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Kraft Music Hall Old Time Radio Program

Kraft Music Hall
30 minute music variety show

Bing Crosby and Miracle Whip, a match that only old time radio can concoct.

Kraft Music Hall was one of NBCs' most popular music variety shows. It aired in 1933 and lasted until 1949. The show started off as an hour long, but shortly went to a half hour format. The first orchestra leader was Paul Whiteman. The cast of regular performers featured Jack Fulon, roy Bargy, Ramona, and the music critic Deems Taylor. Al Jolson performed in the first year, he then took a brief hiatus from the show until 1947. Bing Crosby took over for Whiteman and was the host from 1936-1946. From 1946-49 the show went through a series of hosts, including Edward Everett Horton, Eddie Foy, Frank Morgan, Nelson Eddy, and Dorothy Kirsten. The regular cast was strong, but the show really excelled at getting guest stars like Spike Jones, Lucille Ball, the Andrews Sisters, Nat “King” Cole, Peggy Lee, and many many more.
The show went off the air in 1949, but went on television in 1958. It lasted on tv until 1971. The show was originally sponsored by Kraft to promote its new product, Miracle Whip.


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All of our Old Time Radio Programs are in MP3 format. You can play them on your computer, you can transfer them to MP3 players (like the IPod), but, by and large, you cannot play them on stereos, walkmen, or car radios.

The sound quality of Old Time Radio Programs can vary greatly. Some episodes are excellent, others you have to turn up the volume a little and ignore the static. All of the episodes can be listened to and enjoyed. You can listen to our free samples to get a feel for how the programs sound.
You can purchase these episodes on CD or you can download them.
To purchase on CD: To download:

Click on the Buy on CD button. A few dollars will be added for shipping depending on your zip code and how many CDs you order. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account). You will receive a receipt from Paypal. We will mail you the CD(s) within a few days. Usually we get the CDs in the mail the next day. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days via USPS. The episodes will be in mp3 format.



  • You save money on the cost of the episodes and you don't pay any shipping.
  • Click on the Download button. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account).
  • After you pay you will be returned to our site to a page with a series of links to zip files. Click on the links to download the zip files. These episodes are downloadable in large zip files.
  • To open a zip file you need software to "unzip" it. Your computer may already have unzip software, if this is the case, just click on the file and your software will automatically open up and you can unzip the files. If your computer doesn't have an unzip program, you can get one from the internet. The most popular is probably winzip (, however, we use Zip Wizard by Coffeecup Software because its pretty good, easy to use, and free. (
  • The files are large - it will take you a few minutes to download each file. Each zip file is around 40MBs. A full CD worth of episodes takes about 14 large files. if you are on a dial-up connection, we highly recommend you buy a CD.
  • You will receive an e-mail receipt from Paypal, and we will send you an additional e-mail with the links.


Buy CD 1: $4.50

Buy CD 2: $4.50

Buy CD 3: $4.50

Buy CD Set (1-3) : $10.50


Download Set 1: $3.50
Download Set 2: $3.50
Download Set 3: $3.50
Download Complete Set (1-3) : $9.00

Kraft Music Hall CD 1 episode list
48 episodes

331130 First Song Peter, Peter.mp3
331207 First Song Loves' Sweeping The Country.mp3
331214 First Song Bambalina.mp3
331228 First Song Great Day.mp3
340104 First Song Revolt In Cuba.mp3
340111 First Song Who.mp3
340201 First Song Raggin' The Scale.mp3
340419 First Song A Medley.mp3
340628 Guests Jack Teagarden and Johnny Mercer.mp3
341206 First Song The Espana Rhapsody.mp3
341213 First Song Alexanders Ragtime Band.mp3
341220 First Song Hit Hunting.mp3
400417 Guest Dorothy Lamour.mp3
421224 Guest Jack Carson.mp3
430114 Guest The Charioteers.mp3
430325 Guest Bert Lahr.mp3
430401 Guest Lucille Ball.mp3
430812 Guest Ed Gardiner.mp3
430902 Guest Frank Mchugh.mp3
430909 Guest Phil Silvers.mp3
430916 Guest Jinx Falkenburg.mp3
430923 Guest George Murphy.mp3
430930 Guest Phil Silvers.mp3
431007 Guest Lucille Ball.mp3
431202 Guest Ed Gardiner.mp3
431216 Guest Phil Silvers.mp3
431230 056 Guest Cass Daley.mp3
440106 057 Guest William Frawley.mp3
440113 058 Guest George Murphy.mp3
440120 059 Guest Dale Evans.mp3
440203 061 First Song San Fernando Valley.mp3
440217 063 Guest Cass Daley.mp3
440224 064 First Song San Fernando Valley..mp3
440302 First Song There'll Be A Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin.mp3
440309 Guest George Murphy.mp3
440330 First Song There'll Be A Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin.mp3
440406 First Song It's Love, Love, Love.mp3
440413 Guest Bob Hope.mp3
440420 Guest Dave Shelly.mp3
440427 Guest Sonny Tufts.mp3
440504 First Song It's Love, Love, Love.mp3
440511 Guest Keenan Wynn.mp3
440518 Guest Jack Carson.mp3
440525 Guest Richard Hayden.mp3
440601 Guest Katina Paxinou.mp3
440608 Guest Cecille B DeMille.mp3
440615 Guest Bob Hope.mp3
440622 Guest George Murphy.mp3

Kraft Music Hall CD 2 episode list
43 episodes

440629 Guest Roy Rogers.mp3
440706 Guest Dorsey Brothers.mp3
440713 Guest Keenan Wynn.mp3
440720 First Song Snoqualamee Jo Jo.mp3
440727 Guest Sonny Tufts.mp3
440907 092 Guest George Murphy.mp3
441012 097 Guest Spike Jones.mp3
441109 100 First Song When The Blue Of The Night.mp3
441116 101 Guest Frank Sinatra.mp3
441123 102 First Song Dance With Me Dolly.mp3
441130 103 Guest Spike Jones.mp3
441207 105 Guest Diana Lynn.mp3
441214 106 Guest Jerry Colonna.mp3
441221 107 Guest Christmas Show.mp3
441228 108 First Song Accentuate The Positive.mp3
450104 109 Guest Johnny Mercer.mp3
450111 110 Guest Spike Jones.mp3
450118 111 Guest Duke Ellington.mp3
450125 112 Guest Andrews Sisters.mp3
450208 114 First Song Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week.mp3
450215 115 Guest Ella Logan.mp3
450301 117 First Song Evelina.mp3
450308 118 Guest Joe Venuti.mp3
450322 120 Guest Frankie Carle.mp3
450405 122 First Song A Little On The Lonely Side.mp3
450426 125 Guest Florence Alba.mp3
450503 126 First Song Sentimental Journey.mp3
450517 128 First Song Candy.mp3
450628 134 First Song The Atcheson, Topeka, and The Santa Fe.mp3
460214 Guest Les Paul.mp3
460221 Guest Eddie Duchin.mp3
460228 First Song Let It Snow.mp3
460404 First Song Sioux City Sue.mp3
460411 Guest Marilyn Maxwell.mp3
460418 Guest Trudy Erwin.mp3
460502 Guest Bob Hope.mp3
471002 254 Guest Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.mp3
471023 257 Guest Groucho Marx.mp3
471030 258 Guest William Bendix.mp3
471106 259 Guest Humphrey Bogart.mp3
471127 262 Guest Dorothy Lamour.mp3
471218 265 Guest Jimmy Durante.mp3
471225 266 Guest Boris Karloff.mp3

Kraft Music Hall CD 3 episode list
38 episodes

480101 267 Guest Madeline Carroll.mp3
480108 268 Guest William Powell.mp3
480122 270 Guest Lucille Ball AFRS.mp3
480122 270 Guest Lucille Ball.mp3
480205 273 Guest Ed Gardner.mp3
480318 279 Guest Edward G Robinson.mp3
480617R 293 First Song Stout Hearted Men.mp3
480624R 294 First Song June Is Bustin Out All Over.mp3
480701R First Song June Is Bustin' Out All Over.mp3
480708R 295 First Song Come To The Mardi Gras.mp3
480715 296 First Song Rise and Shine.mp3
480715R 296 First Song Rise and Shine.mp3
480722R 297 First Song Your Land Is My Land.mp3
480729R 298 First Song I Feel A Song Coming On.mp3
480805 299 First Song Great Day.mp3
480812 300 First Song Valencia.mp3
480819 301 First Song Beyond The Blue Horizon.mp3
480819R 301 First Song Beyond The Blue Horizon.mp3
480826 302 First Song Get Happy.mp3
480826R 302 First Song Get Happy.mp3
480902 303 First Song It's A Grand Night For Singing.mp3
480909 304 First Song Little Girls, Goodbye.mp3
480909R 304 First Song Little Girls, Goodbye.mp3
480916 305 First Song That Great Come and Get It Day.mp3
480916R 305 First Song That Great Come and Get It Day.mp3
480923 306 First Song Drums In My Heart.mp3
480930 307 First Song Is It true What They Say About Dixie.mp3
481007 308 Guest Edward G Robinson.mp3
481021 310 First Song For Me and My Gal.mp3
481104 312 Guest George Burns and Gracie Allen.mp3
481209 317 Guest Dennis Day.mp3
481216 318 Guest Dinah Shore.mp3
490113 322 Guest Groucho Marx.mp3
490317 331 Guest Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.mp3
490512 339 Guest Victor Moore.mp3

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