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Danger Dr. Danfield Old Time Radio Program

½ hour detective episodes


Okay, generally in this space we tell you how great the old time radio program is, its captivating, engaging, telling wonderful stories, etc. Not so much this time. If you're sick of good old time radio, then try this one. (We hadn't heard of this show, we got the program, set it all up for sale, then realized that many consider it to be the worst old time radio program that was ever aired.)

Danger, Dr Danfield was first broadcast on August 18, 1946 and consisted of 26 episodes with the last one being April 13, 1947. Dr. Daniel Danfield, played by Michael Dunn, was an obnoxious unlicensed private investigator/criminal psychologist with an ego complex. JoAnne Johnson portrayed Rusty Fairfax, his secretary. A third character, Mario is Dr. Dan's chauffeur, a classic working-class Italian who sounds like Chico Marx, The series was written by Ralph Wilkinson and produced by Wally Ramsey.

Many reviewers, hate the show. Some quotes are: “This series consistently featured some of the worst acting and writing of any detective show to reach the airwaves. If mindless detective drama is what you're looking for and you've tried the rest, then let Dr. Dan Danfield give you a little of a criminal psychologist's caseload. The show makes good drive-time or casual listening, since it doesn't make great demands on the emotions or intellect.“

In short, we recommend you try listening to the two free episodes before you spend any money.


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All of our Old Time Radio Programs are in MP3 format. You can play them on your computer, you can transfer them to MP3 players (like the IPod), but, by and large, you cannot play them on stereos, walkmen, or car radios.

The sound quality of Old Time Radio Programs can vary greatly. Some episodes are excellent, others you have to turn up the volume a little and ignore the static. All of the episodes can be listened to and enjoyed. You can listen to our free samples to get a feel for how the programs sound.
You can purchase these episodes on CD or you can download them.
To purchase on CD: To download:

Click on the Buy on CD button. A few dollars will be added for shipping depending on your zip code and how many CDs you order. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account). You will receive a receipt from Paypal. We will mail you the CD(s) within a few days. Usually we get the CDs in the mail the next day. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days via USPS. The episodes will be in mp3 format.



  • You save money on the cost of the episodes and you don't pay any shipping.
  • Click on the Download button. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account).
  • After you pay you will be returned to our site to a page with a series of links to zip files. Click on the links to download the zip files. These episodes are downloadable in large zip files.
  • To open a zip file you need software to "unzip" it. Your computer may already have unzip software, if this is the case, just click on the file and your software will automatically open up and you can unzip the files. If your computer doesn't have an unzip program, you can get one from the internet. The most popular is probably winzip (www.winzip.com), however, we use Zip Wizard by Coffeecup Software because its pretty good, easy to use, and free. (http://www.coffeecup.com/zip-wizard/)
  • The files are large - it will take you a few minutes to download each file. Each zip file is around 40MBs. A full CD worth of episodes takes about 14 large files. if you are on a dial-up connection, we highly recommend you buy a CD.
  • You will receive an e-mail receipt from Paypal, and we will send you an additional e-mail with the links.


Buy on CD: $4.50

Download only $3.50

Danger Dr. Danfield Episode List

460818 The Professor (Trixi.mp3

460825 Manuel Abello.mp3

460901 Murder of Cora Roger.mp3

460908 Norman Miles.mp3

460915 Victor Geralo.mp3

460922 The Case of the Dark.mp3

460929 Harriet Miller & the.mp3

461006 Red Jacoby Escapes F.mp3

461013 Harry Evans.mp3

461020 Death Paints a Pictu.mp3

461027 Edgar Allen Poe Manu.mp3

461103 Bald Eagle Lodge.mp3

461110 Hazel Humphrey and t.mp3

461117 Neal Norton.mp3

461124 The Whirling Mirror.mp3

461201 Snowbound.mp3

461208 100,000 Life Insuran.mp3

461215 Who Will Live Longer.mp3

461222 Bird in a Gilded Cag.mp3

461229 Money in a Basket.mp3

470105 Mad Men Strike Swift.mp3

470112 Death Tunes in at 79.mp3

470119 Mental Hospital.mp3

470126 Tunnel Smelled of De.mp3

470202 Little Meteorite Who.mp3

470209 The Ghost of Murdock.mp3


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