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Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly,) Old Time Radio Program

Johnny Dollar Detective CD 1 Old Time Radio Program

Expense Account: item one: 1 CD full of Johnny Dollar episodes: $4.50 Expense Account: item two: a full set of Johnny Dollar radio episodes: $17.50


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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Parikoff Policy
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The William W Perry Case

Finally, an Old Time Radio Program about the insurance industry. Johnny Dollar worked for an insurance company. When a suspicious claim was submitted, Dollar was sent to the location and solved the problem, usually a murder. I guess in today’s world he would be the faceless guy who denies your health insurance claim, but back then, he was a hero, but I digress. There was a cast of semi-regulars, including Betty Lewis (who wanted to be his girlfriend), the policeman, Randy Singer, Smoky Sullivan, Dollar’s tipster, Alvin Cartwright, an odd duck who may be psychic. Despite these characters, Johnny generally went off to a new location each episode investigating stolen jewels, protecting a client, figuring out a bank robbery, etc. Johnny Dollar aired in 1949 and was the last of the dramatic radio programs, it lasted until 1962. In 1955 the show changed format from a 15 minute episodes to a half hour A few different actors took on the role of Dollar. Charles Russell started with the show, then it changed to Edmond O’Brien, John Lund, Bob Bailey, Robert Readick, and finally Mandel Kramer. The different actors brought different takes on the character: some were more of a street fighter, others lighter, but they all brought a padded expense account. And signed off with Yours truly,

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Johnny Dollar CD 1: 105 episodes

(Aud) The Trans-Pacific Matter.mp3
000 Milfred Brooks III (Aud-1), The.mp3
001 Parikoff Policy, The.mp3
004 William W Perry Case, The.mp3
005 Murder is a Merry-Go-Round.mp3
006 Milford Brooks III Matter.mp3
007 Stolen Portrait, The.mp3
009 Case of the $100,000 Legs, The.mp3
010 Case of Barton Drake, The.mp3
012 Taxi Disappearance.mp3
014 Murder Ain't Minor.mp3
016 Out of the Fire, Into the Frying Pan.mp3
018 Expiring Nickles and the Egyptian Jackpot.mp3
019 Search for Michelle Marsh, The.mp3
020 Fishing Boat Affair, The.mp3
021 Racehorse Piledriver Matter, The.mp3
022 Dr Otto Schmedlich Matter, The.mp3
023 Witness, Witness, Who's Got the Witness.mp3
024 Little Man Who Wasn't There, The.mp3
025 Mother, Call My Draft Board-I'm Leaving the Co
026 Who Will Rock the Old Doll To Sleep.mp3
027 Skullduggery in the Skull Canyon Mine.mp3
028 Bodyguard to Anne Connelly.mp3
029 Circus Animal Show Matter, The.mp3
030 Haiti Adventure Matter, The.mp3
031 How I Played Santa Clause and Got Left Holding
035 Death Takes a Working Day.mp3
036 SS Malay Trader Ship, The.mp3
037 Grave Digger's Spade.mp3
039 Robert W Perry Case, The.mp3
041 Eighty-Five Little Minks, The.mp3
042 Man Who Wrote Himself To Death, The.mp3
043 Village Scene Matter, The.mp3
044 Story of the Big Red School House, The.mp3
045 Dead First-Helpers, The.mp3
046 Story of thr Ten-O-Eight, The.mp3
047 Pearl Carrasa Matter, The.mp3
048 Abel Tackett Matter, The.mp3
049 Harold Trandorn Matter, The.mp3
050 Sidney Rykoff Matter, The.mp3
051 Earl Chadwick Matter, The.mp3
052 Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Matter, The.mp3
053 Carisio Diamond Matter, The.mp3
054 Arrowcraft Matter, The.mp3
055 London Matter, The.mp3
056 Barbara James Matter, The.mp3
057 Ballo-Horizonte Railroad Matter, The.mp3
058 Calgary Matter, The.mp3
059 Henry J Unger Matter, The.mp3
061 Blood River Matter, The.mp3
062 Hartford Allience Matter.mp3
063 Mickey McQueen Matter, The.mp3
064 Trans Pacific Import Company.mp3
064RTrans Pacific Import Company (Rehearsal).mp3
065 Virginia Beach Matter, The.mp3
066 Howard Cauldwell Matter, The.mp3
067 Richard Splane Matter, The.mp3
068 Yankee Pride Matter, The.mp3
069 Jack Madigan Matter, The.mp3
070 Joan Sebastian Matter, The.mp3
071 Queen Anne Pistols Matter, The.mp3
073 Nora Faulkner Matter, The.mp3
074 Woodword Manilla Matter, The.mp3
076R Leland Blackburn Matter, The (Rehearsal).mp3
080 Port O'Call Matter, The.mp3
081 David Rocky Matter, The.mp3
086 Jarvas Wilder Matter, The.mp3
087 Celia Woodstock Matter, The.mp3
088 Stanley Springs Matter, The.mp3
090 Byron Hayes Matter, The.mp3
091 Jackie Cleaver Matter, The.mp3
092 Edward French Matter, The.mp3
093 Mickey McQueen Matter, The.mp3
094 Willard South Matter, The.mp3
095 Month End Raid Matter, The.mp3
096 Virginia Towne Matter.mp3
096R Virginia Towne Matter (Rehearsal).mp3
099R Lillis Bond Matter, The (Unedited Rehearsal).
100 Sodaberry Maine Matter, The.mp3
101 George Farmer Matter, The.mp3
102 Arthur Boldrick Matter, The.mp3
103 Malcom Wish, MD Matter, The.mp3
104 Hatchet House Theft, The.mp3
105 Alanzo Chapman Matter, The.mp3
106 Fair Way Matter, The.mp3
109 Horace Lockhaet Matter, The.mp3
111 Lucky Costa Matter, The.mp3
112R Leland Case Matter, The (Rehearsal).mp3
115 Cuban Jewel Matter, The.mp3
116 Protection Matter, The.mp3
117 Douglas Taylor Matter, The.mp3
118 Millard Ward Matter, The.mp3
120 Tolhurst Theft Matter, The.mp3
121 Hannibal Murphy Matter, The.mp3
122 Baskerville Matter, The.mp3
124 Youngstown Credit Group Matter, The.mp3
127 Alma Scott Matter, The.mp3
128 Glenn English Matter, The.mp3
130 Amelia Harwell Matter, The.mp3
131 Yankee Pride Matter, The.mp3
144 Walker Patterson Matter, The.mp3
145 Baltimore Matter, The.mp3
149 Kay Bellamy Matter, The.mp3
150 Chicago Fraud Matter, The.mp3
153 Underwood Matter, The.mp3

CD 2
156 King's Necklace Matter, The.mp3
157 Syndicate Matter, The.mp3
158 Lester James Matter, The.mp3
159 Enoch Arden Matter, The.mp3
160 Madison Matter, The.mp3
160R Madison Matter, The (Rehearsal).mp3
161 Dameron Matter, The.mp3
162 San Antonio Matter, The.mp3
162R San Antonio Matter, The (Rehearsal).mp3
163 Blackmail Matter, The.mp3
163R Blackmail Matter, The (Rehearsal).mp3
164 Rochester Matter, The.mp3
167 Costaine Matter, The.mp3
168 Oklahoma Red Matter, The.mp3
169 Emil Carter Matter, The.mp3
170 Jonathan Bellows Matter, The.mp3
171 Jones Matter, The.mp3
173 Shayne Bombing Matter, The.mp3
175 James Forbes Matter, The.mp3
176 VooDoo Matter, The.mp3
177 Nancy Shaw Matter, The.mp3
178 Isabel James Matter, The.mp3
179 Nelson Matter, The.mp3
192 Independent Diamond Traders Matter, The.mp3
207 Terrified Taun Matter, The.mp3
218 Punctilious Firebug Matter, The.mp3
219 Temperamental Tote Board Matter, The.mp3
225 Carboniferous Dolomite Matter, The (Noisy).mp3
227 Radioactive Gold Matter, The.mp3
230 Hampton Line Matter, The.mp3
233 McCormick Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
234 McCormick Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
235 McCormick Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
236 McCormick Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
237 McCormick Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
238 Molly K Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
239 Molly K Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
240 Molly K Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
241 Molly K Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
242 Molly K Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
243 Chesapeake Fraud Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
244 Chesapeake Fraud Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
245 Chesapeake Fraud Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
246 Chesapeake Fraud Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
247 Chesapeake Fraud Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
248 Alvin Summers Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
249 Alvin Summers Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
250 Alvin Summers Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
251 Alvin Summers Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
252 Alvin Summers Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
253 Valentine Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
254 Valentine Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
255 Valentine Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
256 Valentine Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
257 Valentine Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
258 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
259 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
260 Lorcoe Diamond Matter's, The (Part 3).mp3
261 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
262 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
263 Broderick Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
264 Broderick Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
265 Broderick Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
266 Broderick Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
267 Broderick Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
268 Amy Bradshaw Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
269 Amy Bradshaw Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
270 Amy Bradshaw Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
271 Amy Bradshaw Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
272 Amy Bradshaw Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
273 Henderson Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
274 Henderson Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
275 Henderson Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
276 Henderson Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
277 Henderson Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
278 Cronin Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
279 Cronin Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
280 Cronin Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
281 Cronin Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
282 Cronin Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
283 Lansing Fraud, The (Part 1).mp3
284 Lansing Fraud, The (Part 2).mp3
285 Lansing Fraud, The (Part 3).mp3
286 Lansing Fraud, The (Part 4).mp3
287 Lansing Fraud, The (Part 5).mp3
288 Nick Shurn Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
289 Nick Shurn Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
290 Nick Shurn Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
291 Nick Shurn Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
292 Nick Shurn Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
293 Forbes Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
294 Forbes Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
295 Forbes Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
296 Forbes Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
297 Forbes Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
298 Caylin Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
299 Caylin Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
300 Caylin Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
301 Caylin Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
302 Caylin Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
303 Todd Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
304 Todd Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
305 Todd Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
306 Todd Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
307 Todd Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
308 Ricardo Amerigo Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
309 Ricardo Amerigo Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
310 Ricardo Amerigo Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
311 Ricardo Amerigo Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
312 Ricardo Amerigo Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
313 Duke Reo Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
314 Duke Reo Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
315 Duke Reo Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
316 Duke Reo Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
317 Duke Reo Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
318 Flight Six Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
319 Flight Six Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
320 Flight Six Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
321 Flight Six Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
322 Flight Six Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
323 McClain Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
324 McClain Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
326 McClain Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
327 McClain Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
328 Chi Bono Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
329 Chi Bono Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
330 Chi Bono Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
331 Chi Bono Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
332 Chi Bono Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
333 Bennett Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
334 Bennett Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
335 Bennett Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
336 Bennett Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
337 Bennett Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
338 Fathom Five Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
339 Fathom Five Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
340 Fathom Five Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
341 Fathom Five Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
342 Fathom Five Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
343 Plantation Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
344 Plantation Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
345 Plantation Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
346 Plantation Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
347 Plantation Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
348 Clinton Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
349 Clinton Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
350 Clinton Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
351 Clinton Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
352 Clinton Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
353 Jolly Roger Fraud, The (Part 1).mp3
354 Jolly Roger Fraud, The (Part 2).mp3
355 Jolly Roger Fraud, The (Part 3).mp3
356 Jolly Roger Fraud, The (Part 4).mp3
357 Jolly Roger Fraud, The (Part 5).mp3
358 Lamar Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
359 Lamar Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
360 Lamar Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
361 Lamar Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
362 Lamar Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
363 Salt City Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
365 Salt City Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
366 Salt City Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
367 Salt City Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
368 Laird Douglas of Heatherscote Matter, The (Par
369 Laird Douglas of Heatherscote Matter, The (Par
370 Laird Douglas of Heatherscote Matter, The (Par
371 Laird Douglas of Heatherscote Matter, The (Par
372 Laird Douglas of Heatherscote Matter, The (Par
373 Shepherd Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
374 Shepherd Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
375 Shepherd Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
376 Shepherd Matter, The (Part 4).mp3

CD 3


377 Shepherd Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
378 Lonely Hearts Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
379 Lonely Hearts Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
380 Lonely Hearts Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
382 Lonely Hearts Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
383 Callicles Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
384 Callicles Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
385 Callicles Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
386 Callicles Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
387 Callicles Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
388 Silver Blue Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
389 Silver Blue Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
390 Silver Blue Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
391 Silver Blue Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
392 Silver Blue Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
393 Matter of the Medium, Well Done, The (Part 1).
394 Matter of the Medium, Well Done, The (Part 2).
395 Matter of the Medium, Well Done, The (Part 3).
396 Matter of the Medium, Well Done, The (Part 4).
397 Matter of the Medium, Well Done, The (Part 5).
398 Tears of Night Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
399 Tears of Night Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
400 Tears of Night Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
401 Tears of Night Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
402 Tears of Night Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
403 Matter of Reasonable Doubt, The (Part 1).mp3
404 Matter of Reasonable Doubt, The (Part 2).mp3
405 Matter of Reasonable Doubt, The (Part 3).mp3
406 Matter of Reasonable Doubt, The (Part 4).mp3
407 Matter of Reasonable Doubt, The (Part 5).mp3
408 Indestructible Mike Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
409 Indestructible Mike Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
410 Indestructible Mike Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
411 Indestructible Mike Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
412 Indestructible Mike Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
413 Laughing Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
414 Laughing Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
415 Laughing Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
416 Laughing Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
417 Laughing Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
418 Pearling Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
419 Pearling Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
420 Pearling Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
421 Pearling Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
422 Pearling Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
423 Long Shot Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
424 Long Shot Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
425 Long Shot Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
426 Long Shot Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
427 Long Shot Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
428 Touch of Midas Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
429 Touch of Midas Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
430 Touch of Midas Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
431 Touch of Midas Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
432 Touch of Midas Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
433 Shady Lane Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
434 Shady Lane Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
435 Shady Lane Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
436 Shady Lane Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
437Shady Lane Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
438 Star of Capetown Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
439 Star of Capetown Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
440 Star of Capetown Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
441 Star of Capetown Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
442 Star of Capetown Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
443 Open Town Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
444 Open Town Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
445 Open Town Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
446 Open Town Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
447 Open Town Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
448 Sea Legs Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
449 Sea Legs Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
450 Sea Legs Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
451 Sea Legs Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
453 Alder Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
454 Alder Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
455 Alder Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
456 Alder Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
457 Alder Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
458 Crystal Lake Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
459 Crystal Lake Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
460 Crystal Lake Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
461 Crystal Lake Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
462 Crystal Lake Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
463 Kranesburg Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
464 Kranesburg Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
465 Kranesburg Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
466 Kranesburg Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
467 Kranesburg Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
468 Kranesburg Matter, The (Part 6).mp3
469 Curse of Kamashek, The (Part 1).mp3
470 Curse of Kamashek, The (Part 2).mp3
471 Curse of Kamashek, The (Part 3).mp3
472 Curse of Kamashek, The (Part 4).mp3
473 Curse of Kamashek, The (Part 5).mp3
474 Confidential Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
475 Confidential Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
476 Confidential Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
477 Confidential Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
478 Confidential Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
479 Perfect Alibi Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
481 Perfect Alibi Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
482 Perfect Alibi Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
483 Perfect Alibi Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
484 Meg's Palace Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
485 Meg's Palace Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
486 Meg's Palace Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
487 Meg's Palace Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
488 Meg's Palace Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
489 Picture Postcard Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
490 Picture Postcard Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
491 Picture Postcard Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
492 Picture Postcard Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
493 Picture Postcard Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
494 Primrose Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
495 Primrose Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
496 Primrose Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
497 Primrose Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
498 Primrose Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
499 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
500 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
501 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
502 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
503 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
504 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 6).mp3
505 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 7).mp3
506 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 8).mp3
507 Phantom Chase Matter, The (Part 9).mp3
508 Silent Queen Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
509 Silent Queen Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
510 Silent Queen Matter, The (Part 3).mp3
511 Silent Queen Matter, The (Part 4).mp3
512 Silent Queen Matter, The (Part 5).mp3
513 Big Scoop Matter, The.mp3
514 Markham Matter, The.mp3
515 Royal Street Matter, The.mp3
516 Burning Car Matter, The.mp3
517 Rasmusson Matter, The.mp3
518 Missing Mouse Matter, The.mp3
519 Squared Circle Matter, The.mp3
522 Blooming Blossom Matter, The.mp3
524 The Kirby Will Matter.mp3
528 Sun Tan Oil Matter, The.mp3
529 Clecer Chemist Matter, The.mp3
531 Moonshine Matter, The.mp3
532 Ming Toy Murphy Matter, The.mp3
534 Melancholy Memory Matter, The.mp3
540 Mason-Dixon Mismatch Matter, The.mp3
546 Yours Truly Matter, The.mp3
547 Confederate Coinage Matter, The.mp3
548 Wayward Widow Matter, The.mp3
549 KIller's Brand Matter, The.mp3
551 Smokey Sleeper Matter, The.mp3
552 Poor Little Rich Girl Matter, The.mp3
553 Charmona Matter, The.mp3
554 JPD Matter, The.mp3
555 Ideal Vacation Matter, The.mp3
556 Doubtful Dairy Matter, The.mp3
557 Bum Steer Matter, The.mp3
558 Silver Belle Matter, The.mp3
559 Mary Grace Matter, The.mp3
560 Three Sisters Matter, The.mp3
561 Model Picture Matter, The.mp3
562 Alkali Mike Matter, The.mp3
563 Shy Beneficiary Matter, The.mp3
564 Hope to Die Matter, The.mp3
565 Sunny Dream Matter, The.mp3
566 Hapless Hunter Matter, The.mp3
567 Happy Family Matter, The.mp3
568 Carmen Kringle Matter, The.mp3
569 Latin Lovely Matter, The.mp3
570 Ingenuous Jeweler Matter, The.mp3
571 Boron 112 Matter, The.mp3
572 Elevan O'clock Matter, The.mp3
574 Price of Fame Matter, The.mp3

CD 4


576 Time and Tide Matter, The.mp3
577 Durango Laramie Matter, The.mp3
578 Diamond Dilemma Matter, The.mp3
579 Wayward Moth Matter, The.mp3
580 Salkoff Sequel Matter, The.mp3
581 Denver Dispersal Matter, The.mp3
582 Killer's List Matter, The.mp3
583 Eastern Western Matter, The.mp3
584 Wayward Money Matter, The.mp3
585 Wayward Trout Matter, The.mp3
586 Village of Vertue Matter, The.mp3
587 Carson Arson Matter, The.mp3
588 Rolling Stone Matter, The.mp3
589 Ghost to Ghost Matter, The.mp3
590 Midnight Sun Matter, The.mp3
592 Wayward River Matter, The.mp3
593 Delectable Damsel Matter, The.mp3
594 Virtuous Mobster Matter, The.mp3
595 Ugly Pattern Matter, The.mp3
596 Blinker Matter, The.mp3
597 Majave Red Matter, The (Part 1).mp3
598 Majave Red Matter, The (Part 2).mp3
599 Wayward Killer Matter, The.mp3
600 Lucky Four Matter, The.mp3
601 Two-Faced Matter, The.mp3
602 Noxious Needle Matter, The.mp3
604 Malibu Mystery Matter, The.mp3
607 Gruesome Spectacle Matter, The.mp3
614 Double Trouble Matter, The.mp3
616 Hair Raising Matter, The.mp3
620 Hollywood Mystery Matter, The.mp3
621 Deadly Doubt Matter, The.mp3
623 Doting Dowager Matter, The.mp3
625 Date With Death Matter, The.mp3
626 Shankar Diamond, The.mp3
627 Blue Madonna Matter, The.mp3
629 Net of Circumstances Matter, The.mp3
630 Baldero Matter, The.mp3
631 Lake Mead Mystery Matter , The.mp3
632 Jimmy Carter Matter, The.mp3
633 Frisco Fire Matter, The.mp3
634 Fair Weather Friend Matter, The.mp3
635 Cautious Celebrant Matter, The.mp3
636 Winsome Widow Matter, The.mp3
638 Fatal Filet Matter, The.mp3
639 Twin Trouble Matter, The.mp3
640 Cask of Death Matter, The.mp3
641 Big H Matter, The.mp3
642 Wayward Heiress Matter, The.mp3
643 Wayward Sculpture Matter, The.mp3
644 Life at Stake Matter, The.mp3
645 Mei-Ling Buddha Matter, The.mp3
646 Only One Butt Matter, The.mp3
647 Frantic Fisherman Matter, The.mp3
648 Will and a Way Matter, The.mp3
649 Bolt Out of the Blue Matter, The.mp3
650 Deadly Chain Matter, The.mp3
651 Lost by a Hair Matter, The.mp3
652 Night in Paris Matter, The.mp3
653 Embarcadero Matter, The.mp3
654 Really Gone Matter, The.mp3
659 The Buffalo Matter (Part01).mp3
660 The Buffalo Matter (Part02).mp3
661 Missing Missle Matter, The.mp3
662 Double Identy Matter, The.mp3
663 Hand of Providential Matter, The.mp3
664 Larson Arson Matter, The.mp3
665 Bayou Body Matter, The.mp3
666 Fancy Bridgework Matter, The.mp3
669 Sudden Wealth Matter, The.mp3
670 Red Mystery Matter, The.mp3
671 Burning Desire Matter, The.mp3
672 Hapless Ham Matter, The.mp3
673 Unholy Two Matter, The.mp3
674 Evaporated Clue Matter, The.mp3
675 Nuclear Goof Matter, The.mp3
676 Merry-Go-Round Matter, The.mp3
677 Sidewinder Matter, The.mp3
678 PO Matter, The.mp3
679 Alvin's Alfred Matter, The.mp3
680 Look Before You Leap Matter, The.mp3
681 Moonshine Matter, The.mp3
682 Deep Down Mater, The.mp3
683 Saturday Night Matter, The.mp3
684 False Alarm Matter, The.mp3
685 Double Exposure Matter, The.mp3
686 Deadly Swamp Matter, The.mp3
687 Silver Queen Matter, The.mp3
688 Fatal Switch Matter, The.mp3
690 Mystery Girl Matter, The.mp3
691 Man Who Waits Matter, The.mp3
692 Red Rock Matter, The.mp3
693 Canned Canary Matter, The.mp3
694 Harried Heiress Matter, The.mp3
695 Flask of Death Matter, The.mp3
696 Wholly Unexpected Matter, The.mp3
697 Collector's Matter, The.mp3
698 Back to Back Matter, The.mp3
702 Twisted Twin Matter, The.mp3
703 Deadly Debt Matter, The.mp3
707 Five Down Matter, The.mp3
708 Stope of Death Matter, The.mp3
709 Recompense Matter, The.mp3
710 Twin of Tahoe Matter, The.mp3
711 Unworthy Kin Matter, The.mp3
712 What Goes Matter, The.mp3
713 The Super Salesman Matter.mp3
714 Bad One Matter, The.mp3
715 The Double Deal Matter.mp3
716 Empty Threar Matter, The.mp3
719 Wayward Kilocycle Matter, The.mp3
722 Paperback Mystery Matter, The.mp3
723 Very Fishy Matter, The.mp3
725 Short Term Matter, The.mp3
726 Who's Who Matter, The.mp3
727 Wayward Fireman Matter, The.mp3
729 Touch-Up Mater, The.mp3
730 Morning After Matter, The.mp3
731 Ring of Death, The.mp3
732 Informer Matter, The.mp3
733 Two's a Crowd Matter, The.mp3
734 Wrong Sign Matter, The.mp3
735 Captain's Table Matter, The.mp3
736 Latro Dectus Matter, The.mp3
737 Rat Pack Matter, The.mp3
740 Simple Simon Matter, The.mp3
741 Lone Wolf Matter, The.mp3
742 Yak Mystery Matter, The.mp3
743 Stock-in-Trade Matter, The.mp3
745 Low Tide Matter, The.mp3
746 Imperfect Crime Matter, The.mp3
747 Well of Trouble Matter, The.mp3

CD 5


748 Fiddle Faddle Matter, The.mp3
750 Chuck-A-Nut Matter, The.mp3
751 Philadelphia Miss Matter, The.mp3
752 Perilous Padre Matter, The.mp3
753 Wrong Doctoe, The.mp3
754 Too Many Crooks Matter, The.mp3
755 Shifty Looker Matter, The.mp3
756 All Wet Matter, The.mp3
757 Buyer and Cellar Matter, The.mp3
759 Double-Barreled Matter, The.mp3
761 Medium Rare Matter, The.mp3
763 Three for One Matter, The.mp3
764 Bee or Not to Bee Matter, The.mp3
765 Monticello Mystery Matter, The.mp3
766 Wrong One Matter, The.mp3
767 Guide to Murder, The.mp3
768 Mad Bomber Matter, The.mp3
769 Cinder Elmer Matter, The.mp3
771 Phony Phone Matter, The.mp3
773 One Too Many Matter, The.mp3
774 Hot Chocolate Matter, The.mp3
776 Terrible Torch Matter, The.mp3
777 Can't Be So Matter, The.mp3
778 Nugget of Truth Matter, The.mp3
779 Do It Yourself Matter, The.mp3
780 Takes a Crook Matter, The.mp3
781 Mixed Blessing Matter, The.mp3
782 Top Secret Matter, The.mp3
783 Golden Dream Matter, The.mp3
784 Ike and Mike Matter, The.mp3
785 Shadow of a Doubt Matter, The.mp3
786 Blue Rock Matter, The.mp3
787 Ive Emerald Matter, The.mp3
788 Wrong Idea Matter, The.mp3
789 Skidmoore Matter, The.mp3
790 Grand Canyon Matter, The.mp3
791 Burma Red Matter, The.mp3
792 Lust for Gold Matter, The.mp3
793 Two Steps to Murder Matter, The.mp3
794 Zipp Matter, The.mp3
795 Wayward Gun Matter, The.mp3
797 All Too Easy Matter, The.mp3
798 Hood of Death Matter, The.mp3
799 Vociferous Dolphin Matter, The.mp3
800 Rilldoe Matter, The.mp3
801 Weather or Not Matter, The.mp3
802 Skimpy Matter, The.mp3
803 Four is a Crowd Matter, The.mp3
804 Case of Trouble Matter, The.mp3
805 Oldest Gag Matter, The.mp3
807 Gold Rush Matter, The.mp3
808 Weather or Not Matter, The.mp3
809 Four Seas Matter, The.mp3
810 No Matter Matter, The.mp3
811 Deadly Crystal Matter, The.mp3
812 Tip Off Matter, The.mp3

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