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Red Skelton Show Old Time Radio Program

Red Skelton
½ hour comedy variety show

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Hospital Capers
Skunk Patrol Benefit

Who's ready for pantomime....on the radio!!!

Red Skelton was clown, his father was a clown, and who knows, maybe he comes from a long line of clowns. Red started in show biz at an early age. I use the term “show biz” loosely here, he took the road of hard knocks to stardom. When he was 10 he joined a traveling medicine show. He then moved up to vaudeville, moved to New York to make it big, except, New York didn't like him. He married, Edna Stillwell, who also did not like his act. Although rather than canceling on him, she decided to write his material. They later divorced, but she remained his writer. After being unceremoniously rejected by the Big Apple, the Skeltons went into the entertainment hinterlands, literally, he went to Canada. In Montreal he perfected his act, and Edna fine tuned his material. Red hit his groove in the 1930s , and started to get gigs on various radio programs. He got a big break when he appeared in the Ginger Rogers film “Having a Wonderful Time”.

Back in the States, NBC took a chance and gave him his own show in 1941. The gamble paid off big, the Red Skelton Show was an instant success, up there with Jack Benny, and Fibber McGee and Molly. Skelton was voted the outstanding new radio star of 1941. Red Skelton was a physical actor, based on his clown upbringing, but obviously he had to rework his act for radio. He did this by introducing many, many new characters that work in an audio environment. His most famous included Junior, the “mean widdle kid”, Clem the singing cab driver, and Deadeye, the fastest gun in the West. There was a tie between the Red Skelton Show and Ozzie and Harriet. Red used Ozzie Nelson's band, and Harriet Hilliard (the Harriet in Ozzie and Harriet) became a regular on Red's show. She played Junior's mother and other roles.

Skelton was drafted into the army in 1944, and didn't return until after the war in December of 1945. By that point Ozzie and Harriet was the big radio sensation, and Red had to replace his music the roles played by Harriet. His revamping worked, and his show picked up right where it left off. When television replaced radio, Skelton was lucky (or skilled enough) in that he fell back on his visual humor and entertained another generation. His career spanned medicine shows, vaudeville, burlesque, showboats, minstrel, radio, television, movies, Vegas. Wherever there was an audience, Red would make em laugh.


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All of our Old Time Radio Programs are in MP3 format. You can play them on your computer, you can transfer them to MP3 players (like the IPod), but, by and large, you cannot play them on stereos, walkmen, or car radios.

The sound quality of Old Time Radio Programs can vary greatly. Some episodes are excellent, others you have to turn up the volume a little and ignore the static. All of the episodes can be listened to and enjoyed. You can listen to our free samples to get a feel for how the programs sound.
You can purchase these episodes on CD or you can download them.
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Click on the Buy on CD button. A few dollars will be added for shipping depending on your zip code and how many CDs you order. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account). You will receive a receipt from Paypal. We will mail you the CD(s) within a few days. Usually we get the CDs in the mail the next day. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days via USPS. The episodes will be in mp3 format.



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  • The files are large - it will take you a few minutes to download each file. Each zip file is around 40MBs. A full CD worth of episodes takes about 14 large files. if you are on a dial-up connection, we highly recommend you buy a CD.
  • You will receive an e-mail receipt from Paypal, and we will send you an additional e-mail with the links.


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Red Skelton CD 1 episode list
100 episodes

451218 Housing Shortage.mp3
451225 Christmas Trees.mp3
460101 Bells and Resolutio.mp3
460115 Local Department St.mp3
460122 People Clebrating.mp3
460129 Looking for Trouble.mp3
460205 Hospital Capers.mp3
460212 Meeting People.mp3
460217 Department Stores.mp3
460219 Stray Animal.mp3
460226 Telephones.mp3
460305 What Has Happened T.mp3
460319 Traffic is Terrible.mp3
460326 Newspspers.mp3
460402 Some People Won't P.mp3
460409 Postman, The.mp3
460416 Easy Money.mp3
460423 Old Letters and Tro.mp3
460430 Dentist, The.mp3
460507 Firemen.mp3
460521 It Pays To Look Wel.mp3
460528 People Who Hurt Oth.mp3
460528 Trying To Be Helpfu.mp3
460604 Vacations Vol I.mp3
460910 Vacations Vol II.mp3
460917 Barbers.mp3
461001 People Who Feel Uni.mp3
461008 Meat Shortage, The.mp3
461105 Photography.mp3
461119 Automobile Parking .mp3
461126 People Who Give Din.mp3
461203 Railroads.mp3
461226 Christmas Stories.mp3
461231 Old Man Winter.mp3
470107 Education and Schoo.mp3
470128 Jealousy.mp3
470204 Elevators.mp3
470211 Taxi Cabs.mp3
470225 Travel to Hawaii.mp3
470305 Careless Driving.mp3
470401 Willie Lump Lump an.mp3
470408 Things We Never Kne.mp3
470415 New West, The.mp3
470422 Friendly Farmer, Th.mp3
470930 Fire Prevention.mp3
471021 Man With A Plan, Th.mp3
471028 Haircut, The (Part .mp3
471104 Haircut, The (Part .mp3
471111 Haircut, The (Part .mp3
471118 Honky Tonk Photogra.mp3
471125 Little Boy and His .mp3
490415 How Is Red At Home.mp3
490429 House Cleaning.mp3
490506 Mother's Day.mp3
490513 Stray Dog.mp3
500108 Buying Insurance.mp3
500409 Skunk Patrol Benefi.mp3
501231 A New Years Puzzle.mp3
510114 Three Cent Stamp, T.mp3
510128 Big Business Ventur.mp3
510204 Helter Skelter.mp3
510211 Big Scare, The.mp3
510218 I Caught the Devil .mp3
510304 I Caught the Devil .mp3
510318 Sad Texan, The.mp3
510401 Skelton vs the Hosp.mp3
510408 Town Social, The.mp3
510422 McPug's Magic Glove.mp3
510429 Liberty Bell, The.mp3
510506 Devil Returns, The .mp3
510513 Devil Returns, The .mp3
510603 Take Me Out To the .mp3
510610 Guardian Angel's Re.mp3
510617 London Palladium Or.mp3
510624 Flight To London, T.mp3
511003 Vacation.mp3
511010 Women Are Ruling th.mp3
511017 Fear.mp3
511024 How To Make Enemies.mp3
511031 Public Speeches.mp3
511107 Job Hunting.mp3
511114 Travel Is So Broade.mp3
511121 Things To Be Thankf.mp3
511128 People Who Owe Mone.mp3
511205 People Who Brag.mp3
511212 Sunday Dinner.mp3
511219 A Christmas Story.mp3
511226 Day After Christmas.mp3
520102 Has Anybody Here Se.mp3
520109 Neighborhood Theate.mp3
520116 Dancing.mp3
520228 Inventions.mp3
520304 I Will Never Forget.mp3
520318 Circus, The.mp3
A New Deadeye (Best Show of.mp3
A New Years Puzzle.mp3
Air Mail Postage Up To 6 Ce.mp3
Automobile Parking Problem.mp3
Big Business Venture, The.mp3
Big Scare, The.mp3

Red Skelton CD 2 episode list
78 episodes

Big Show, The.mp3
Buying Insurance.mp3
Careless Driving.mp3
Christmas Show.mp3
Christmas Stories.mp3
Day After Christmas, The.mp3
Dentist, The.mp3
Devil Returns, The (Part 1).mp3
Devil Returns, The (Part 2).mp3
Doctors and Hospitals (p001.mp3
Doctors and Hospitals (part.mp3
Easy Money.mp3
Education and Schools.mp3
Fire Prevention.mp3
Flight To London, The.mp3
Friendly Farmer, The.mp3
Guardian Angel's Revolt, Th.mp3
Has Anybody Here Seen Willi.mp3
Helter Skelter.mp3
Honky Tonk Photographer, Th.mp3
House Cleaning.mp3
How Is Red At Home.mp3
How To Make Enemies.mp3
I Will Never Forget Hawaii.mp3
It Pays To Look Well.mp3
Job Hunting.mp3
Liberty Bell, The.mp3
Little Boy and His Dog.mp3
London Palladium Or Bust, T.mp3
Man With A Plan, The.mp3
McPug's Magic Glove.mp3
Meat Shortage, The.mp3
Mother's Day.mp3
Neighborhood Theater, The.mp3
New West, The.mp3
Old Letters and Trouble.mp3
Old Man Winter.mp3
People Who Brag.mp3
People Who Feel Unimportant.mp3
People Who Give Dinners To .mp3
People Who Hurt Others.mp3
People Who Owe Money.mp3
Postman, The.mp3
Public Speeches.mp3
Sad Texan, The.mp3


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