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Gifts for Seniors - Old Time Radio Programs

Sometimes it is just plain difficult to buy gifts for senior citizens, especially if they are in a nursing home or retirement living complex. Well, we have an idea that may help you...Old Time Radio Programs.

Jimmy Stewart in
Six Shooter


Old Time Radio Programs are the radio stories popular from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. The programs include such shows as Jack Benny, Superman, the Lone Ranger, the Shadow, Lux Radio Theater, Dragnet and many more. The shows last 15 minutes, or a half hour, a few are 45 minutes.

Benefits of Old Time Radio Programs:

  • stir fond memories of listening to these stories as a kid
  • the programs are audio, so they work well for people with poor eyesight
  • if the person recieving the gift enjoys them, there are literally tens of thousands of hours of stories available
  • the range of programs is astounding, from kids programs like The Lone Ranger and Captain Midnight to well known detectve shows like Dragnet and Boston Blackie, to shows that feature Hollywood stars, featuring Humphrey Bogart, Eve Arden, Jimmy Stewart, Vincent Price, Basil Rathbone, Orson Welles and many, many more
  • They are cheap ($4.50 per CD or even less) Each CD holds about 70 episodes on average.

Jack Benny, one of the longest running Old Time Radio Programs

MP3 format - We sell Old Time Radio Programs on CDs in mp3 format. This allows us to fit about 70 episodes per cd. Unfortunately, most 'regular' CD players cannot read the MP3 format. The file format that regular CD players can read only hold 2-3 episodes (about 1 hour of audio.)

This can be a problem for senior citizens. If your elderly relative is anything like ours, they never really 'got' the microwave, so the idea of hooking them up with a computer and RealPlayer, or even worse, syncing their I-pod and I-tunes, just isn't going to fly.

So, we can burn 2 or 3 individual episodes on a CD that a normal boom box type radio can play. You can purchase Old Time Radio programs on CD in mp3 format through our online shopping cart. But, if you want individual episodes that can be played on a regular cd player, please e-mail us. We charge $4.50 per cd, plus shipping (usually $3-$5.00 depending on distance and number of CDs.) Please provide us with the name of the program you want and the specific episodes (or just ask for 2 episodes of a specific program and we will pick the episodes. For example, just ask for 2 Jack Benny episodes.) We will fill the order and contact you about the final price and payment options. (Paypal, check, or money order.)


We have donated some Old Time Radio Programs to a retirement community that we have ties to with great success.



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