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Speed Gibson Old Time Radio Program

Free Samples of this Old Time Radio Program:

Speed Gibson: The Octopus Gang

Clint and Barny are captured

Speed Gibson

"Suffering wangdoodles!"

The Octopus, the enemy of all mankind, is loose again. It is up to 15 year old Speed Gibson to track him down and capture this super villain. Speed’s uncle, Clint Barlow made Speed a member of the International Secret Police. Now Speed and his crew on board their plane, the Flying Clipper, search for the Octopus through Africa and the Orient to save earth. Speed and Barlow would use the best of modern technology including something called a “shortwave radio” to track down the Octopus. If you like your corn covered with cheese, then this is the corniest, cheesiest series you can find. For those who still want to belong to the International Secret Police, give a listen.


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All of our Old Time Radio Programs are in MP3 format. You can play them on your computer, you can transfer them to MP3 players (like the IPod), but, by and large, you cannot play them on stereos, walkmen, or car radios.

The sound quality of Old Time Radio Programs can vary greatly. Some episodes are excellent, others you have to turn up the volume a little and ignore the static. All of the episodes can be listened to and enjoyed. You can listen to our free samples to get a feel for how the programs sound.
You can purchase these episodes on CD or you can download them.
To purchase on CD: To download:

Click on the Buy on CD button. A few dollars will be added for shipping depending on your zip code and how many CDs you order. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account). You will receive a receipt from Paypal. We will mail you the CD(s) within a few days. Usually we get the CDs in the mail the next day. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days via USPS. The episodes will be in mp3 format.



  • You save money on the cost of the episodes and you don't pay any shipping.
  • Click on the Download button. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account).
  • After you pay you will be returned to our site to a page with a series of links to zip files. Click on the links to download the zip files. These episodes are downloadable in large zip files.
  • To open a zip file you need software to "unzip" it. Your computer may already have unzip software, if this is the case, just click on the file and your software will automatically open up and you can unzip the files. If your computer doesn't have an unzip program, you can get one from the internet. The most popular is probably winzip (, however, we use Zip Wizard by Coffeecup Software because its pretty good, easy to use, and free. (
  • The files are large - it will take you a few minutes to download each file. Each zip file is around 40MBs. A full CD worth of episodes takes about 14 large files. if you are on a dial-up connection, we highly recommend you buy a CD.
  • You will receive an e-mail receipt from Paypal, and we will send you an additional e-mail with the links.


Buy on CD: $4.50

Download only $3.50

Speed Gibson Episode List

178 episodes

SG001_370102_The Octopus gang active.mp3
SG002_370109_Speed Inducted into the Secret Police.mp3
SG003_370116_Heading for Hong Kong.mp3
SG004_370123_A Shooting Attempt.mp3
SG005_370130_Octopus Orders a Kidnapping.mp3
SG006_370206_Remaining at Wake Island.mp3
SG007_370213_Speed is Missing.mp3
SG008_370220_Splinters into Custody.mp3
SG009_370227_Splinters Gets Away.mp3
SG010_370306_Barney Flies the Mystery Plane.mp3
SG011_370313_The Trio is Ambushed on Guam.mp3
SG012_370320_The Octopus plans a Surprize.mp3
SG013_370327_The Arrival in Hong Kong.mp3
SG014_370403_Clint Suspicious of Mr Wu.mp3
SG015_370410_Clint to Stay with Dr. Kingsley.mp3
SG016_370417_Hotel Rooms are Ransacked.mp3
SG017_370424_Marsha Kidnapped.mp3
SG018_370501_The Octopus Reveals his Plans.mp3
SG019_370508_Disguised as Coolies.mp3
SG020_370515_Speed is Knocked Out.mp3
SG021_370522_Leave on a Bullet Plane.mp3
SG022_370529_Speed Tries to Warn Clint.mp3
SG023_370605_Shot at and Forced Down.mp3
SG024_370612_Flower Boat is Sighted.mp3
SG025_370619_Prisoners on the Flower Boat.mp3
SG026_370626_Clint and Barny are captured.mp3
SG027_370703_Speed Arrives and helps Clint.mp3
SG028_370710_Bob Gilmore Sworn into Secret.mp3
SG029_370717_Speed and Bob Fly to Help Dr. Kingsley.mp3
SG030_370724_The Octopus Secret Headquarters.mp3
SG031_370731_Speed Discovers the Secret Entrance.mp3
SG032_370807_A Trap has been Set.mp3
SG033_370814_Tunnel Fills With Water.mp3
SG034_370821_Water Continues to Rise.mp3
SG035_370828_Dynamite Must Be Used.mp3
SG036_370904_Speed Lost in Tunnel.mp3
SG037_370911_Speed is Found.mp3
SG038_370918_Barney Heads for Hut.mp3
SG039_370925_A Teahouse Fire.mp3
SG040_371002_New Instructions from Octopus.mp3
SG041_371009_The Octopus Continues Plans.mp3
SG042_371016_The Octopus Puts Plans into Effect.mp3
SG043_371023_Speed Thinks Quan Woo is a gang.mp3
SG044_371030_Set up in a Trap.mp3
SG045_371106_The Octopus Traps Speed and Jean.mp3
SG046_371113_Al Taken Prisoner.mp3
SG047_371120_The Octopus Escapes.mp3
SG048_371127_Hiding in a Secret Room.mp3
SG049_371204_Poison Gas Bomb Thrown.mp3
SG050_371211_How to Catch the Octopus.mp3
SG051_371218_Everyone ready for the Trip.mp3
SG052_371225_Fighting Breaks Out.mp3
SG053_380101_Heading into Tibet.mp3
SG054_380108_The Octopus Will Go to Black Pass.mp3
SG055_380115_Following the Octopus to Tibet.mp3
SG056_380122_Monoplane is Airborne.mp3
SG057_380129_Speed Talks with Octopus Via radio.mp3
SG058_380205_Follow the Dragon.mp3
SG059_380212_A Tibeten Avalanche.mp3
SG060_380219_All Narrowly Escape.mp3
SG061_380226_Octopus' Plane Spotted.mp3
SG062_380305_Secret Police Jailed.mp3
SG063_380312_Octopus Reaches Secret House.mp3
SG064_380319_Pass of the Iron Dagger.mp3
SG065_380326_Surrounding Octopus' Secret Home.mp3
SG066_380402_Secret Police Capture Octopus.mp3
SG067_380409_Kidnapping Plans.mp3
SG068_380416_Barney Kidnapped.mp3
SG069_380423_Thought Recording Machine.mp3
SG070_380430_A False Floor.mp3
SG071_380507_A Secret Torture Chamber.mp3
SG072_380514_Thought Helmet Taken.mp3
SG073_380521_Bank Thought Waves.mp3
SG074_380528_Barney Found Wandering.mp3
SG075_380604_Arrow Almost Hits Speed.mp3
SG076_380611_A Tibetan Feast.mp3
SG077_380618_The Octopus Visits Zee Ring's Home.mp3
SG078_380625_Picnic Planning.mp3
SG079_380702_Speed in Disguise.mp3
SG080_380709_Speed Caught by Octopus.mp3
SG081_380716_Clint Saves Speed from Storm.mp3
SG082_380723_The Octopus Pictures to the Satates.mp3
SG083_380730_Marsha Winfield held Prisoner.mp3
SG084_380806_Slave raids Begin.mp3
SG085_380813_Clint and Speed Begin Air Flight.mp3
SG086_380820_Marsha and her brother Found.mp3
SG087_380827_Splinter and Wu are captured.mp3
SG088_380903_Splinter is Shot.mp3
SG089_380910_Splinter is cared for.mp3
SG090_380917_Splinter is Hiding.mp3
SG091_380924_Marsha Recovers from Vapours of Sleep.mp3
SG092_381001_Shooting Breaks Out.mp3
SG093_381008_Chief Tepo Catches Pilots at Black Pass.mp3
SG094_381015_Open Radio Accident.mp3
SG095_381022_An Aerial Dog Fight.mp3
SG096_381029_Octopus Plane Crashes.mp3
SG097_381105_Ready for an Attack on Octopus.mp3
SG098_381112_Time for a Showdown.mp3
SG099_381119_The Octopus and Men are Captured.mp3
SG100_381126_The Cotopus Jumps from Plane in flight.mp3
SG101_381203_Atlantian Syndicate Investigation.mp3
SG102_381210_An Airborne Fire.mp3
SG103_381217_Safe Landing is Made.mp3
SG104_381224_Falling into a Trap.mp3
SG105_381231_No Water Aboard the Plane.mp3
SG106_390107_The Time Bomb.mp3
SG107_390114_Leeds Kills Himself.mp3
SG108_390121_David Shot By Octopus gang.mp3
SG109_390128_David Killed.mp3
SG110_390204_The Octopus is Still Alive.mp3
SG111_390211_Octopus Gunboat Outside.mp3
SG112_390218_Trapped in a Cave with no Water.mp3
SG113_390225_Everyone Rescued.mp3
SG114_390304_Marie is a Stowaway.mp3
SG115_390311_Smiley is Missing.mp3
SG116_390318_Is Smiley Dead.mp3
SG117_390325_Messenger Arrives.mp3
SG118_390401_Angry Crowd at Casablanca.mp3
SG119_390408_Airport Discguise.mp3
SG120_390415_Octopus Moves In.mp3
SG121_390422_Power Magazine Plan.mp3
SG122_390429_Stop Plans for Explosion.mp3
SG123_390506_Speed Clint and Carlos in a bad Storm.mp3
SG124_390513_Dropping a Signal.mp3
SG125_390520_A Poison Dart.mp3
SG126_390527_Octopus Old Headquarters.mp3
SG127_390603_Plan Flight to the Sahara Desert.mp3
SG128_390610_Flight to Legionaires Outpost.mp3
SG129_390617_Attack Repelled.mp3
SG130_390624_Bad Sand Storm.mp3
SG131_390701_Clint Lands in the Desert.mp3
SG132_390708_Discovered in the Desert.mp3
SG133_390715_Octopus Learns their Location.mp3
SG134_390722_Tricks By the Octopus.mp3
SG135_390729_A Ring Gets Them Out of Jail.mp3
SG136_390805_The Octopus Visits are Explained.mp3
SG137_390812_Enemy Plane Crashes.mp3
SG138_390819_Boating Down the Congo.mp3
SG139_390826_Speed is Confronted by a Leopard.mp3
SG140_390902_Leaving Camp.mp3
SG141_390909_Clint Rescues Mrs. Buchanon.mp3
SG142_390916_Saearch for John Buchanon.mp3
SG143_390923_Barney Hypnotized by a Giant Moth.mp3
SG144_390930_Troubles with a Boa Constrictor.mp3
SG145_391007_Fumes Overcome Everyone.mp3
SG146_391014_In the Path of Canibal Ants.mp3
SG147_391021_The Octopus Suspects a Trap.mp3
SG148_391028_Warriers Help in Searching for HQ.mp3
SG149_391104_Native Attack near Octopus' HQ.mp3
SG150_391111_Attack Stopped by Elaphant Stampede.mp3
SG151_391118_Search of Headquarters Started.mp3
SG152_391125_Saved from Suffocating.mp3
SG153_391202_Leaving for Gorilla Country.mp3
SG154_391209_The Octopus Prepares the death Ray.mp3
SG155_391216_Octopus Overheard on radio.mp3
SG156_391223_Elephant Grass Fire.mp3
SG157_391230_A Jungle Crash Landing.mp3
SG158_400106_Surprise Meeting with Natives.mp3
SG159_400113_Barney Confronted Talking Gorilla.mp3

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