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My Favorite Husband Old Time Radio Program

My Favorite Husband
30 minutes comedy shows

My Favorite Husband was Lucille Ballís first regular radio show. It debuted in July 1948 and ran until 1951. Initially written as a situation comedy about an affluent banker and his wife, it was soon rewritten to be more accessible to the burgeoning middle class, reflecting post-war suburban life.


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click the play button above to listen or download the episodes by right clicking on these links:
My Favorite Husband: Getting Old
My Favorite Husband: Baseball
Lucille Ball was cast as Liz Cooper, wife of George Cooper, played by Richard Denning. My Favorite Husband was the precursor to the I Love Lucy show, and in it Ball honed the scatterbrained housewife character that would become her trademark. As on her later television show, Ballís character was constantly getting into jams of her own devising, with the willing assistance of friend Iris Atterbury, wife of Georgeís boss, much to the chagrin of long-suffering husband George. The roles of Georgeís boss Rudolph Atterbury and Iris Atterbury, models for Fred and Ethel Mertz, were played by the redoubtable Gale Gordon (Mayor LaTrivia on Fibber McGee and Molly, and Principal Osgood Conklin on Our Miss Brooks) and Bea Benaderet (Fibber McGee and Molly, The Jack Benny Show, Campbell Playhouse), respectively. Gordon and Benaderet were given first consideration for the roles of the Mertzes, but contract conflicts forced them to turn down the television roles.

The initial sponsor for the show was Jell-O, and the gelatin dessert became an integral part of the show, including the usual greeting of "Jell-O Everybody" from Ball at the beginning of the show.

My Favorite Husband ended its run in 1951, concurrent with the debut of I Love Lucy.

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My Favorite Husband 94 episodes:

MFH - 02 (07-23-48) First Show.mp3
MFH - 03 (08-06-48) The Portrait Painter.mp3
MFH - 04 (08-13-48) Kissing Booth.mp3
MFH - 05 (08-20-48) Liz Teaches The Samba.mp3
MFH - 07 (09-03-48) Mothers Surprise.mp3
MFH - 09 (09-17-48) General Timberlake.mp3
MFH - 10 (09-24-48) Baby Booties.mp3
MFH - 11 (10-02-48) Tenth Wedding Anniversy.mp3
MFH - 13 (10-09-48) Liz Has A Party.mp3
MFH - 14 (10-16-48) Liz Sells Dresses.mp3
MFH - 15 (10-23-48) Quiz Show.mp3
MFH - 17 (11-06-48) Katy & Roscoe.mp3
MFH - 18 (11-13-48) Learning to Drive.mp3
MFH - 19 (11-20-48) George Attends Teen Dance.mp3
MFH - 20 (11-27-48) Baby in the House.mp3
MFH - 21 (12-04-48) Be you husbands best Friend.mp3
MFH - 23 (12-18-48) Liz's New Dress.mp3
MFH - 24 (12-25-49) Numerology.mp3
MFH - 26 (01-07-49) Over Budget-Beans.mp3
MFH - 27 (01-14-49) Piano Lessons.mp3
MFH - 28 (01-21-49) Marriage License Error.mp3
MFH - 29 (01-28-49) Absolute Truth.mp3
MFH - 30 (02-04-49) Speech for civic Group.mp3
MFH - 31 (02-11-49) Valentines Day.mp3
MFH - 32 (02-18-49) Secretary School.mp3
MFH - 33 (02-25-49) Absent-mindedness.mp3
MFH - 34 (03-04-49) Georges Mother Visits.mp3
MFH - 35 (03-11-49) Charity Review.mp3
MFH - 38 (04-01-49) April Fools Day.mp3
MFH - 39 (04-08-49) The Gum Machine.mp3
MFH - 40 (04-15-49) Horseback Riding.mp3
MFH - 41 (04-22-49) Time Budgeting.mp3
MFH - 42 (04-29-49) Vacation Time.mp3
MFH - 43 (04-06-49) Overweight.mp3
MFH - 44 (05-13-49) Anniversary Presents.mp3
MFH - 45 (05-20-49) Getting Old.mp3
MFH - 46 (05-27-49) Liz in the Hospital.mp3
MFH - 49 (06-17-49) Television.mp3
MFH - 50 (06-24-49) Liz Changes Her Mind.mp3
MFH - 51 (07-01-49) Reminiscing.mp3
MFH - 52 (09-02-49) The elves.mp3
MFH - 54 (09-16-49) Baseball.mp3
MFH - 55 (09-23-49) The Attic.mp3
MFH - 56 (09-30-49) Womens Club Election.mp3
MFH - 57 (10-07-49) George's Raise.mp3
MFH - 58 (10-14-49) Liz and George Order A TV Set.mp3
MFH - 59 (10-21-49) Superstition.mp3
MFH - 60 (10-28-49) Halloween Surprise Party.mp3
MFH - 61 (11-04-49) Mother-in-Law.mp3
MFH - 62 (11-11-49) Baby Sitting.mp3
MFH - 63 (11-18-49) Katy & Mr. Negley.mp3
MFH - 65 (12-02-49) College Homecoming.mp3
MFH - 66 (12-09-49) The French Lessons.mp3
MFH - 67 (12-16-49) George's Christmas Present.mp3
MFH - 68 (12-23-49) The Sleigh Ride.mp3
MFH - 69 (12-30-49) Liz Handcuffed.mp3
MFH - 70 (01-06-50) Questions of Another Woman.mp3
MFH - 71 (01-13-50) Liz Teaches Iris to Drive.mp3
MFH - 72 (01-20-49) Liz and The Green Wig.mp3
MFH - 73 (01-27-50) Liz Writes A Song.mp3
MFH - 74 (02-02-50) The Country Club Dance.mp3
MFH - 75 (02-10-50) Mrs. Coopers Boyfriend.mp3
MFH - 76 (02-17-50) Liz Teaches The Samba.mp3
MFH - 77 (02-24-50) Liz Redecorates.mp3
MFH - 78 (03-05-50) Womens Rights Part 1.mp3
MFH - 79 (03-12-50) Womens Rights Part 2.mp3
MFH - 80 (03-19-50) The Wills.mp3
MFH - 81 (03-26-50) Liz's radio script.mp3
MFH - 83 (04-09-50) Husbands Hobby.mp3
MFH - 85 (04-23-50) Liz Appears on TV.mp3
MFH - 86 (04-30-50) Katy's Raise.mp3
MFH - 88 (05-14-50) Numerology.mp3
MFH - 90 (05-28-50) Selling Dresses.mp3
MFH - 91 (06-04-50) George is Messy.mp3
MFH - 92 (06-11-50) Liz Learns to Swim.mp3
MFH - 93 (06-18-50) Be A Pal.mp3
MFH - 94 (06-25-50) Taking Dance Lessons.mp3
MFH - 95 (09-02-50) Husbands Are Sloppy Dressers.mp3
MFH - 96 (09-09-50) Gossip.mp3
MFH - 99 (09-30-50) Movies.mp3
MFH -100 (10-07-50) Liz Becomes A Sculptress.mp3
MFH -101 (10-14-50) Liz cooks Dinner for 12.mp3
MFH -102 (12-16-50) The Christmas cards.mp3
MFH -103 (10-28-50) Liz studies Football.mp3
MFH -105 (11-18-50) Liz Goes to Night School.mp3
MFH -107 (11-25-50) Liz's Birthday.mp3
MFH -109 (12-09-50) Game Show.mp3
MFH -111 (12-23-50) The Christmas Stag.mp3
MFH -112 (12-30-50) Liz Has The Flimjabs.mp3
MFH -113 (01-06-51) Liz in Club Play.mp3
MFH -115 (01-20-51) Liz stretches the Truth.mp3
MFH -116 (01-27-51) George is drafted.mp3
MFH -118 (02-10-51) The Black Eye.mp3
MFH -122 (03-10-51) The Surprise Party.mp3

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