005)


10th Doctor:
David Tenant

Doctor Who The Complete Second Season DVD
  Doctor Who The Complete Third Season DVD


Doctor Who The Complete Fourth Season DVD
  Doctor Who The Complete Specials DVD
11th Doctor: Matt Smith Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series (2010) DVD
  Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series (2012) DVD
  Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series (2013) DVD
Peter Cushing Movies Doctor Who and the Daleks
  Doctor Who - Daleks Invasion of Earth 2150 A.D.

Additional Doctor Who videos

  K-9 & Company
  More Than 30 Years in the Tardis
  The Hartnell Years
  The Troughton Years
  The Pertwee Years
  The Tom Baker Years
  The Colin Baker Years
  Cybermen The Early Years
  Daleks The Early Years

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