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Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace from Outer Space

1956 kids/science fiction/tv show "classic"

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Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace from Outer Space

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger is an American science fiction television serial originally broadcast in syndication from February to November 1954. The show lasted for only two seasons and, though syndicated sporadically, dropped into obscurity. Because it was recorded on film rather than being broadcast live as were most other TV space operas of the day, it has survived in reasonably good condition. The film format also allowed more elaborate special effects and sets, exterior scenes, and much better continuity.

The show was based on the exploits of clean-cut, square-jawed Rocky Jones, the best known of the Space Rangers. These were Earth-based space policemen who patrolled the United Worlds of the Solar System in the not-too-distant future. Rocky and his crew would routinely blast-off in a V-2-like chemically-fueled, upright rocketship, the Orbit Jet XV-2 which was later replaced by the nearly identical Silver Moon XV-3, on missions to moons and planetoids where the odds of success seemed remote yet they would always prevail. Although they might destroy a rocketship full of unseen bad guys, their space pistols were never fired at people, and conflicts were always resolved with fistfights.

The Menace from Outer Space is three consecutive episodes of the television series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, which constituted a complete story. Missiles from outer space are attacking the Earth. Rocky Jones and his companions must track the missiles back to their source and figure out how to stop the attack.

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse
Richard Crane as Rocky Jones
Sally Mansfield as Vena Ray
Scotty Beckett as Winky
John Banner as Bavarro
Nan Leslie as Trinka

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