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Jack Benny Old Time Radio Program

Jack Benny Old Time Radio Program Collection

Who was born in 1894, and died in 1974 at the age of 39?
None other than the great Jack Benny.

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click the play button above to listen or download the episodes by right clicking on these links:
Jack Benny: Bets on our Fancy
Jack Benny: Missing Heir
The Jack Benny Show is the king of Old Time Radio. This half-hour variety show first aired in 1932 and lasted until 1955, in reruns until 1958. The show featured the best long running gags possibly in all of show business, that just got funnier each time Benny told them. Other than Benny’s age always being 39, another running gag was how awful Jack played the violin. Or how cheap he was, or how vain, etc. etc.

Benny actually did get his show business start with his lowly violin. He traveled as part of vaudeville shows, doing small towns, etc. But he told no jokes, just played music. He enlisted during World War I (perhaps the much feared Violent Violinists Corps?) He did a gig with the violin to entertain at a function, and completely bombed. So he put the violin away and started telling jokes. This lasted until 1974. And that was the start of the violin bit on his show. After WWI Benny returned to Vaudeville, and he hit his groove: comedy with a bit of violin thrown in. He rose up to better and better venues.

Jack saw radio as being the next big thing, and left his fairly lucrative vaudeville act when NBC and Canada Dry offered him a show in 1932. The show moved to CBS, back to NBC, and found its time slot at 7:00pm Sunday nights in 1934 and there it lasted for over 20 years.

The basic format of the show was pretty simple. Jack Benny would be the host, tell some jokes, introduce some musical acts, have a comedy sketch, more music, and a "dramatic" reading involving a few cast members. He would introduce different characters to either help deliver his punch lines, or as actors in the dramatic plays. The dramatic reading would either be a real dramatic piece horribly butchered for comedy, or just a comedy sketch. The Jack Benny show featured a great range of side characters all playing off of Jack and each other. Benny’s wife, Sadie Marks, played the role of Mary Livingstone on the show. The black comic, Eddie Anderson played the character Rochester. Originally Rochester was supposed to be a one shot appearance, but he worked so well, and the audiences just loved him, he became a regular. Many others came in and out during the show’s long run.

A lot of the success of the show can be attributed to how Jack ran the show. He would search around for the right people, going through different band leaders and musicians, or actors until he found someone who fit the mood he was trying to create, then he would let them develop and own their time. He would often play the straight man to let others get the big laughs, or become a peripheral character to share the spotlight. He would let others have a great running gag or tagline. He gave his writers and cast good salaries, and often did charity performances. And he was vain, yet somehow in a self-deprecating manner. He seemed to know that it was all a joke, but that the audience was in on the joke.

The show gets better the more you listen to it. Jack Benny was the master of comedic timing and the running gag. Each time he pokes fun at how cheap he is it just gets funnier, you know its coming, and you wait for it, wait for it, wait… and then each time, Benny delivers.

"Train now loading on track three, all aboard for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc ………..amonga"

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Jack Benny CD 1 episode list
109 episodes:
Benny 32-05-02 First Professional Appearance.mp3
Benny 32-05-12-CanadaDryProgram_FirstShow.mp3
Benny 33-01-01 Outstanding Achievements of 1932 Review.mp3
Benny 33-01-22 Bertha the Sewing Machine Girl.mp3
Benny 33-03-31 She Done Him Right.mp3
Benny 33-04-14 Kiddies Night.mp3
Benny 33-04-21 Guest - Edward G Robinson.mp3
Benny 33-05-05 010 Russian Sketch.mp3
Benny 33-06-02 Sherlock Holmes and King Kong Part 2.mp3
Benny 33-06-09 Who Killed Mr X.mp3
Benny 33-06-23 Mary's Birthday.mp3
Benny 33-12-10 Uncle Tom's Cabin.mp3
Benny 34-02-11 Miniature Women.mp3
Benny 34-02-18 114 Don't Live Right.mp3
Benny 34-02-25 My Life as a Floorwalker.mp3
Benny 34-03-04 Dual in the Graveyard.mp3
Benny 34-03-11 117 Haunted House.mp3
Benny 34-03-18 An Arizona Western.mp3
Benny 34-04-01 The Eternal Triangle.mp3
Benny 34-04-06 Frank Parker's Music Store.mp3
Benny 34-04-13 002 Bridge Game.mp3
Benny 34-04-27 004 New Hampshire Through a Keyhole -Or- Lord.mp3
Benny 34-05-04 005 The Hills of Kentucky.mp3
Benny 34-05-11 006 Home Cooking at Don's.mp3
Benny 34-05-18 127 Jack Is Taking A Taxi To The Show.mp3
Benny 34-07-20 Who Killed Mr Stooge Part 5.mp3
Benny 34-08-03 To New York on the 20Th Century Limited.mp3
Benny 34-08-24 021 The House of Rawchild.mp3
Benny 34-08-31 The House of Benny.mp3
Benny 34-09-14 024 The School Days Part Two.mp3
Benny 34-09-21 School Days Part Three.mp3
Benny 34-09-28 More House of Rawchild.mp3
Benny 34-10-14 001 The Jack Benny Grocery Store.mp3
Benny 34-10-28 003 The Bennys of Wimpole Street.mp3
Benny 34-11-04 004 Through Romantic Hawaii.mp3
Benny 34-11-11 Charlie Chan in Radio City.mp3
Benny 34-11-18 Mrs Wiggs of the Onion Patch.mp3
Benny 34-12-02 008 Rose of the Rio Grande.mp3
Benny 34-12-16 010 Russia Through a Keyhole.mp3
Benny 35-01-06 013 The Count of Monte Jell-O.mp3
Benny 35-01-06 159 The Count Of Monte Jell-O.mp3
Benny 35-11-03 Kenny Baker's Debut.mp3
Benny 35-11-17 008 Blue Room Murder.mp3
Benny 36-01-19 203 Jack And Johnny Are In Jail.mp3
Benny 36-02-09 206 Benny Of The North West Mounted.mp3
Benny 36-02-16 207 Drug Store.mp3
Benny 36-02-23 208 Eternal Triangle.mp3
Benny 36-03-08 Income Tax Advice - Visiting the Zoo.mp3
Benny 36-03-15 Washington Benny-Go-Round (Edited).mp3
Benny 36-03-29 Cinderallen.mp3
Benny 36-04-05 Clown Hall Tonight.mp3
Benny 36-04-12 215 Ah Wilderness.mp3
Benny 36-04-19 216 I Got A Heavy Date.mp3
Benny 36-04-26 Professor Benny Teaches About the Boston Tea .mp3
Benny 36-05-03 218 Code Of The Hills.mp3
Benny 36-05-10 Jack Test Drives a Car.mp3
Benny 36-05-17 Everybody's Not So Hot (Inc, Edited).mp3
Benny 36-05-24 Leaving NY for California (Incomplete).mp3
Benny 36-06-07 Bennymount Films with Robin & Rainger (Incomp.mp3
Benny 36-06-14 Opening of Bennymount Studios.mp3
Benny 36-06-21 225 Vacation Plans.mp3
Benny 36-10-04 Phil Harris Introduced.mp3
Benny 36-10-11 Anthony Adverse.mp3
Benny 36-10-18 Anthony Adverse Part Two.mp3
Benny 36-10-25 Previews Romeo and Juliet.mp3
Benny 36-11-01 Doc Benny's Minstrels - Romeo and Juliet.mp3
Benny 36-11-08 006 Girls Dormitory.mp3
Benny 36-11-15 007 Buck Benny Rides Again 1.mp3
Benny 36-11-22 233 Buck Benny Rides Again Two.mp3
Benny 36-11-29 234 Buck Benny Rides Again.mp3
Benny 36-12-06 235 Money Ain't Everything.mp3
Benny 36-12-13 Buck Shot.mp3
Benny 36-12-20 Old Fashioned Christmas Party.mp3
Benny 36-12-27 Buck Benny Rides Again and Again.mp3
Benny 37-01-03 More Buck Benny.mp3
Benny 37-01-10 Buck Benny Rides Again 10.mp3
Benny 37-01-17 Buck Benny in Ensenada, Mexico.mp3
Benny 37-01-24 Jack Practices 'the Bee'.mp3
Benny 37-01-31 Next Sunday - Jack Will Play `The Bee'.mp3
Benny 37-02-07 The Stolen Violen.mp3
Benny 37-02-14 Jack's Birthday.mp3
Benny 37-02-21 Buck Benny Rides Again 12.mp3
Benny 37-02-28 Jack's Violin is Returned.mp3
Benny 37-03-07 Fight of the Century.mp3
Benny 37-03-14 From the Hotel Pierre.mp3
Benny 37-03-21 025 From New York.mp3
Benny 37-03-21 250 From New York.mp3
Benny 37-03-28 026 The Train Porter.mp3
Benny 37-04-04 027 Back from New York.mp3
Benny 37-04-11 028 Guests - Burns and Allen.mp3
Benny 37-04-18 029 Lady Milicent's Husband.mp3
Benny 37-04-25 030 In the Spring Tra-La.mp3
Benny 37-05-02 031 Buck Benny Party.mp3
Benny 37-06-13 Mary's Movie.mp3
Benny 37-06-20 Jack's Movie.mp3
Benny 37-10-31 005 The Devine Farm.mp3
Benny 37-12-12 275 Christmas Shopping.mp3
Benny 37-12-19 012 Little Red Riding Hood.mp3
Benny 38-01-02 Leaving for San Francisco Next Week.mp3
Benny 38-01-09 In San Francisco.mp3
Benny 38-01-16 Driving Back from San Francisco.mp3
Benny 38-01-23 Scoop Benny, Ace Reporter.mp3
Benny 38-01-30 Hurricain.mp3
Benny 38-02-06 Jack is Late.mp3
Benny 38-02-13 284 Robert Taylor Plays The Cello.mp3
Benny 38-02-20 285 Submarine D-1 Part Two.mp3
Benny 38-03-06 Don Wilson's 15Th Anniversary in Radio.mp3
Benny 38-03-13 Death in the Night Club.mp3
Benny 38-03-20 Preparing for New York.mp3

Jack Benny CD 2 episode list
103 episodes:
Benny 38-03-27 Harry Von Zell Subs for Don Wilson.mp3
Benny 38-04-03 Returning to Hollywood.mp3
Benny 38-04-10 A Yank at Oxford.mp3
Benny 38-04-17 At the Circus - Easter Show.mp3
Benny 38-04-24 Snow White and the Seven Gangsters.mp3
Benny 38-05-01 Beverly Hills Home Under Construction.mp3
Benny 38-05-08 Mother's Day Show.mp3
Benny 38-05-15 Murder in the Library.mp3
Benny 38-05-29 035 The Adventures of Tom Saywer Part 2.mp3
Benny 38-06-05 036 The Adventures of Tom Saywer Part 3.mp3
Benny 38-06-12 Artists and Models Abroad.mp3
Benny 38-06-19 302 Back Home In Indiana.mp3
Benny 38-06-26 303 Last Show Of The Season.mp3
Benny 38-10-02 001 Preparing to Return to Work.mp3
Benny 38-10-02 Preparing to Return to Work.mp3
Benny 38-10-09 Movie Spoof.mp3
Benny 38-10-16 Farewell to the Old Studio.mp3
Benny 38-10-23 Algiers.mp3
Benny 38-10-30 Jack Throws a Halloween Party.mp3
Benny 38-11-06 The Crowd Roars.mp3
Benny 38-11-13 Jack Tries to Steal Phil's Girl.mp3
Benny 38-11-20 Too Hot to Handle.mp3
Benny 38-11-27 009 Flash Benny, Football Coach.mp3
Benny 38-12-04 Murder at the Movies.mp3
Benny 38-12-11 314 Christmas Shopping In New York.mp3
Benny 38-12-18 Returning to Hollywood.mp3
Benny 38-12-25 Jack's Christmas Open House.mp3
Benny 39-01-01 Goodbye 1938, Hello 1939.mp3
Benny 39-01-08 318 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.mp3
Benny 39-01-15 Jack's Screen Guild Theater Performance.mp3
Benny 39-01-22 320 Jack Tells How He Saved Fred Allen's Life.mp3
Benny 39-01-29 Jack Goes into Training for Fight with Fred A.mp3
Benny 39-02-05 Jack Challenges Fred Allen to a Boxing Match.mp3
Benny 39-02-12 Love Finds Annie Hardy.mp3
Benny 39-02-19 Carmichael, the Polar Bear.mp3
Benny 39-02-26 325 Jesse James Part One.mp3
Benny 39-03-05 Jesse James Part 2.mp3
Benny 39-03-12 Carmichael is Sick.mp3
Benny 39-03-19 Jack Has a Cold.mp3
Benny 39-03-26 329 Guest Ed Sullivan.MP3
Benny 39-04-02 April Fool's Gags.MP3
Benny 39-04-09 028 Four Girls in White.mp3
Benny 39-04-16 029 Phil Shoots the Movie 'man About Town' Be.mp3
Benny 39-04-23 Guests - Binnie Barns and Mark Sandrich.mp3
Benny 39-04-30 Jack's 7Th Anniversary on the Radio.mp3
Benny 39-05-07 Kentucky Derby Bet.mp3
Benny 39-05-14 Gunga Din.MP3
Benny 39-05-21 034 More Gunga Din.mp3
Benny 39-05-28 035 Alexander Graham Bell.mp3
Benny 39-06-04 Hound of the Baskervilles Prevue.mp3
Benny 39-06-11 Hound of the Baskervilles.mp3
Benny 39-06-18 Father's Day Show.mp3
Benny 39-06-25 From Waukegan, Illinois.mp3
Benny 39-10-08 Introducing Dennis Day.mp3
Benny 39-10-15 Dennis' Mother Interferes with the Show.mp3
Benny 39-10-22 Stanley and Livingstone.mp3
Benny 39-10-29 Masquerade Party.mp3
Benny 39-11-05 The Women.mp3
Benny 39-11-12 Jack Has a Toothache.mp3
Benny 39-11-19 Jack Descovers He Has Pruchased An Ostrich fo.mp3
Benny 39-11-26 Jack Goes Duck Hunting.mp3
Benny 39-12-03 Murder on the Gridiron.mp3
Benny 39-12-10 Murder on the Gridiron Part Two.mp3
Benny 39-12-17 353 Christmas Shopping For Perfume And A Neck.mp3
Benny 39-12-17_ChristmasShopping_WestCoastVersion.mp3
Benny 39-12-24 012 Christmas Open House at Jack's.mp3
Benny 39-12-31 Gladys Zybisco Disappoints Jack on New Year's.mp3
Benny 40-01-07 Golden Boy.mp3
Benny 40-01-14 Intermezzo.mp3
Benny 40-01-21 Gladys Zybisco is Discussed.mp3
Benny 40-01-28 Murder on the Bridge.mp3
Benny 40-02-04 Leaving for Yosemite.mp3
Benny 40-02-11 Arriving at Yosemite.mp3
Benny 40-02-18 Skiing at Yosemite.mp3
Benny 40-02-25 Birthday Party for Jack Who's Recovering from.mp3
Benny 40-03-03 Gracie Allen for President.mp3
Benny 40-03-10 Mr Benny Goes to Washington.mp3
Benny 40-03-17 The Hunchback of Notre Dame.mp3
Benny 40-03-24 Trailer on Pinocchio.mp3
Benny 40-03-31 Pinocchio.mp3
Benny 40-04-07 Jack Revives Buck Benny After 3 Years.mp3
Benny 40-04-14 Preparing to Go to New York by Train.mp3
Benny 40-04-21 From the Ritz Theater in New York.mp3
Benny 40-04-28 Buck Benny at the Paramount Theater.mp3
Benny 40-05-05 Clown Hall Tonight.mp3
Benny 40-05-12 Returns on a Twa Plane.mp3
Benny 40-05-19 Northwest Passage.mp3
Benny 40-05-26 Formal Dinner for the Sponsor without Jell-O .mp3
Benny 40-06-02 Hillybilly Feud.mp3
Benny 40-06-09 Vacation Plans.mp3
Benny 40-06-16 Father's Day.mp3
Benny 40-10-06 Jack Tells His Childhood Story.mp3
Benny 40-10-13 Phil Tries to Collect a World Series Bet.mp3
Benny 40-10-20 Jack Tries to Trade in the Maxwell.mp3
Benny 40-10-27 Hold that Line.mp3
Benny 40-11-10 Dog Catcher of Beverly Hills.mp3
Benny 40-11-17 Jack Waits to See a Movie Director.mp3
Benny 40-11-24 Jack is Held Up on His Way to Don's House.mp3
Benny 40-12-01 388 Jack Catches Cold At Don's House.mp3
Benny 40-12-08 389 Don Is Mad And Walks Out.mp3
Benny 40-12-15 From the Ritz Hotel in New York.mp3
Benny 40-12-22 Christmas Shopping.mp3

Jack Benny CD 3 episode list
102 episodes:
Benny 40-12-29 392 Father Time Rides Again.mp3
Benny 41-01-05 393 Christmas Gift Exchange.mp3
Benny 41-01-12 394 Jack Is Late - With No Script.mp3
Benny 41-01-19 City of Conquest.mp3
Benny 41-01-26 396 Jack Packs For New York.mp3
Benny 41-02-02 397 Herbert Marshall Hosts The Show.mp3
Benny 41-02-09 398 The Sponser Likes Herbert Marshall.mp3
Benny 41-02-16 Surprise Birthday Party.mp3
Benny 41-02-23 400 Tee Pee Hotel.mp3
Benny 41-03-02 Climb to Taquitz Falls.mp3
Benny 41-03-09 Murder at the Racquet Club.mp3
Benny 41-03-16 024 Palm Springs' Prices.mp3
Benny 41-03-23 Tobacco Road.mp3
Benny 41-03-30 Jack Works in His Garden.mp3
Benny 41-04-06 406 Quiz Kids Versus Jell-O Kids.mp3
Benny 41-04-13 Jack Prepares for Appearance on the Quiz Kids.mp3
Benny 41-04-20 Jack's Upset About His Appearance on the Quiz.mp3
Benny 41-04-27 409 Murder At The Movies.mp3
Benny 41-05-04 410 Jack's Tenth Anniversary On Radio.mp3
Benny 41-05-11 Nbc Tribute to Jack Benny's 10Th Anniversary.mp3
Benny 41-05-18 Charley's Aunt.mp3
Benny 41-05-25 413 The Life Of Philbert Harris.mp3
Benny 41-06-01 From San Diego Naval Base.mp3
Benny 41-10-05 From New York.mp3
Benny 41-10-12 Columbus Day.mp3
Benny 41-10-19 Returning to Hollywood.mp3
Benny 41-10-26 Dive Bomber.mp3
Benny 41-11-02 Halloween Celebration.mp3
Benny 41-11-09 Football Game.mp3
Benny 41-11-16 He Fumbled the Ball.mp3
Benny 41-11-23 Thanksgiving Day Dinner.mp3
Benny 41-11-30 423 Dr Jekyl And Mr Hyde Part One.mp3
Benny 41-12-07 Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde Part 2.mp3
Benny 41-12-14 Buys Dennis bird on a stick.mp3
Benny 41-12-28 Jack Talks About a Christmas Party He Gave.mp3
Benny 42-01-04 New Year's Eve Party at the Biltmore Bowl.mp3
Benny 42-01-11 From March Field.mp3
Benny 42-01-18 016 Carole Lombard's Death - Show is without .mp3
Benny 42-01-25 The Frightwig Murder Case.mp3
Benny 42-02-01 The Frightwig Murder Case Part Two.mp3
Benny 42-02-08 Jack is Upset Because Fred Allen Has Moved to.mp3
Benny 42-02-15 Jack Can't Get a Date on His Birthday.mp3
Benny 42-02-22 At the San Francisco Prescidio.mp3
Benny 42-03-01 022 Jack Starts a Campaign for An Oscar.mp3
Benny 42-03-08 From San Diego Marine Base.mp3
Benny 42-03-15 Jack Talks About Lending Fred Allen $1000.mp3
Benny 42-03-22 Jack Plants a Victory Garden and Plays Golf w.mp3
Benny 42-03-29 Doc Benny's Minstrel Show.mp3
Benny 42-04-05 Don's Commercial.mp3
Benny 42-04-12 028 Try and Get It.mp3
Benny 42-04-19 029 Don's Play.mp3
Benny 42-04-26 Jack Hawkin's Revenge.mp3
Benny 42-05-03 445 Cast Visits Jack At Warner Brothers.mp3
Benny 42-05-10 446 Jack Learns This Will Be His Last Season .mp3
Benny 42-05-17 447 Jack Imitates Fred Allen.mp3
Benny 42-05-24 448 Phil Becomes A Father.mp3
Benny 42-05-31 Cavalcade of Last 8 Years for Jell-O.mp3
Benny 42-10-04 Jack Rounds Up the Gang in the Maxwell.MP3
Benny 42-10-11 Jack Takes Two Cadets to Barbara Stanwyck's H.MP3
Benny 42-10-18 Jack Gives the Maxwell for Scrap.MP3
Benny 42-10-25 Tales of Manhattan.mp3
Benny 42-11-01 454 Jack And Phil Go Target Shooting.mp3
Benny 42-11-08 Twink Family.MP3
Benny 42-11-15 Twink Family Part Two.MP3
Benny 42-11-22 008 George Washington Slept Here Premiere.mp3
Benny 42-11-29 Going After Rommel.MP3
Benny 42-12-06 Liberty Ship.MP3
Benny 42-12-13 011 From New York.mp3
Benny 42-12-13 460 From New York.mp3
Benny 42-12-20 012 George Washington Slept Here.mp3
Benny 42-12-27 013 New Years Eve Skit.mp3
Benny 43-01-03 Bear Hunting.mp3
Benny 43-01-10 464 The Sixty-Four Dollar Question.mp3
Benny 43-01-17 Spoof on .mp3
Benny 43-01-24 Mr Benny Goes to Washington.mp3
Benny 43-01-31 From - Quantaco Virginia.mp3
Benny 43-02-07 019 Jack is Late for the Program.mp3
Benny 43-02-14 From - Ontario, Canada.MP3
Benny 43-02-21 Chicago - Monument for Jack.mp3
Benny 43-02-28 Kit Carson Benny.mp3
Benny 43-03-07 Host - George Burnes and Gracie Allen.mp3
Benny 43-03-14 473 Host Orson Welles.mp3
Benny 43-03-21 Host - Orson Welles.mp3
Benny 43-03-28 Host - Orson Welles.mp3
Benny 43-04-04 027 Little Red Riding Hood.mp3
Benny 43-04-11 Jack Returns After Illness.mp3
Benny 43-04-18 Jack Opens Swimming Pool for the Season.mp3
Benny 43-04-25 030 Rochester's Horse is in the Kentucky Derb.mp3
Benny 43-05-02 Renting Eddie Cantor's House.mp3
Benny 43-05-09 481 Jack Jams With Louis Armstrong.mp3
Benny 43-05-16 482 Rancho Benny.mp3
Benny 43-05-23 483 Parachute Jump.mp3
Benny 43-05-30 484 Guest Deanna Durbin.mp3
Benny 43-06-11 Camel Comedy Caravan, Stolen Dog.mp3
Benny 43-09-13 USO Show From Cairo Egypt.mp3
Benny 43-10-10 Jack Recalls His African Trip.MP3
Benny 43-10-17 Casablanca.MP3
Benny 43-10-24 Algiers.MP3
Benny 43-10-31 Jack Pretends He is Going to Brazil.MP3
Benny 43-11-07 From Marine Corps Air Station at Mojave, Cali.MP3
Benny 43-11-14 The Lone Palm.MP3

Jack Benny CD 4 episode list
106 episodes:
Benny 43-11-21 491 Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey.mp3
Benny 43-11-28 Dennis Wants a Raise.MP3
Benny 43-12-05 Jack Gets a Driver's License.MP3
Benny 43-12-12 Dennis' Mother Visits.MP3
Benny 43-12-19 Jack and Mary Go Christmas Shopping.MP3
Benny 43-12-26 Christmas at Jack's House.MP3
Benny 44-01-02 Annual New Years Eve Show.MP3
Benny 44-01-09 Jack Has a Pet Camel.MP3
Benny 44-01-16 From Camp El Toro, California.MP3
Benny 44-01-23 From Camp Muroc, California.MP3
Benny 44-01-30 The Horn Blows at Midnight.MP3
Benny 44-02-06 From Terminal Island.MP3
Benny 44-02-13 From March Field.MP3
Benny 44-02-20 Guest - Groucho Marx.MP3
Benny 44-02-27 Hollywood Canteen.MP3
Benny 44-03-05 From Lemoure Air Force Base.MP3
Benny 44-03-12 From Livermore Air Base.MP3
Benny 44-03-19 Dennis Dreams He Has a Radio Program.MP3
Benny 44-03-26 509 Jack Throws A Swimming Party.mp3
Benny 44-04-09 Repairing Jack's Sidewalk.MP3
Benny 44-04-16 512 Bob Hope Parody.mp3
Benny 44-04-23 513 Dennis Leaves For The Navy.mp3
Benny 44-04-30 514 Dick Haymes Subs For Dennis.mp3
Benny 44-05-14 032 Infantry.mp3
Benny 44-05-21 Split Personality.MP3
Benny 44-05-28 The Life Story of Jack Benny.MP3
Benny 44-06-04 Final Grape Nuts Flakes Sponsored Show.MP3
Benny 44-10-01 Jack Looks for a Replacement Singer.mp3
Benny 44-10-08 521 Jack Offers Frank Sinatra Dennis' Job.mp3
Benny 44-10-15 003 From Gardner Field, Taft, California.mp3
Benny 44-10-22 523 Captain O'Benny.mp3
Benny 44-10-29 524 Allen's Alley.mp3
Benny 44-11-05 006 Guest Show.mp3
Benny 44-11-12 Larry Stevens's First Show.mp3
Benny 44-11-19 527 From Corona Naval Hospital.mp3
Benny 44-11-26 009 How Jack and the Gang Spent Thanksgiving .mp3
Benny 44-12-03 529 Jack Gets Mad And Goes Home.mp3
Benny 44-12-10 From San Bernardino, California.mp3
Benny 44-12-17 531 Meeting Frank Sinatra In The Drugstore.mp3
Benny 44-12-24 Trimming a Tree.MP3
Benny 44-12-31 014 Jack Resolves to Be Friends with Fred All.mp3
Benny 44-xx-xx Jack Dates Four Movie Stars.mp3
Benny 45-01-07 Leaving for New York City.MP3
Benny 45-01-14 016 Mrs Nausbaum Invites Jack and the Cast to.mp3
Benny 45-01-21 017 Mary Tells About Jack's Visit to the Empi.mp3
Benny 45-01-28 018 From Mitchell Field.mp3
Benny 45-02-04 019 From St Albans Navel Hospital in New York.mp3
Benny 45-02-11 020 From Glen View Afb, Ill.mp3
Benny 45-02-18 021 From St Joseph, Mo.mp3
Benny 45-02-25 541 From Fitzsimmons Hospital In Denver, Colo.mp3
Benny 45-03-04 From Hollywood-Jack and Mary Pick Up Their Ba.mp3
Benny 45-03-11 024 How Jack Found Rochester.mp3
Benny 45-03-18 How Jack Found Mary.mp3
Benny 45-03-25 545 Murder Mystery.mp3
Benny 45-04-01 027 How Jack Found Phil.mp3
Benny 45-04-08 547 From Torney Hospital In Palm Springs.mp3
Benny 45-04-22 From the Palm Naval Air Station.mp3
Benny 45-04-29 549 First Performance Of Professor La Blanc.mp3
Benny 45-05-06 031 How Jack Found Don.mp3
Benny 45-05-13 Jack is Going to San Francisco.MP3
Benny 45-05-20 San Francisco - Rita Hayworth, Earl Warren (A.mp3
Benny 45-05-27 Last Show of Season (Edited).mp3
Benny 45-09-30 Season Premiere - Steve Bradley wants to be J.mp3
Benny 45-10-07 555 Jack Listens To The World Series On The R.mp3
Benny 45-10-14 556 Gaslight.mp3
Benny 45-10-28 $85,000 Bet - Jack Gets Held-Up.mp3
Benny 45-11-04 559 Jack Is Sick In Bed After Being Robbed Of.mp3
Benny 45-11-11 Joe Louis Acts as Jacks Bodyguard.MP3
Benny 45-11-18 561 From Birmingham Hospital In Van Nuys, CA.mp3
Benny 45-11-25 562 Tire Trouble.mp3
Benny 45-12-02 563 Steve Bradley Explains The I Can't Stand .mp3
Benny 45-12-09 Jack is Invited to the Colman's for Dinner.mp3
Benny 45-12-16 012 Hello Louella.mp3
Benny 45-12-23 The English Butler.mp3
Benny 45-12-30 End of the Contest.MP3
Benny 46-01-06 568 Rose Bowl Game.mp3
Benny 46-01-13 569 State Fair Rehearsal.mp3
Benny 46-01-20 570 State Fair.mp3
Benny 46-01-27 Contest Winners.mp3
Benny 46-02-03 Jack Attends an Isaac Stern Concert.MP3
Benny 46-02-10 020 From Palm Springs, Ca.mp3
Benny 46-02-17 574 Rochester Lost At Sea - Briefly.mp3
Benny 46-02-24 Palm Springs Shopping.mp3
Benny 46-03-03 576 Murder At Lone Palm.mp3
Benny 46-03-10 Lost Weekend.mp3
Benny 46-03-17 Dennis Returns from the Navy.mp3
Benny 46-03-24 579 I Stand Condemned.mp3
Benny 46-03-31 580 A Sad Soldier Is Discharged.mp3
Benny 46-04-07 Weekend at the Acme Plaza.mp3
Benny 46-04-14 Violin Practice Interrupts Ronald Coleman's R.mp3
Benny 46-04-21 583 Aboard The Saratoga Four Days Before It S.mp3
Benny 46-04-28 584 The Kid From Brooklyn.mp3
Benny 46-05-05 585 Leaving For Chicago On The Train.mp3
Benny 46-05-12 586 Quiz Kids Contest.mp3
Benny 46-05-19 587 Fred Allen Asks Jack To Appear On His Pro.mp3
Benny 46-05-26 588 Ed Sullivan Gives Jack An Award.mp3
Benny 46-09-29 Jack is Upset Because Phil and Dennis Have Th.mp3
Benny 46-10-06 Jack Listens to the World Series.mp3
Benny 46-10-13 591 Jack And Mary Walk To The Studio.mp3
Benny 46-10-20 The Fiddler.mp3
Benny 46-10-27 Mary's 'chiss Wheeze' Sandwich Fluff.mp3
Benny 46-11-03 Jack Tries to Break His Contract with the Spo.mp3
Benny 46-11-10 595 Jack Gets A Haircut - More Trouble With T.mp3
Benny 46-11-17 Guest Show.mp3
Benny 46-11-24 The Killers.mp3

Jack Benny CD 5 episode list
108 episodes:
Benny 46-12-01 598 Jack Is To Appear On Phil Baker's Program.mp3
Benny 46-12-08 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces for Christmas.mp3
Benny 46-12-15 Jack Learns Don Has Metal Tip Shoelaces, So H.mp3
Benny 46-12-22 013 Christmas Party at Birmingham General Hos.mp3
Benny 46-12-29 602 Jack, Mary, Gladys And Dennis Go To A Nig.mp3
Benny 47-01-05 Guest Show.mp3
Benny 47-01-12 Gracie Wants to Listen to Jack on the Radio.mp3
Benny 47-01-19 I Was Condemned.mp3
Benny 47-01-26 Margie.mp3
Benny 47-02-02 It's a Wonderful Life.mp3
Benny 47-02-09 What Happens After the Show Goes Off the Air.mp3
Benny 47-02-16 Jack's Birthday Party.mp3
Benny 47-02-23 022 Jack Fires the Sportsmen.mp3
Benny 47-03-02 611 Jack Tries To Rehire The Sportsmen.mp3
Benny 47-03-09 Jack Tries to Find Replacement for the Sports.mp3
Benny 47-03-16 The Sportsmen Replacement.mp3
Benny 47-03-23 The Sportsmen are Hired Back.mp3
Benny 47-03-30 027 From San Francisco.mp3
Benny 47-04-06 028 Jack Tries to Get Goldwyn to do 'the Life.mp3
Benny 47-04-13 Jack Fixes a Phonograph and Buys a Baseball T.mp3
Benny 47-04-20 The Egg and I.mp3
Benny 47-04-27 Leaving for Chicago.mp3
Benny 47-05-04 To the Train Station for Chicago.mp3
Benny 47-05-11 621 From Chicago.mp3
Benny 47-05-18 From New York.mp3
Benny 47-05-25 Allen's Alley.mp3
Benny 47-10-05 001 Jack is Back from Sun Valley Vacation.mp3
Benny 47-10-12 002 Jack Fixes Breakfast.mp3
Benny 47-10-19 Golf Match at Hillcrest Country Club.mp3
Benny 47-10-26 004 Seventh Hole at Hillcrest Country Club.mp3
Benny 47-11-02 Movie Skit.mp3
Benny 47-11-09 Corner Drug Store.mp3
Benny 47-11-16 Cleaning Jack's Den.mp3
Benny 47-11-23 Movie of Jack's Life - Thanksgiving Show.mp3
Benny 47-11-30 Turkey Dream.mp3
Benny 47-12-07 Jack Takes Violin Lessons and Goes to the Vau.mp3
Benny 47-12-14 Jack Has a Sprained Ankle.mp3
Benny 47-12-21 Last Moment Christmas Shopping.mp3
Benny 47-12-28 New Tenant.mp3
Benny 48-01-04 Jack Tries to Get Tickets for the Rose Bowl.mp3
Benny 48-01-11 Going to Denver for March-Of-Dimes Benefit.mp3
Benny 48-01-18 In Denver for March-Of-Dimes Benefit.mp3
Benny 48-02-01 Jack and Mary See Colman's Movie.mp3
Benny 48-02-08 642 Nightmare Alley.mp3
Benny 48-02-15 Jack's Birthday Party.mp3
Benny 48-02-22 From Palm Springs, Ca.mp3
Benny 48-02-29 Jack's Girlfriend Gladys Comes to Rehearsal.mp3
Benny 48-03-07 Jack Benny is the Walking Man.mp3
Benny 48-03-14 647 Winner Of The Walking Man Contest.mp3
Benny 48-03-21 648 Academy Awards Are Discussed.mp3
Benny 48-03-28 Jack is Robbed of Ronald Colman's Oscar.mp3
Benny 48-04-04 Jack Wants to Borrow Bing's Oscar.mp3
Benny 48-04-11 From Palm Springs, Ca.mp3
Benny 48-04-18 652 Murder At The Racquet Club.mp3
Benny 48-04-

Jack Benny CD 6 episode list
104 episodes:
Benny 49-11-13 Last Week's Mistakes.mp3
Benny 49-11-20 011 Jack Goes to Reheasal.mp3
Benny 49-11-27 012 Jack Spends An Evening at Home Playing Ca.mp3
Benny 49-12-04 Guest Show.mp3
Benny 49-12-11 Texas Benefit.mp3
Benny 49-12-18 Mary Buys Jack a Pencil Sharpener for Christm.mp3
Benny 49-12-25 016 Rochester is Shocked by An Electric Alarm.mp3
Benny 50-01-01 Jack Can't Make Mary's Party and is Stood Up .mp3
Benny 50-01-08 715 Drear Pooson Fluffry's Party.mp3
Benny 50-01-15 How Jack and Fred Allen Met.mp3
Benny 50-01-22 I Was Betrayed.mp3
Benny 50-01-29 021 To New York on the Train for the Heart Fu.mp3
Benny 50-02-05 719 Heart Fund Broadcast From New York.mp3
Benny 50-02-12 Allen's Alley Spoof.mp3
Benny 50-02-19 024 Jack Returnes on the Train to La Jack Pla.mp3
Benny 50-02-26 The Whistler.mp3
Benny 50-03-05 026 Buck Benny Rides Again.mp3
Benny 50-03-12 027 Sagebrush Soap Contest.mp3
Benny 50-03-19 725 The Champion.mp3
Benny 50-03-26 029 From Palm Springs.mp3
Benny 50-03-26 From Palm Springs.mp3
Benny 50-04-02 From Palm Springs.mp3
Benny 50-04-09 Fifty Cents to a Bum.mp3
Benny 50-04-16 Jack Gets the House Painted.mp3
Benny 50-04-23 The Beavers do the Show.mp3
Benny 50-04-30 034 Easter Show.mp3
Benny 50-05-07 732 Jack Buys A New Suit For His Publicity To.mp3
Benny 50-05-14 036 Mother's Day Gags.MP3
Benny 50-05-21 734 Jack Gets A Haircut To Look His Best For .mp3
Benny 50-05-28 735 How Jack Met His Cast.mp3
Benny 50-09-10 Back from London.mp3
Benny 50-09-17 737 In Venice.mp3
Benny 50-09-24 738 The Gold Rush Of '49.mp3
Benny 50-10-01 004 The Maxwell is Stolen.mp3
Benny 50-10-08 740 Jack Listens To The World Series.mp3
Benny 50-10-15 006 Jack Dreams He is Married to Mary.MP3
Benny 50-10-15 741 Jack Dreams He Is Married To Mary.mp3
Benny 50-11-05 744 Coming Home On The Train And Playing Twen.mp3
Benny 50-11-12 A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and Murder.mp3
Benny 50-11-19 011 Jack and Dinah in London.mp3
Benny 50-11-26 012 Jack Tries to Buy Tickets to the Usc-Ucla.mp3
Benny 50-12-03 Grassreek Fluff.mp3
Benny 50-12-10 014 Murder at the Racquet Club.mp3
Benny 50-12-17 015 Jack Buys Don Golf Tees for Christmas.mp3
Benny 50-12-24 751 Beavers Come Over To Jack's For Christmas.mp3
Benny 50-12-31 A New Years Fantasy.mp3
Benny 51-01-14 754 King Solomon's Mines Part Two.mp3
Benny 51-01-28 Guest Show.mp3
Benny 51-02-04 757 Bank Robbery.mp3
Benny 51-02-11 How Palm Springs Was Founded.mp3
Benny 51-02-18 Jack Watches Tv.mp3
Benny 51-02-25 760 I Was Coerced.mp3
Benny 51-03-04 Jack Goes to the Dentist.mp3
Benny 51-04-01 Jack Leaves for New York to do a Tv Show.mp3
Benny 51-04-08 The Irs Visits Jack.mp3
Benny 51-04-15 The Irs Visits Jack - Cause He Spent $1700 on.mp3
Benny 51-04-22 033 The Irs Visits Jack - He and the Cast Go .mp3
Benny 51-04-29 From Nellis Air Force Base.mp3
Benny 51-05-06 035 I Was Shanghaid.mp3
Benny 51-05-13 036 Jack Prepares to Go to New York to do His.mp3
Benny 51-05-20 037 The Cast is Dissatisfied with Their New C.mp3
Benny 51-05-27 Jack Meets Speed Rigs at the Doctors Office.mp3
Benny 51-06-03 039 The Cast Sings the Commercial.mp3
Benny 51-09-16 Jack Returns from a Korean Uso Trip.mp3
Benny 51-10-14 778 Jack Takes His Song To The Publisher.mp3
Benny 51-10-21 779 At A Nightclub To Hear The Sportsmen.mp3
Benny 51-10-28 007 Jack Loses His Song.mp3
Benny 51-11-04 George Jessel Tells Jack's Life Story.mp3
Benny 51-11-11 782 Jack Benny In 1971.mp3
Benny 51-11-25 Jack and Mary See 'golden Girl' with Dennis' .mp3
Benny 51-12-02 Jack Buys Don Cuff Links for Christmas.mp3
Benny 51-12-09 Quadalajara Trio Sings Jack's Song.mp3
Benny 51-12-16 Jack Renews His Drivers License.mp3
Benny 51-12-23 Christmas Tree Decoration.mp3
Benny 51-12-30 789 New Year's Eve Date With A French Girl.mp3
Benny 52-01-06 Suspense.mp3
Benny 52-01-13 Jack Gets a Haircut.mp3
Benny 52-01-20 George Burns Sings Jack's Song.mp3
Benny 52-02-03 Wolfe Gilbert to Publish Jack's Song.mp3
Benny 52-02-10 To New York to Publish Jack's Song.mp3
Benny 52-02-17 New York Symphony Plays Jack's Song - in His .mp3
Benny 52-02-24 Jack Tries to Buy a Car.mp3
Benny 52-03-02 798 Guest Show.mp3
Benny 52-03-09 4Th Tv Show of the Season.mp3
Benny 52-03-16 Trying to Lose Weight in Steam Cabinet.mp3
Benny 52-03-23 The Academy Awards.mp3
Benny 52-03-30 My Navel Carrer.mp3
Benny 52-04-06 030 Jack Opens His Swimming Pool and Goes to .mp3
Benny 52-04-13 Jack and Mary Walk in the Easter Parade.mp3
Benny 52-04-20 All Hands on Deck.mp3
Benny 52-04-27 Bend in the River.mp3
Benny 52-05-04 Jack Fixes the Phonograph.mp3
Benny 52-05-11 Roy and Rochester Clean and Jack Takes the Be.mp3
Benny 52-05-18 Down on the Farm.mp3
Benny 52-05-25 Jack Prepares for His London Trip by Packing,.mp3
Benny 52-05-27 Jack Plans Trip to London.mp3
Benny 52-06-01 038 Jack Prepares for Houston and London.mp3
Benny 52-09-14 Phil Harris is Replaced by Bob Crosby.mp3
Benny 52-09-21 In Scotland, Jack Goes Shopping with Mary.mp3
Benny 52-09-28 High Noon.mp3
Benny 52-10-05 004 Scoop Benny.mp3
Benny 52-10-12 005 Jack Catches His Nose in a Gopher Trap.mp3
Benny 52-10-19 006 Jack Buys 20Th Century Fox.mp3

Jack Benny CD 7 episode list
44 episodes:
Benny 53-09-13 Back from Vaca|ion
Benny??3-08-03 Reliving Vaudville.m3
Benny 52-11-16 821 Purple Pirate.mp3
Benny 52-12-07 Happy Time.mp3
Benny 52-12-14 Jack Buys a Gopher Trap for Don.mp3
Benny 52-12-21 Setting Up Christmas Tree.mp3
Benny 53-01-11 The Road to Bali.mp3
Benny 53-01-18 Jack Buys An Umbrella Stand.mp3
Benny 53-01-25 020 Bets on Our Fancy.mp3
Benny 53-02-08 Steak Ride.mp3
Benny 53-02-15 The Life of Bing Crosby.mp3
Benny 53-02-22 The Beavers Impersonate the Show.mp3
Benny 53-03-01 Off to New York City.mp3
Benny 53-03-08 026 The Snows of Kilimanjaro.mp3
Benny 53-03-15 838 How Palm Springs Was Founded.mp3
Benny 53-03-22 A Walk Through Beverly Hills.mp3
Benny 53-03-29 840 Mississippi Gambler.mp3
Benny 53-04-12 Missing Heir.mp3
Benny 53-04-26 From San Francisco.mp3
Benny 53-05-10 846 From San Francisco.mp3
Benny 53-05-24 848 Insurance Medical Exam.mp3
Benny 53-07-06 AFRS 340 Jack Goes For A Walk After Having Th.mp3
Benny 53-09-20 Return to Paradise.mp3
Benny 53-09-27 Polly Goes to the Psychiatrist.mp3
Benny 53-10-04 Leo and Jack Watch the World Series.mp3
Benny 53-10-11 855 Jack Tries To Sell His House.mp3
Benny 53-10-18 Wings of the Hawk.mp3
Benny 53-10-25 857 Jack Buys A G String.mp3
Benny 53-11-01 858 Four AM Walk.mp3
Benny 53-11-08 All American.mp3
Benny 53-11-15 Jack Prepares for His Tv Show.mp3
Benny 53-11-29 Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
Benny 53-12-06 Jack Talks About His Tv Show.mp3
Benny 53-12-13 Christmas Show from Palm Springs.mp3
Benny 53-12-20 865 Cactus Christmas Tree.mp3
Benny 54-:2-14?Jack's 39Th Birthday - Again!.mp3
Benny 54-01-10 The Don Wilson Wtory.mp3
Benny 54-01-17 Jack Gets a Parking Ticket.mp3
Benny 54-01-24 870 Jack Goes To The Races.mp3
Benny 54-01-31 Guest Show.mp3
Benny 54-02-07 872 Dennis Is Told To Quit The Show By His Mo.mp3
Benny 54-02-21 Jack at the Train Station.mp3
Benny 54-02-28 From - New York.mp3
Benny 54-03-07 Jack's Big Date.mp3
Jack Benny CD 8 episode list
83 episodes:
Jack Benny in Guest Appearances on other shows\ (53)
Amos & Andy - 1949-11-06 Guest Rochester.mp3
Behind The Mike - 1941-05-04 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel - 1945-12-28 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Bing Crosby - 1953-12-12 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Bob Hope - 1948-11-09 Bob And Jack Benny As Radio DJs.mp3
Bob Hope - 1949-12-06 With Jack Benny & Doris Day.mp3
Bob Hope, Jack Benny, & Doris Day.mp3
Burns & Allen - 1943-10-29 Gracie Wants George On Jack Benny.mp3
Burns & Allen - 1943-11-02 Gracie Blackmails Jack Benny.mp3
Burns & Allen - 1945-11-29 Gracie Goes Back to College.mp3
Burns & Allen - 1948-01-08 George And Jack As Gypsies.mp3
Burns & Allen - 1949-03-31 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Camel Comedy Caravan - 1943-06-11 Host Jack Benny.mp3
Dennis Day - Christmas Is For The Family.mp3
Eddie Cantor - 1942-11-25 Jack Benny Wants On The Show.mp3
Eddie Cantor - 1942-11-25 With Jack Benny And Dinah Shore.mp3
Eddie Cantor - 1943-06-09.mp3
Eddie Cantor - 1945-01-03 Guest Rochester.mp3
Eddie Cantor - 1947-01-30 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Eddie Cantor - 1948-12-17 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Eddie Cantor - 1956-xx-xx With Jack Benny, Durante, Jolson, .mp3
Ford Theater - 1949-03-04 The Horn Blows At Midnight w Jack .mp3
Fred Allen 37-12-22 benny.mp3
Fred Allen 49-06-26 Last Show Jack Benny, Henry Morgan.mp3
Friar's Club Roast 1970-01-21 Jack Benny Roast.mp3
Front Line Theater-Ham For Sale-jbenny.mp3
Front Line Theatre - 1944-00-00 Ham For Sale.mp3
GI Journal - AFRS 087 Jack Benny, Paulette Goddard.mp3
Gulf Screen Guild Theater - 1940-10-20 057 Jack Wants To Pla.mp3
Gulf Screen Guild Theatre - 1942-03-29 Parent By Proxy.mp3
Hollywood Is On The Air 1936 - College Holiday (Jack Benny).MP3
Hotpoint Holiday - 1949-12-25 Man Who Came To Dinner.mp3
It's Time To Smile - 1948-12-17 Jack's Proposition.mp3
Love Thy Neighbor Premiere - 1940-12-17 Paramount Theater Br.mp3
Love Thy Neighbor Premiere - 1940-12-17 Preview Broadcast.mp3
Mail Call - Jack Benny's Version Of 'Sorry Wrong Number'.mp3
Manhatten Radio Club - 1991-02-03 Jack Benny Panel.mp3
Maxwell House Coffee Time 1940-11-21 Baby Snooks, William Po.mp3
Pabst Blue Ribbon - 1945-10-03 Guest Jack Benny .mp3
Pabst Blue Ribbon - 1945-10-26.mp3
Paramount - Big Broadcast of 1937 (1936).mp3
Paramount - Man About Town (1939).mp3
Paramount Is On the Air - Artists and Models (1937).mp3
Phil Harris & Alice Faye - 1947-03-09 Will Benny Renew Phil'.mp3
Phil Harris & Alice Faye - 1948-12-19 Jack Benny As Santa Cl.mp3
Phil Harris & Alice Faye - 1949-12-25 Jack Benny as Santa.mp3
Radio - Bob Hope - 49-12-06 - Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Special - 1943-11-25 Soldiers In Greasepaint.mp3
Special - 1948-01-11 Farewell Salute To USO Camp Shows.mp3
Take It Or Leave It - 1942-11-08 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
This is My Best - 1945-05-29 Babes In The Woods.mp3
Tommy Dorsey - 1938-07-28 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Your All Time Hit Parade - 1944-06-11.mp3
Jack Benny in Other Shows\ (30)
Camel Comedy Caravan - 1943-06-11 Host Jack Benny.mp3
Campbell Playhouse - 1940-03-24 June Moon.mp3
Campbell Playhouse 40-03-24 June Moon.mp3
Command Performance - 1942-05-07 012 MOC - Betty Grable.mp3
Command Performance - 1944-06-17 125 MOC - Jack Benny.mp3
Command Performance - 1944-12-25 Christmas Special.mp3
Command Performance - 1945-05-10_JackBennyPauletteGoddard-17.mp3
Command Performance - 1946-01-31 209 Chico Marx, Jack Benny,.mp3
Commercial - 1940-12-02 Paramount Studios 'Love Thy Neighbor.mp3
Commercial - 1968 Jack Benny & Dennis Day For Texaco.mp3
Commercial - 1968 Jack Benny & Frank Nelson For Kodak.mp3
Hollywood Is On the Air - College Holiday (1936).mp3
Hollywood Is On the Air - Love Thy Neighbor (1940).mp3
Leo Is On the Air - Broadway Melody of 1936 (1935).mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 1938-09-26 Seven Keys To Baldpate.mp3
Lux Radio Theater - 1946-12-16 Killer Kates.mp3
Mail Call - 1944-01-05 AFRS 72.mp3
Mail Call - 1945-03-07 135 Premiere Of Jack's Movie.mp3
Mail Call - Jack Benny's Version Of 'Sorry Wrong Number'.mp3
NBC Mileage Rationing Special - 1945-00-00 Eddie Cantor, Bur.mp3
Philco Radio Time - 1947-03-26 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Philco Radio Time - 1948-03-03 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Screen Guild 40-10-20-jbenny.mp3
Screen Guild 44-03-27-jbenny.mp3
Sealtest Variety Theater - 1948-12-09 Jack Benny.mp3
Suspense 51-04-05 Murder in G Flat.mp3
Suspense 52-06-02 Good and Faithful Servant.mp3
Suspense 53-02-02 Plan X.MP3
Suspense 54-01-18 The Face is Familiar.mp3
This Is My Best 45-05-29-BabesInTheWoods-JBenny.mp3

Jack Benny CD 9 episode list
65 episodes:
Jack Benny Appearances and Specials

Benny & Allen Feud #1 of 6 The Vaudeville Days.mp3
Benny & Allen Feud #2 of 6 Reunited After 7 Years of Feuding.mp3
Benny & Allen Feud #3 of 6 Benny's Boulevard.mp3
Benny & Allen Feud #4 of 6 King for a Day.mp3
Benny & Allen Feud #5 of 6 Mammoth Department Store.mp3
Benny & Allen Feud #6 of 6 The Wright Brothers True Story.mp3
Benny's Golden Memories of Radio Part 1.mp3
Benny's Golden Memories of Radio Part 2.mp3
Benny's Golden Memories of Radio Part 3.mp3
Benny's Golden Memories of Radio Part 4.mp3
Don Wilson Interview.mp3
Don't Touch That Dial - Don Wilson Tribute Part 1.mp3
Don't Touch That Dial - Don Wilson Tribute Part 2.mp3
Don't Touch That Dial - Don Wilson Tribute Part 3.mp3
Don't Touch That Dial - Don Wilson Tribute Part 4.mp3
George Balzer 1983 SPERDVAC Part 1.mp3
George Balzer 1983 SPERDVAC Part 2.mp3
George Balzer 1983 SPERDVAC Part 3.mp3
Groucho Marx - At Carnegie Hall, Jack Benny Violin Solo Trib.mp3
Jack Benny - 1948-xx-xx Top Ten 78RPM Record Set.mp3
Jack Benny - The Jack Benny Story Part 1.mp3
Jack Benny - The Jack Benny Story Part 2.mp3
Jack Benny - The Jack Benny Story Part 3.mp3
Jack Benny - The Jack Benny Story Part 4.mp3
Jack Benny 1948-03-14 Winner Of The Walking Man Contest (Upg.mp3
Jack Benny 39th Birthday Tribute.mp3
Jack Benny at Wedlock & Snyder Stag Party (Language Advisory.mp3
Jack Benny Interview Part 1.mp3
Jack Benny Interview Part 2.mp3
Jack Benny Show - Classic Routines.mp3
Jack Benny Writers at 1984 SPERDVAC Convention.mp3
Johnny Carson Half Century Of Comedy Part II.mp3
KNBR Joan Benny Interview.mp3
Larry King - 1988-05-xx Frederick DeCordova.mp3
Larry King - 1990-12-15 Guest Joan Benny.mp3
Mary Livingston Tribute.mp3
national lampoon radio hour part 1.mp3
national lampoon radio hour part 2.mp3
NPR - 1975-01-02 Tribute To Jack Benny Part 1.mp3
NPR - 1975-01-02 Tribute To Jack Benny Part 2.mp3
NPR - 1975-01-02 Tribute To Jack Benny Part 3.mp3
NPR - 1975-01-02 Tribute To Jack Benny Part 4.mp3
Special - 1952 CBS Salute To Jack Benny On His 20th Annivers.mp3
Special - 1983-05-28 WTTP Dennis Day Interview.mp3
Special - 1987-09-21 Frank Nelson Tribute.mp3
SPERDVAC Discussion of JB 1936-06-21.mp3
The Comedy Show - 1983-06-19 Jack Benny Special Part 1.mp3
The Curse of Jack Benny's Violin.mp3
Tonight Show - 1972-08-03 Guest Jack Benny.mp3
Tonight Show - 1974-01-23 Jack Benny, Mel Blanc.mp3
Violin Routine with George Burns.mp3
WCAU Joan Benny Interview.mp3


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