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Fibber McGee & Molly Old Time Radio Program

Fibber McGee & Molly Old Time Radio Program Combined Set (CDs 1-7)

Comedy 30 minute episodes

Fibber McGee and Molly, a collaboration between on-air voices Jim and Marian Jordan, and writer Don Quinn, was first broadcast on NBC Blue on April 16, 1935, sponsored by Johnson’s Wax. Fibber’s early persona as a teller of tall tales eventually evolved into that of a lovable blunderer; his frequently "clever" and occasionally well-intentioned acts consistently ending in disastrous results, much like the character later developed by Lucille Ball. Marian’s Molly was the epitome of a long-suffering wife. The show grew out of an earlier program—Smackout--developed by the Jordans, broadcast from Chicago in the early 1930s.
By 1941, the original amateurish broadcast had attained a professionalism and polish that allowed it to surpass those of Jack Benny and Bob Hope in popularity.
The weekly half-hour feature lasted until 1953, when it was truncated into a 15-minute show, then eventually dropped by the radio network in the late 50’s.

Fibber McGee and Molly included a number of colorful characters and situations that provided catch phrases for the time, and still resonate in American memory, including Harold Peary’s Gildersleeve, spun off into The Great Gildersleeve in 1941, and of course, Fibber McGee’s closet, precariously crammed with an improbable assortment of junk.


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All of our Old Time Radio Programs are in MP3 format. You can play them on your computer, you can transfer them to MP3 players (like the IPod), but, by and large, you cannot play them on stereos, walkmen, or car radios.

The sound quality of Old Time Radio Programs can vary greatly. Some episodes are excellent, others you have to turn up the volume a little and ignore the static. All of the episodes can be listened to and enjoyed. You can listen to our free samples to get a feel for how the programs sound.
You can purchase these episodes on CD or you can download them.
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CD 1 episode list, 91 episodes:
01 Fibber Builds a Dog House (01-02-40).mp3
01 Missing Shirt Collar Button (01-24-39).mp3
02 Gildersleeve's Suit - Gone With The Wind (01-09-40).mp3
02 The Military Advisor For Army Maneuvers (01-31-39).mp3
03 Faulty Window Shade (02-07-39).mp3
03 Fibber's Car is Stolen (01-16-40).mp3
04 Gildersleeve Girdle Show (01-23-40).mp3
04 Out of Coal (02-14-39).mp3
05 After Dinner Speaker At Rotowantis (02-21-39).mp3
05 Getting Rid Of Old Suit (01-30-40).mp3
06 Fibber's Birthday (02-06-40).mp3
06 Mouse In The House (02-28-39).mp3
07 Egyptian Good Luck Ring (02-13-40).mp3
07 The Sandwich Parlor Hamburger Stand (03-07-39).mp3
08 Fibber Has To Tell The Truth For An Hour (02-20-40).mp3
08 The Gildersleeve Memory Course (03-14-39).mp3
09 Fibber Going Bald (03-21-39).mp3
09 Fibber Is Catching A Cold (02-27-40).mp3
10 Cleaning The Hall Closet (03-05-40).mp3
10 Inherited Yacht (03-28-39).mp3
11 Antique Furniture (04-04-39).mp3
11 Fibber Takes Molly Out To Lunch (03-12-40).mp3
12 Dog License Problems (03-19-40).mp3
12 McGee The Mail Man (04-11-39).mp3
13 Hires A Surveyor (03-26-40).mp3
13 The Budget (Molly Returns To Show) (04-18-39).mp3
14 McGee Gets Glasses (04-25-39).mp3
14 Returning From Hollywood (04-09-40).mp3
15 5th Aniversary Show Big Ink Stain On Carpet (04-16-40).mp3
15 Zither Lessons (05-16-39).mp3
16 How To Hang A Picture (04-23-40).mp3
16 The Stork In The Mail (05-23-39).mp3
17 Escaped Convicts (05-30-39).mp3
17 McGee The Stage Director (04-30-40).mp3
18 Mauler McGee The Wrestler (06-06-39).mp3
18 Stuck In Suit Of Armor (05-07-40).mp3
19 Advice Column Aunt Molly (06-13-39).mp3
19 Turning Hose On Gildy (05-14-40).mp3
20 McGee Gets A Job In A Hardware Store (05-21-40).mp3
20 Toothache Dr. Gildersleeve (06-20-39).mp3
21 McGee's Fish Fry (09-05-39) .mp3
21 The Circus (05-28-40).mp3
22 Fifteenth Anniversary Elopement (09-12-39).mp3
22 Spaghetti Dinner (06-04-40).mp3
23 Gossip Columnist (09-19-39).mp3
23 Trying To Hang Wall Paper (06-11-40).mp3
24 Fibber Models A Dress (06-18-40).mp3
24 Fibber Too Sick For Housework (09-26-39).mp3
25 Killer Canova's Autograph (10-03-39).mp3
25 Packing For Vacation (06-25-40).mp3
26 Back From Vacation (10-01-40).mp3
26 Rummage Sale & Charity Bazaar (10-10-39) .mp3
27 Best kept Lawn (10-17-39).mp3
27 Fibber Must Quit Smoking (10-08-40) .mp3
28 Halloween Party At Gildersleeve's (10-24-39).mp3
28 Looking For A Screwdriver (10-15-40).mp3
29 Annual Auto Show (10-31-39).mp3
29 Gildersleeve's Diary (10-22-40) .mp3
30 Driving The Gang To Big Football Game (10-29-40).mp3
30 McGee Presents Hiawatha (11-07-39).mp3
31 Election Day (11-05-40).mp3
31 Fixing Traffic Ticket (11-14-39).mp3
32 Fibber's Black Eye (11-12-40).mp3
32 Overdue Library Book (11-21-39).mp3
33 Finance Company Is After Car (11-28-39).mp3
33 Visiting Uncle Dennis (11-19-40).mp3
34 Department Store Adjusters (12-05-39).mp3
34 Uncle Dennis Visits (11-26-40).mp3
35 Jewelry Store Robbery (12-12-39).mp3
35 Shoveling Coal Off Gildersleeve's Lawn (12-03-40).mp3
36 Mailing Christmas Packages (12-10-40).mp3
36 Uncle Sycamore's Guift (12-19-39).mp3
37 Butler Gildersleeve (12-26-39).mp3
37 Radio Phonograph Gildersleeve's Xtmas Present (12-24-40).mp3
38 Fibber Finds A Gold Watch (12-31-40).mp3
A Christmas Gift For McGee's Nephew (12-20-38).mp3
Army Major McGee (12-27-38).mp3
Christmas Shopping (12-09-35).mp3
Copy of Christmas Shopping (12-09-35).mp3
Copy of New Year's Celebration (12-30-35).mp3
Encyclopedia Salesman (03-02-36).mp3
Gildy's Halloween Party (10-28-35).mp3
Heir To Oil Wells (fragment) (12-27-37).mp3
Hot Dogs & A Blowout (04-30-35).mp3
Masquerade Party (11-29-38).mp3
Mcgee Builds A Fireplace (02-07-38).mp3
Mcgee Minds A Baby (01-24-38).mp3
Molly Loses Her Diamond Engagement Ring (06-07-37).mp3
Motorcycle Cop (First Show) (04-16-35).mp3
New Year's Celebration (12-30-35).mp3
Shopping For A New Car (10-11-37).mp3

Fibber McGee & Molly CD 2 episode list
90 episodes --------------------------------------------------
$20,000 Dollars In The Sofa (11-17-42).mp3
01 Hundred Dollar Bill (01-07-41).mp3
01 Night Out On The Town (01-06-42).mp3
02 Piano Lessons (01-21-41).mp3
02 Who Broke Mrs Uppington's Window Part-1 (01-13-42).mp3
03 Who Broke - Mrs Uppington's Window - Part-2 (01-20-42).mp3
03 ZZZ Fibber Grows A Moustache (02-02-41).mp3
04 Fibber Buys A New Suit (02-04-41).mp3
04 The Blizzard (01-27-42).mp3
05 Fibber the Watch Salesman (02-11-41).mp3
06 The McGees Try To Go To Bed Early (02-18-41) .mp3
07 Fibber's Bottle Collecton (02-25-41).mp3
08 The McGee's Give A Party (03-04-41).mp3
09 ZZZ The Whole Town's Talking (02-24-41).mp3
10 Quarantined (03-11-41).mp3
11 Drafted (03-18-41).mp3
12 Fibber Changes His Name to Ronald (03-25-41).mp3
13 The Lost Fender (04-01-41).MP3
14 Fibber Builds Telescope (04-08-41).MP3
15 Fibber Needs Glasses (04-15-41).mp3
16 Night Out With the Boys (04-22-41).mp3
17 Fibber Gets Stuck In Fresh Cement (04-29-41).mp3
18 Collecting For Armed Forces (05-06-41).mp3
19 Salmon Dinner (05-13-41).mp3
20 Fibber Bakes Molly's Birthday Cake (05-20-41).mp3
21 Quarrel Over Gildersleeve's Ladder (05-27-41).mp3
22 Fibber & Molly Have A Picture Taken (06-10-41).mp3
23 Amusement Park (06-17-41).mp3
24 Leaving For Hollywood (06-24-41).mp3
25 Back From Vacation - Gildy Says Goodbye (09-30-41).mp3
26 The $50,000 Deal (10-07-41).mp3
27 Acting Fire Commissioner McGee (10-14-41).mp3
28 Fall House Cleaning (10-21-41).mp3
29 New Furniture (11-04-41).mp3
30 Bergen & McCarthy Come to a Movie Premiere (11-11-41).mp3
31 Mayor LaTrivia Won't Leave (11-18-41).mp3
32 Beauty Clay Mine (11-25-41).mp3
33 Fibber Grows A Moustache (12-02-41).mp3
34 Christmas With Comments On WW2 (12-16-41).mp3
35 Fix It McGee (12-30-41).mp3
A Dress For Molly (04-20-43).mp3
A Fresh Start For New Years (12-28-43).mp3
Back From Vacation Lost Camera (09-29-42).mp3
Billy Mills In Hospital (01-12-43).mp3
Black Market Meat (04-27-43).mp3
Boomer's Suitcase (03-03-42).mp3
Breakfast In Bed For Molly (03-02-43).mp3
Builds A Footstool (03-10-42).mp3
Camping At Dugans Lake (06-22-43).mp3
Cleaning Doc Gamble's House (11-02-43).mp3
Cleaning Out The Closet (02-02-43).mp3
Cut Down Suit For Molly (01-05-43).mp3
Duck Hunting With LaTrivia (11-03-42).MP3
Etiquette Lessons (11-23-43).mp3
Family Tree (10-20-42).mp3
Fibber Buys A Horse (02-24-42).mp3
Fibber Converts Furnace To Coal (10-13-42).mp3
Fibber Getting In Condition (11-24-42).mp3
Fibber Is Being Followed By A Spy (05-12-42).mp3
Fibber Is Going To Be Rich (05-19-42).mp3
Fibber Misplaces Christmas Money (12-15-42).mp3
Fibber Writes A Song (03-24-42).mp3
Home Movie (02-17-42).mp3
Latherino Soap Contest (03-31-42).mp3
Listening To Christmas Carols (12-22-42).mp3
Looking For A Christmas Tree (12-21-43).mp3
McGee Feels Ill-Doc's First Appearance (04-06-43).mp3
McGee's Gas Is Rationed (12-01-42).mp3
McGees Go To The Movies (09-28-43).mp3
Molly's Lost Diamond Ring (02-03-42).mp3
Mouse In The House (06-16-42).mp3
Mrs Uppington Joins The WAAC's (01-19-43).mp3
Numerology (05-04-43).mp3
Old Straw Hat (04-28-42).mp3
Old Timer On The lam (10-27-42).mp3
Otis Cadwallader (10-06-42).mp3
Out To The Ballgame (04-21-42).mp3
Packing For Vacation Locked Trunk (06-23-42).mp3
Poker Game (02-23-43).mp3
Pot Roast (06-09-42).mp3
Red Cross Collection (03-23-43).mp3
Renting The Spare Room (10-05-43).mp3
Spring Festival Parade (04-14-42).mp3
Streetcar Mororman (04-20-36).mp3
Sugar Substitute (05-05-42).mp3
The Haircut (05-04-36).mp3
The Justice Of The Peace (fragment) (02-14-38).mp3
The Pawn Broker (fragment) (03-07-38).mp3
The Scrape Drive (04-07-42).mp3
The War Is Not Almost Over (12-07-43).mp3

Fibber McGee & Molly CD 3 episode list
97 episodes --------------------------------------------------
01 Birthday Breakfast For Molly (01-04-58).mp3
02 Renewing Marriage Vows (01-05-58).mp3
03 Taking An Efficiency Course (02-23-58).mp3
04 Soap Contest Jingle (03-02-58).mp3
05 It's YMCA Week (03-23-58).mp3
06 Ten Day Miami Trip (03-30-58).mp3
07 Florida Vacation (03-30-58).mp3
08 Lincoln And Valentine's Day (04-27-58).mp3
09 National Dog Week (10-25-58).mp3
10 Fibber Builds A HiFi Set (11-16-58).mp3
11 Letter To Aunt Sarah (11-22-58).mp3
12 McGee The Poet (12-27-58).mp3
A Ride To The Elks Club (04-24-45).mp3
Alice's Boyfriend (05-09-44).mp3
An Autumn Drive (01-04-59).mp3
Architect McGee, Construction Supervisor (11-20-45).mp3
Aunt Sarahs Picture (05-02-44).mp3
Before A Western Campfire (02-29-44).mp3
Big Financial Deal With Mrs. Carstairs (06-19-45) ..mp3
Big Plan To Burn Off Excess Energy (01-23-45).mp3
Bill Smith Old School Chum (02-22-44).mp3
Briefcase Bronson (05-01-45) (#428).mp3
Cannery Executive (04-25-44).mp3
Catching The Train (02-20-45).mp3
Cleaning The Hall Closet (06-05-45).mp3
Collecting For Red Cross (02-27-45).mp3
Dinner Party - Beulah Is Hired (03-14-44).mp3
Doc's Gift To Mcgee (12-25-45).mp3
Duck Hunting (10-31-44).mp3
Faking A Broken Rib (11-21-44).mp3
Fibber Get's Fishing License (05-30-44).mp3
Fibber Attends Night School (11-14-44).mp3
Fibber Buys A Diamond Ring For $20 (02-01-44).mp3
Fibber Can't Find His Hip Boots (10-10-44).mp3
Fibber Does His Income Tax (01-11-44).mp3
Fibber Finds And Plays His Old Mandolin (03-21-44).mp3
Fibber Has Pneumonia (03-28-44).mp3
Fibber Presses His Pants (12-05-44).mp3
Flowers From Ralph. (01-18-44).mp3
Four Dollar Debt (10-24-44).mp3
Fudge (11-06-45).mp3
German Spy (04-18-44).mp3
Getting Ready For Cattle Ranch (06-20-44).mp3
Golden Wedding Anniversary Party (03-06-45).mp3
Handwritting Analysis (02-15-44).mp3
Home From The Hospital (04-04-44).mp3
Homemade Ice Cream (08-08-44).mp3
Housing Shortage Survey On V-E Day (439) (05-08-45).mp3
Income Tax Return (01-11-44).mp3
Interview with Jim Jordan.MP3
Maple Syrup (10-17-44) .mp3
McGee Chops Down Old Oak Tree (11-27-45).mp3
Mcgee Controls Temper (12-26-44).mp3
McGee The Magician (06-12-45).mp3
McGee The Paper Boy (04-10-45).mp3
McGee The Poet (04-03-45).mp3
McGee The Sculptor (10-30-45).mp3
McGee's Cousin Coming (10-23-45).mp3
Mushrooms (01-09-45).mp3
Musical Arrangement For war Bond Concert (05-22-45).mp3
No Train Reservations (10-16-45).mp3
Not Enough Hot Water (01-16-45).mp3
Old Muley Fishing Licenses (05-23-44).mp3
Policeman's Ball (05-16-44).mp3
Politics (12-11-45) .mp3
Power Lawn Mower (05-29-45).mp3
Putting Up A Porch Swing (06-13-44).mp3
Radio Quiz Show (12-12-44).mp3
Red Cross Speech On The Radio (03-07-44).mp3
Return Of Fibber's Laundry - Dining Out (01-25-44).mp3
Sailor Visits For The Night (01-30-45).mp3
Sending Clothes To The Clothing Drive (03-27-45).mp3
Shopping For A Used Car (10-09-45).mp3
Snooping For Christmas Gifts In Closet (12-19-44).mp3
Summer Plans-Houseboat (06-26-45).mp3
The Bank Statement (04-17-45).mp3
The Case Of The Cross-Eyed Cat (02-06-45).mp3
The Diamond Stickpin (01-02-45).mp3
The Invasion Of Europe (06-06-44).mp3
The Washing Machine (03-30-43).mp3

Fibber McGee & Molly CD 4 episode list
94 episodes --------------------------------------------------
1880 Quarter (04-15-47).mp3
An Error In McGee's Bank Balance (12-03-46).mp3
Baby Sitting Teeny (02-04-47).mp3
Bad Mail Service (03-04-47).mp3
Barbershop Quartet 904-30-46).mp3
Bean Contest (01-08-46).mp3
Best Christmas Decorations.mp3
Big Deal At The Farm (10-28-47).mp3
Bon Ton For Laces (10-22-46).mp3
Bullets Brannigan (03-26-46).mp3
Car Ignition Key Release (04-02-46).mp3
Citizenship Test (06-03-47).mp3
City Water (10-15-46).mp3
Collecting For The Red Cross (03-19-46).mp3
Cousin Salvador (04-16-46).mp3
Dining Out (02-19-46).mp3
Early to Bed .mp3
Escaped Convicts -Fibber Joins The Posse (01-07-47).mp3
Fibber Caught Old Muley - Out Of Season (05-07-46).mp3
Fibber Collects Doc Gamble's Bills (02-18-47).mp3
Fibber Designs A Trick Football Play (11-19-46).mp3
Fibber Finds A Treasure Map (01-15-46).mp3
Fibber Is Interviewed (05-20-47).mp3
Fibber Is Sick (10-01-46).mp3
Fibber Loses His Fountain Pen (02-26-46).mp3
Fibber Loses His Keys In The Snow (12-23-47).mp3
Fibber Under A Sunlamp (12-17-46).mp3
Fibber's Model Airplane (02-11-47).mp3
Fibber's New Suit Is Free (02-12-46).mp3
Fireball McGee, The Pitcher (05-21-46).mp3
Five Tons of Coal.mp3
Fixing Broken Toys For Needy Children (12-24-46).mp3
Flying Fool McGee (06-04-46).MP3
Football Game Anniversary (10-07-47).mp3
Grammar Trouble (05-06-47).MP3
Home Power Plant (03-25-47).mp3
House Alteration - Looking For Architect (01-21-47).mp3
Late Car Payment (10-21-47).mp3
Making A Fruit Cake From Family Recipe (12-16-47).mp3
Man's Untapped Energies (03-11-47).mp3
McGee And Health Foods (04-23-46).mp3
McGee Flies A Kite (03-12-46).mp3
McGee Goes To The Street Carnival (04-22-47).mp3
Mcgee Paints The Kitchen.mp3
McGee The Painter (04-09-46).mp3
McGee's Stolen Car (03-05-46).mp3
Meeting Someone On Racing Night (03-18-47).mp3
Miss Tremaine For Dinner (10-29-46).mp3
Molly's Card Party (01-29-46).mp3
Molly's Old Friend Thelma Graham Visits (04-29-47).mp3
Molly'sTwistedAnkle (04-08-47).mp3
New Year's Eve Party With Fred Waring (12-31-46).mp3
Old Family Recipe - Shrimp McGee (05-27-47).mp3
Old Friend Pays A Dept (06-17-47).mp3
Package At The Post Office (01-14-47).mp3
Painting The Kitchen (11-25-47).mp3
Picnic At Dugan's Lake (06-10-47).mp3
Pioneer Day (01-22-46).mp3
Political Campaign For City Council (05-14-46).mp3
Preparing For Vacation (06-11-46).mp3
Promoting A Feud (12-10-46).mp3
Repairing Broken Window (02-25-47).mp3
Ronald Coleman to Visit (11-12-46).mp3
Safe Driving Campaign (04-01-47).mp3
Skating At Dugan's Lake (02-05-46).mp3
Smuggled Irish Tweed (05-13-47).MP3
Tall Story Contest (01-01-46).mp3
Teeny's Cat (10-14-47).mp3
The $10 Gift Certificate From Aunt Sarah (12-30-47).mp3
The Bully (10-08-46).mp3
The Gazette Interview (12-09-47).mp3
The Hunting Trip (12-02-47).mp3
The Phone Call (11-18-47).mp3
The Prowler At Fifi's (11-26-46).mp3
Too Much Energy.mp3
Tuning The Piano (02-13-45).mp3
Uncle Dennis Has Disappeared Pt1 (05-26-42).mp3
Uncle Dennis Has Disappeared Pt2 (06-02-42).mp3
Uncle Sycamore's Radio show (04-13-43).mp3
Uppy's Nephew (11-10-42).mp3
Valentine Candy (02-10-42).mp3
Visit From An Old Cattleman Friend (03-13-45).mp3
Visit To Johnson Wax Headquarters (11-05-46).mp3
Visiting The Dairy (Fragment) (03-09-43).mp3
WAC Commision For Nitney's Daughter (10-12-43).mp3
Waiting For A Bus (01-28-47).mp3
Waiting For Homemade Ice Cream (02-08-44).mp3
Wallace Wimple Navy Physical Instructor (11-28-44).mp3
War Surplus Store (11-11-47).mp3
War Worker Shortage (352) (02-16-43).mp3
War-Time Cancer Show (04-28-45).mp3
Wedding Anniversary (05-28-46).mp3
Welcoming La Trivia Home From War (10-02-45).mp3

Fibber McGee & Molly CD 5 episode list
92 episodes --------------------------------------------------
$100000 Stamp (11-14-50).mp3
01 Fixing Teeny's Sled (01-02-51).mp3
01 New Year's Day Visiting (01-01-52).mp3
02 Mailing Circulars (01-09-51).mp3
02 Rumors (01-08-52).mp3
03 City Hall Grass (01-16-51).mp3
03 Rummage Sale (01-15-52).mp3
04 Locked Out (01-22-52).mp3
04 McGee's Belongings (01-23-51).mp3
05 Ice Skating on Dugan Lake (01-30-51).mp3
05 Playing Cupid (01-29-52).mp3
06 National Pancake Week (02-06-51).mp3
06 Paying The Bills (02-05-52).mp3
07 Letter From IRS (02-12-52).mp3
1000 Pound Inheritance (03-29-49).mp3
A New House For Olie (05-10-49).mp3
Abandoned Automobile In Front Of House (03-01-49).mp3
Baseball Cologne (05-18-48).mp3
Best Christmas Decorations (12-20-49).mp3
Big Fish Feed (09-27-49).mp3
Big Money For Old Horatio Alger Books (02-17-48).mp3
Bowling Finals (11-16-48).mp3
Christmas CardFrom Elizabeth (12-21-48).mp3
Community Chest Bazaar (10-18-49).mp3
Concert Goers (10-25-49).mp3
Concert Tickets (10-25-49).mp3
'Do A Good Turn' McGee (05-03-49).mp3
Doc Gamble Day (03-15-49).mp3
Doc Gamble's New Suit (05-17-49).mp3
Doc's Pheasants (11-23-48).mp3
Dressmaker's Dummy (03-22-49).mp3
Early Christmas Shopping (12-07-48).mp3
Fibber Buys A Pipe (04-12-49).mp3
Fibber Finds His Childhood Sled (02-10-48).mp3
Fibber Forgets To Order Furnace Oil (01-04-49).mp3
Fibber Invents The Cartable Radio (01-13-48).mp3
Fibber Lies To A Stranger About His Wealth (02-22-49).mp3
Fibber Wants To Elope (09-20-49).mp3
Fibber Writes A Movie Script (05-24-49).mp3
Fibber's Tune (06-01-48).mp3
Fifteenth Anniversary Show (09-13-49).mp3
Fix Coo-Coo Clock (11-08-49).mp3
Fixing Doc's Car (04-06-48).mp3
Getting $7 Back - Radio To The Philippines (02-24-48).mp3
Going Fishing (05-11-48).mp3
Good Listener McGee (02-01-49).mp3
Hiding Broken Card Table - Checkers Night (03-09-48).mp3
Housework Efficiency (04-26-49).mp3
Kramer's Cash Register (04-05-49).mp3
Magic Act (01-06-48).mp3
Making Christmas Cards (12-06-49).mp3
Making Cloth Out Of Paper (10-11-49).mp3
Man Of The Year Swindle (12-13-49).mp3
McGee Makes A Vase (04-20-48).mp3
McGee Quits Smoking (10-12-48).mp3
McGee The Trolly Rider (11-01-49).mp3
McGee's Lucky Day (12-14-48).mp3
McGee's Pressed Pants (10-05-48).mp3
Missing Laundry (01-27-48).mp3
Molly's Birthday Party (02-08-49).mp3
Molly's Dressmaker (02-15-49.mp3
Molly's Easter Dress Creation (03-23-48).mp3
Molly's Toothache (05-25-48).mp3
New Fire Alarm Box (04-13-48).mp3
New Table Lamp From Pewter Teapot (02-03-48).mp3
New Year's Eve Dance (12-28-48).mp3
Organizing Sleigh Ride (01-11-49).mp3
Passenger Pigeon (04-27-48).mp3
Pickle Auction (01-20-48).mp3
Retrieving Portable Radio (10-19-48).mp3
Reupholstering Davenport (11-09-48).mp3
Selling The House (05-04-48).mp3
Street Light Out (11-30-48).mp3
Stuck In The Grating (11-15-49).mp3
Telegram From George Marshall (03-16-48).mp3
The Bargain Inner Tube (11-29-49).mp3
The Elks Club Mortgage (03-08-49).mp3
The Late Lawn (10-26-48).mp3
The New Fire Truck (04-19-49).mp3
The Overnight Trip (03-30-48).mp3
The Shoebox Of Money (01-18-49).mp3
The Tax Bill (11-22-49).mp3
The Umbrella Stand (10-04-49).mp3
Trip To Rich Aunt Sarah's (12-27-49).mp3
Vacation Plans Canoeing (05-31-49).mp3
Visit To Suds A Mat (01-25-49).mp3
Volunteering For Jury Duty (03-02-48).mp3
Waring Summer Replacement (06-08-48).mp3
White Christmas Trees (12-18-45).mp3
Wniter Walk To Dugan's Lake (12-04-45).mp3
Women Taking Over (12-08-42).mp3
ZZZ Football Game Against Mohawk (1946).mp3

Fibber McGee & Molly CD 6 episode list
96 episodes --------------------------------------------------
07 The Nasty Letter (02-13-51).mp3
08 Express Company Bandits (02-20-51).mp3
08 Fibber Gets A Letter From The IRS (02-19-52).mp3
09 Pancake Day (02-26-52).mp3
09 Trip To Peoria (02-27-51).mp3
10 Fixing The Back Step (03-04-52).mp3
10 Molly's Checkup (03-06-51).mp3
11 Antique Vase (03-13-51).mp3
11 Twentieth Anniversary On NBC (03-11-52).mp3
12 Good Deeds (03-20-51).mp3
12 Statue of Buckshot McGee (03-18-52).mp3
13 Running Kramer's Drugstore (03-25-52).mp3
13 Surprise Party For Fibber & Molly (03-27-51).mp3
14 Heat Wave Selling Umbrellas (04-01-52).mp3
14 McGee Declared Well (04-03-51).mp3
15 The Gas Bill (04-10-51).mp3
15 The Perilous Horoscope (04-08-52).mp3
16 All You Can Eat For One Dollar (04-15-52).mp3
16 The Grocery Budget (04-17-51).mp3
17 Soapbox Derby Racer For Teeny (04-24-51).mp3
17 Traffic Court (04-22-52).mp3
18 Hitchhiking Bureau (05-01-51).mp3
18 Potted Plant And Pet Show (04-29-52).mp3
19 Mcgee The Artist (05-08-51).mp3
19 Picnic At Dugan's Lake (05-06-52).mp3
20 Fibber Tunes The Piano (05-13-52).mp3
20 Hole In One (05-15-51).mp3
21 Fibber Runs A Red Light (05-22-51).mp3
21 At The Carnival (05-20-52).mp3
22 Fibber's Annual Checkup (05-27-52).mp3
22 Letter TrappedI In Mailbox (05-29-51).mp3
23 A Singing Commercial (06-03-52).mp3
23 New Fish Bait (06-05-51).mp3
24 Businessmen's Symphony (06-12-51).mp3
24 McGee The Political Worker (06-10-52).mp3
25 The Rich Friend Gert (10-07-52).mp3
25 Trip To Omaha (10-02-51).mp3
26 Community Chest Rally In Omaha (10-09-51).mp3
26 Stock In The Transit Company (10-14-52).mp3
27 Post Office Box Key (10-21-52).mp3
27 Teeny Needs The Dentist (10-16-51).mp3
28 Molly's Birthday (10-23-51).mp3
28 The Giant Grizzley (10-28-52).mp3
29 Fibber Makes Fruit Punch (11-11-52).mp3
29 Young Fireball (10-30-51).mp3
30 Fibber Sells Old Raccoon Coat (11-06-51).mp3
30 The Missing Umbrella (11-18-52).mp3
31 Duck Hunter McGee (11-13-51).mp3
31 Polishing Doc's Car Blindfolded (11-25-52).mp3
32 Bowling Team Championship (12-02-52).mp3
32 Some Like It Hot (11-20-51).mp3
33 Molly's New Hat (12-09-52).mp3
33 Chaperones (11-27-51).mp3
34 Exchanging Christmas Gift (12-16-52).mp3
34 Floorwalker McGee (12-04-51).mp3
35 Detective McGee (12-11-51).mp3
35 Surprise Christmas Party (12-23-52).mp3
36 Big Pool Match At Elks' Club (12-18-51).mp3
36 New Year's Dance (12-30-52).mp3
37 The Spirit Of Giving (12-25-51).mp3
At Aunt Sarah's (01-03-50).mp3
Aunt Jenny (11-21-50).mp3
Bank Night At The Bijou (12-12-50).mp3
Chicken BBQ (09-19-50).mp3
Circus Day (05-09-50).mp3
Con Men (10-10-50).mp3
Dinner At LaTrivia's (12-05-50).mp3
Dog Bites Mailman (06-21-50).mp3
Fibber Cuts Down The Old Jesse James Tree (01-17-50).mp3
Fibber Is Sued When Dog Bites Mailman (02-21-50).mp3
Fibber Needs Glasses (11-07-50).mp3
Fibber Plans A Dance At The Elk's Club (04-25-50).mp3
Fibber, The Census Taker (04-04-50).mp3
Fishing Trip (05-02-50).mp3
Flying Saucer Lands In McGee's Yard (03-28-50).mp3
Guest House Building Permit (03-14-50).mp3
Looking For Lost Radium (02-14-50).mp3
Mayor LaTrivia's Party (02-28-50).mp3
McGee The Postman (12-19-50).mp3
Molly Is Asked To Run For City Council (02-07-50).mp3
Night School Chemistry (09-26-50).mp3
Ole Swenson Is Kidnapped (03-07-50).mp3
Picnic In The Orchard (05-16-50).mp3
Pruning The Shade Tree (03-21-50).mp3
Ranch Forman (05-23-50).mp3
Real Estate Deal (10-24-50).mp3
Running The General Store (04-11-50).mp3
Running Walt's Malt Shop (01-10-50).mp3
Selling Fibber A Suit (01-24-50).mp3
Shoveling Snow (12-26-50).mp3
Sleigh Ride (01-31-50).mp3
Snapshot Contest (10-17-50).mp3
Something Fell Off The Car (04-18-50).mp3
Stomach Ache (10-03-50).mp3
The Parking Metor (11-28-50).mp3
The Ukelele Course (10-31-50).mp3

Fibber McGee & Molly CD 7 episode list
185 episodes --------------------------------------------------
01 McGee Paints A Fly (06-16-57).mp3
01 Quiet New Year's Day At Home (01-01-54).mp3
01 Reunion With Fred Nitney (01-06-53).mp3
02 Citizen X Contest Continues (01-18-54).mp3
02 Fibber Buys A Puppy (01-13-53).mp3
02 Reminiscing -Peoria Lifeguard (08-31-57).mp3
03 Fibber Writes Book (01-20-53).mp3
03 Teeny Is Only Customer At Restaurant (09-15-57).mp3
04 Everybody Wants Fibber's Clue (01-20-54).mp3
04 McGee's Giant Icicle (01-27-53) .mp3
04 Taking Molly Duck Hunting (09-22-57).mp3
05 Dreaming About Different Jobs (09-28-57).mp3
05 Fibber's Cigar Ashes (01-21-54).mp3
05 Installing A Wall Safe (02-03-53).mp3
06 It's Fibber's Birthday (01-22-54).mp3
06 Labeling Plants In The Yard (10-05-57).mp3
06 The New Courteous McGee (02-10-53).mp3
07 Fibber Minds Doc's Office (02-17-53).mp3
07 Molly Is Citizen X (01-25-54).mp3
07 When Fibber And Molly First Met (10-06-57).mp3
08 Dreaming About Other Places (10-12-57).mp3
08 McGee The Artist (02-24-53).mp3
08 Tight Lipped McGee (01-26-54).mp3
09 Breakfast In Bed For Molly (03-03-53).mp3
09 Storm Window Installation (10-20-57).mp3
09 The Three Dollar Lawsuit (01-27-54).mp3
10 Automatic Tree Shaker (10-20-57).mp3
10 Going To See South Atlantic (01-28-54).mp3
10 Something Fell Off The Car (03-10-53).mp3
11 Fibber The Plumber (01-29-54).mp3
11 Reward For A Noble Deed (03-17-53).mp3
11 Takes A Law Correspondence Course (10-27-57).mp3
12 Fibber's Bank Statement (02-01-54).mp3
12 McGee's Lucky Day (03-24-53).mp3
12 Tax Problems (11-02-57).mp3
13 McGee The Hypnotist (03-31-53).mp3
13 Redecorating The Servicemen's Center (02-02-54).mp3
13 Teeny Asks For Fibber's Help With Homework (11-03-57).mp3
14 Elks' Club Vaudeville Show (04-07-53).mp3
14 Molly Plans A Trip To Peoria (11-09-57).mp3
14 The Boys Go To Work (02-03-54).mp3
15 Attending Footbal lGame (Part) (11-10-57).mp3
15 McGee's False Alarm (04-14-53).mp3
15 Writing Checks (02-04-54).mp3
16 Fibber Delivers Cake (04-21-53).mp3
16 Thanksgiving (Part) (11-16-57).mp3
17 Fibber Tries To Get In The Newspaper (11-23-57).mp3
17 McGee's New Dial Phone (02-08-54).mp3
17 The Old Moose Head (04-28-53).mp3
18 New Neighbor Frank Ingram (02-09-54).mp3
18 The Lady At 14th And Oak (05-05-53).mp3
18 Uranium Rich Uncle (Part) (12-08-57).mp3
19 McGee, House Sitter (02-10-54).mp3
19 Olie's Brother John (05-12-53).mp3
19 Taking A Memory Course (12-21-57).mp3
20 Advertising The House For Rent (02-11-54).mp3
20 National Prosperity Week (12-22-57).mp3
20 Old Law To Escape Taxes (05-19-53).mp3
21 Body Building To Fight Hector (05-26-53).mp3
21 House Almost Rented (02-12-54).mp3
21 The McGees Go Bowling (12-29-57).mp3
22 Lost Cat Ad (06-02-53).mp3
22 What's In The Attic (02-15-54).mp3
23 Installing Light In Closet (02-16-54).mp3
23 Traffic Safety Campaign (06-09-53).mp3
24 Molly's Date With Al Bennington (06-16-53).mp3
24 The House Is Finally Rented (02-17-54).mp3
25 Molly In The Attic (02-18-54).mp3
25 Operation Skywatch (06-23-53).mp3
26 Fibber Sleeps Thru 'Two Gun Justice' (02-19-54).mp3
26 FishingTrip (06-30-53).mp3
27 Celebrating Washington's Birthday (02-22-54).mp3
27 Hanging Aunt Sarah's Picture (10-05-53).mp3
28 Letter To The Postmaster (10-06-53).mp3
28 Tall Tale McGee (02-23-54).mp3
29 Buying A Parakeet (10-07-53).mp3
29 Eight Year Old Newspaper (02-25-54).mp3
30 Fibber's High School Trophy (02-26-54).mp3
30 Teaching The Parakeet To Talk (10-08-53).mp3
31 Buying Shampoo At Kramer's Drug Store (10-09-53).mp3
31 Trouble With The Bon Ton Parking Valet 03-01-54).mp3
32 Awaiting A Phone Call (10-12-53).mp3
32 Federal Income Tax Preparation (03-02-54).mp3
33 McGee's Lucky Day (03-03-54).mp3
33 Preparing Club Speech (10-13-53).mp3
34 Buying a Suit For The Lucheon (10-14-53).mp3
34 The McGee Jet Ketchup Gun (03-04-54).mp3
35 Biography For Luncheon (10-15-53).mp3
35 Ketchup Representative Comes (03-05-54).mp3
36 Fibber Hoarse Molly Speaks (10-16-53.mp3
36 The Envelope Swindle (03-08-54).mp3
37 Fibber Wants To Run A Variety Store (03-09-54).mp3
37 Ribbon On Finger (10-19-53).mp3
38 Takes Molly Dining Dancing (10-20-53).mp3
38 Temporary Manager (03-10-54).mp3
39 Business Is Dull (03-11-54).mp3
39 Luggage Shopping For Trip (10-21-53).mp3
40 Packing For Trip To See Aunt (10-22-53).mp3
40 Promoting Business (03-12-54).mp3
41 Further Trip Preparations (10-23-53).mp3
42 Fibber Gets Lost On Train (10-26-53).mp3
43 Fibber Helps Molly With Club Luncheon (03-19-54).mp3
43 Seeking Aunt Sarah's House (10-27-53).mp3
44 Overnight In The Wrong House (10-28-53).mp3
44 Voting For Congressman (03-30-54).mp3
45 Buying 1000 Bricks (03-31-54).mp3
45 Who Is F C (10-29-53).mp3
46 Building A Barbecue (04-02-54).mp3
46 Trick Or Treating With Teeny (10-30-53).mp3
47 Try To Catch Phantom Burglar (11-02-53).mp3
47 Wimple Helps With Barbecue (04-05-54).mp3
48 Phantom Burglar Nabbed (11-03-53).mp3
48 Sleep Walker McGee (04-07-54).mp3
49 Buying And Installing A Lock (11-04-53).mp3
49 Fibber Loses A Coat Button (04-08-54).mp3
50 Fibber Exchanges Buttons (04-09-54).mp3
50 Shoe Repair Shop (11-05-53).mp3
51 Parakeet's Preference (11-06-53).mp3
51 Turning Fibber In (04-12-54).mp3
52 Buying Teeny's Gift (11-09-53).mp3
52 Hiring A Lawyer (04-13-54).mp3
53 Freeway Ride (04-14-54).mp3
53 Preparation For Duck Hunt (11-10-53).mp3
54 Finding The Hunting License (11-11-53).mp3
54 Jewel Robbery Is Solved (04-15-54).mp3
55 Buying The Groceries (11-12-53).mp3
55 Dying 12 Dozen Easter Eggs (04-16-54).mp3
56 Indian Scout McGee (04-19-54).mp3
56 To Lake Wapahokey (11-13-53).mp3
57 Hunting Trip Spoiled By Rain (11-16-53).mp3
57 McGee Prepares For Hike (04-20-54).mp3
58 Duck Hunting Successful (11-17-53).mp3
58 Nature Hike (04-21-54).mp3
59 40,000 Copies Of 'Partly True' Magazine (04-22-54).mp3
59 Happy Hunter Returns Home (11-18-53).mp3
60 Fibber Goes To Bed At Seven (11-19-53).mp3
60 Unloading 40000 Magazines (04-23-54).mp3
61 Christmas Fund (11-20-53).mp3
61 Fibber's Old Suit (04-26-54).mp3
62 Phony Ring Investment (11-23-53).mp3
62 Stung By A Wasp (04-27-54).mp3
63 Selling Doc The Ring (11-24-53).mp3
63 Tennis Player McGee (04-28-54).mp3
64 Autumn Leaves Drive (11-25-53).mp3
64 City Orders Oak Tree Cut (04-29-54).mp3
65 56 Years Bad Luck (11-30-53).mp3
65 Cutting Down Old Oak Tree (04-30-54).mp3
66 Enters Photo Contest (12-01-53).mp3
66 New Shoes (05-03-54).mp3
67 Candid Camera Fiend (12-02-53).mp3
67 Mcgee's Hiccups (05-04-54).mp3
68 An Orchid Plant For Doc (05-05-54).mp3
68 Fibber Processes Film (12-03-53).mp3
69 Fibber Loses A Photo Worth $75 (12-04-53).mp3
69 Minding Teeny For An Evening (05-06-54).mp3
70 $75 Photo Found (12-07-53).mp3
70 Coffee Slogan Contest (05-07-54).mp3
71 Call From Washington (12-08-53).mp3
71 Plans To Return To School (05-10-54).mp3
72 Fibber Meets Clobber Head Jones (05-11-54).mp3
72 Fibber Misses The Return Call (12-09-53).mp3
73 Flash Breaks Coffee Maker (05-13-54).mp3
73 Party Line Blocks Call (12-10-53).mp3
74 Call Comes Through (12-11-53).mp3
74 Sued For Alienating Flash's Affection (05-14-54).mp3
75 Cleaning Lady Hired (12-14-53).mp3
75 Fibber On Trial (05-17-54).mp3
76 Fibber Teaches Molly to Drive (11-13-54).mp3
76 Molly's Lost Earring (12-15-53).mp3
77 Christmas Shoping A tBon Ton (12-16-53).mp3
78 Fibber Collects $30.90 (12-17-53).mp3
79 The $42.60 Tax Refund (12-18-53).mp3
80 Mailing Aunt Sarah's Gift (12-21-53).mp3
81 The Expensive Christmas Tree (12-22-53).mp3
82 Doc Helps Decorate Tree (12-23-53).mp3
83 Laura The Lopsided Pine Tree (12-24-53).mp3
84 Spending Christmas At Home (12-25-53).mp3
85 Planning Elks' Club New Year (12-28-53).mp3
86 Exchanging Gifts (12-29-53).mp3
87 Fibber Revives Vaudeville Act (12-30-53).mp3
88 Elks' Club Extravaganza (12-31-53).mp3
Breaking In New Shoes (10-10-55).mp3
Opening Doc's Christmas Cards (12-22-55).mp3
Picking Up Fibber (10-11-55).mp3
Wistful Vista's Snowy Owl (poor) (03-31-55).mp3

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