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Bing Crosby Show Old Time Radio Program

The Bing Crosby Show Old Time Radio Program Combined Set (CDs 1-4)

1/2 hour musical/comedy/variety show

The Bing Crosby Show was a musical variety show characterized by the easy-going style that was Crosby’s trademark. Harry Lillis ("Bing") Crosby rose to prominence as a solo vocalist in the 1930s, singing with some of the major big bands of the period. He made his radio debut in the early 1930s, and in 1935 he replaced orchestra leader and former boss, Paul Whiteman as the host of the Kraft Music Hall. His tenure with the Kraft Music Hall lasted approximately 10 years, when he left Kraft to begin hosting his own show.

Crosby is acknowledged as the first performer in the world to pre-record his radio show. Pre-recording allowed flexibility for rehearsal and editing, which resulted in a tighter show, which appealed to his perfectionist nature. As an outgrowth of pre-recording, he is also credited with creating the laugh track.

The ComicWeb collection includes Crosby shows from 1943 to 1955, encompassing the years of Crosby’s peak popularity, during which he was named "the most admired man alive", ahead of Jackie Robinson and The Pope. In a poll of U.S. troops at the close of WWII, Crosby was voted the person who did the most for GI morale (over President Roosevelt, General Dwight Eisenhower, and Bob Hope).

Although Crosby continued to make radio appearances on various other shows, The Bing Crosby Show ceased broadcasting in 1954.


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All of our Old Time Radio Programs are in MP3 format. You can play them on your computer, you can transfer them to MP3 players (like the IPod), but, by and large, you cannot play them on stereos, walkmen, or car radios.

The sound quality of Old Time Radio Programs can vary greatly. Some episodes are excellent, others you have to turn up the volume a little and ignore the static. All of the episodes can be listened to and enjoyed. You can listen to our free samples to get a feel for how the programs sound.
You can purchase these episodes on CD or you can download them.
To purchase on CD: To download:

Click on the Buy on CD button. A few dollars will be added for shipping depending on your zip code and how many CDs you order. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account). You will receive a receipt from Paypal. We will mail you the CD(s) within a few days. Usually we get the CDs in the mail the next day. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days via USPS. The episodes will be in mp3 format.



  • You save money on the cost of the episodes and you don't pay any shipping.
  • Click on the Download button. Pay with Paypal (you can use a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account).
  • After you pay you will be returned to our site to a page with a series of links to zip files. Click on the links to download the zip files. These episodes are downloadable in large zip files.
  • To open a zip file you need software to "unzip" it. Your computer may already have unzip software, if this is the case, just click on the file and your software will automatically open up and you can unzip the files. If your computer doesn't have an unzip program, you can get one from the internet. The most popular is probably winzip (, however, we use Zip Wizard by Coffeecup Software because its pretty good, easy to use, and free. (
  • The files are large - it will take you a few minutes to download each file. Each zip file is around 40MBs. A full CD worth of episodes takes about 14 large files. if you are on a dial-up connection, we highly recommend you buy a CD.
  • You will receive an e-mail receipt from Paypal, and we will send you an additional e-mail with the links.


Buy CD 1: $4.50
Buy on CD $4.50

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Buy CD 3: $4.50

Buy CD 4: $4.50

Buy CD Set 1-4: $14.00


Download Set 1 only $3.50

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Download Set 4 only $3.50

Download Complete Set (1-4) only $12.00

Bing Crosby CD 1 episode list
95 episodes

310902 First Broadcast Ever.mp3
340918 Bing Crosby - Woodbury Show.mp3
350305 .mp3
421224 .mp3
430114 The Charioteers (poor).mp3
430325 Bert Lahr.mp3
430401 Lucille Ball.mp3
430812 Ed Gardiner.mp3
430902 Frank McHugh (poor).mp3
430909 Phil Silvers.mp3
430916 Jinx Faulkenberg.mp3
430923 .mp3
430930 Phil Silvers.mp3
431007 Al Jolson.mp3
431202 Ed Gardiner.mp3
431230 .mp3
440106 William Frawley Nan Wynn.mp3
440113 George Murphy.mp3
440202 Donald O'Connor.mp3
440217 Cass Daley.mp3
440224 Phil Silvers.mp3
440302 Lucille Ball.mp3
440309 George Murphy.mp3
440413 Bob Hope.mp3
440420 Dave Shelley.mp3
440427 Sonny Tufts.mp3
440510 Cass Dailey.mp3
440511 Keenan Wynn.mp3
440518 Jack Carson.mp3
440525 Richard Hayden.mp3
440601 Katina Paxinoux.mp3
440608 Cecil B Demille.mp3
440615 Bob Hope.mp3
440622 George Murphy (poor).mp3
440629 Roy Rogers.mp3
440706 .mp3
440727 Sonny Tufts.mp3
440907 George Murphy For Bing.mp3
441012 Spike Jones.mp3
441103 Cass Daley.mp3
441123 Rise Stevens.mp3
441130 Spike Jones.mp3
441207 Diana Lynn.mp3
441214 Jerry Cologna.mp3
450118 Duke Ellington.mp3
450125 Andrews Sisters.mp3
450215 Ella Logan.mp3
450308 Joe Venuti.mp3
450322 Frankie Carle.mp3
450405 King Cole Trio.mp3
450426 Florence Alba.mp3
450503 King Cole Trio.mp3
450510 Cass Daley.mp3
450517 Florence Alba.mp3
450628 Florence Alba.mp3
460214 Frank Morgan.mp3
460221 Frank Morgan.mp3
460228 Martha Tilton.mp3
460502 Peggy Lee Joe Frisco.mp3
461016 Bob Hope.mp3
461023 Spike Jones.mp3
461030 Les Paul Trio.mp3
461106 Rafael Mendez.mp3
461112 Ezio Pinza.mp3
461120 Burl Ives.mp3
461127 Les Paul Trio Judy Garland.mp3
461204 Jimmy Durante.mp3
461211 Peggy Lee Jerry Colona.mp3
461218 Peggy Lee Dave Barbour.mp3
470101 Peggy Lee Joe Frisco.mp3
470108 Mickey Rooney.mp3
470115 Al Jolson.mp3
470122 George Jessel.mp3
470212 Groucho Marx.mp3
470219 Judy Garland.mp3
470226 Les Paul Andrews Sisters.mp3
470305 Eddie Cantor.mp3
470319 Peggy Lee.mp3
470326 Jack Benny.mp3
470402 Good Old Minstrel Days.mp3
470409 Alex Templeton.mp3
470416 Jimmy Durante.mp3
470421 Burl Ives.mp3
470423 Peggy Lee Les Paul.mp3
470430 Groucho Dorothy Shea.mp3
470507 Irving Berlin Al Jolson.mp3
470514 Groucho Marx Hank Greenburg.mp3
470604 Fred Allen Connie Boswell.mp3
470611 Ethel Merman.mp3
470618 Bob Hope.mp3
471008 Jimmy Durante.mp3
471015 Dinah Shore.mp3
471022 Clifton Webb Burl Ives.mp3
471029 Boris Karloff Victor Moore.mp3
471105 Ozzie And Harriet.mp3
Bing Crosby CD 2 episode list
96 episodes
471112 Peter Lorre Kay Thompson.mp3
471119 Barry Fitzgerald Dorothy Kirsten.mp3
471126 Frankie Laine.mp3
471203 Al Jolson.mp3
471210 Walter O'Keefe.mp3
471217 Arlene Woods And Joe Frisco.mp3
471224 Christmas Show.mp3
471231 Danny Thomas.mp3
480107 Walter O'Keefe Brace Beemer.mp3
480114 George Burns.mp3
480121 Burns And Allen.mp3
480128 Esther Williams.mp3
480204 Jimmy Durante.mp3
480211 George Gershwin's Music.mp3
480218 Robert Taylor.mp3
480225 Peggy Lee.mp3
480303 Jack Benny.mp3
480310 Jimmy Stewart.mp3
480317 Margaret O'Brien.mp3
480324 Peggy Lee.mp3
480407 Fred Astaire.mp3
480414 Fibber McGee And Molly.mp3
480428 Claudette Colbert.mp3
480505 Barry Fitzgerald.mp3
480519 Hope Lamour.mp3
480526 Bea Lillie.mp3
480929 Claudette Colbert.mp3
481013 Dinah Shore.mp3
481020 William Gargan.mp3
481027 Peggy Lee William Powell.mp3
481103 Bergen & McCarthy.mp3
481110 Oscar Levant.mp3
481204 Morton Downey.mp3
481215 BobHope.mp3
490105 Betty Grable.mp3
490112 Johnny Mercer.mp3
490126 Abe Burrows.mp3
490202 Jimmy Durante.mp3
490209 Groucho Marx.mp3
490216 Bob Burns.mp3
490223 Abe Burrows.mp3
490302 Burl Ives.mp3
490309 Phil Harris.mp3
490518 Johnny Mercer.mp3
490601 Year's Top 15 Songs.mp3
491005 Judy Garland.mp3
491102 Bob Hope.mp3
491109 Ella Fitzgerald.mp3
491130 Al Jolson.mp3
491206 Jack Benny And Doris Day.mp3
491214 Carole Richards & Jimmy Stewart.mp3
491222 Al Jolson.mp3
491228 Al Jolson.mp3
491229 Mills Brothers.mp3
500104 Al Jolson.mp3
500111 Groucho Marx.mp3
500125 Petty Lee Jack Teagarden & Satchmo.mp3
500215 Al Jolson.mp3
500215 Guest Al Jolson (New Ashmolean).mp3
500222 Andrews Sisters.mp3
500322 Andrews Sisters Nat King Cole.mp3
500329 Andrews Sisters.mp3
500405 Perry Como Arthur Godfrey.mp3
500410 Mildred Bailey Firehouse 5 Plus 2.mp3
500426 Beatrice Lillie.mp3
500503 Al Jolson.mp3
500503 Guest Al Jolson.mp3
500510 Mary Martin.mp3
500517 Fred Allen.mp3
500524 Bob Hope.mp3
501018 Bob Hope.mp3
501101 Dorothy Kirsten.mp3
501129 Ella Fitzgerald.mp3
501206 Judy Garland.mp3
501214 Hopalong Cassidy & Peggy Lee.mp3
501220 Crosby Family.mp3
50XXXX 20th Anniversary Salute.mp3
50XXXX Al Jolson.mp3
50XXXX Christmas Show.mp3
50XXXX George Burns.mp3
50XXXX Jack Benny.mp3
50XXXX Louis Armstrong.mp3
50XXXX No Guests Show Up.mp3
50XXXX Peggy Lee & Fred Allen.mp3
50XXXX Roy Rogers.mp3
510103 Fred Astaire.mp3
510131 Toni Arden & Bob Hope At Fort Ord.mp3
510207 Judy Garland.mp3
510221 Talullah Bankhead.mp3
510228 Andrews Sisters.mp3
510307 Judy Garland.mp3
510314 Judy Garland.mp3
510321 Judy Garland (poor).mp3
510328 Judy Garland.mp3
501108 Dick Powell.rm
Bing Crosby CD 3 episode list
97 episodes
510425 Rose Marie & Satchmo.mp3
510502 Walter OKeefe.mp3
510509 Fred Astair.mp3
510516 Burl Ives.mp3
510523 Teresa Brewer.mp3
510530 Helen O'Connell.mp3
510606 George Jessel.mp3
510613 Teresa Brewer.mp3
510620 Teresa Brewer.mp3
511017 Guests Martha Tilton and Bob Hope.mp3
511024 Guests Anna Marie Alberghetti.mp3
511107 Chesterfield w Martin and Lewis.mp3
520206 Fred Astaire.mp3
520212 Bogart Bacall.mp3
520213 Bogart Bacall.mp3
520220 Mills Bros And Patti Page.mp3
520305 Bob Cathy Crosby.mp3
520319 James Stewart.mp3
520326 AnnaMarie Albergheti.mp3
520507 Marlene Dietrich.mp3
520604 Judy Garland.mp3
520611 Rosemary Clooney.mp3
521127 With Connie Boswell.mp3
540101 Joe Frisco Peggy Lee.mp3
540107 Wloneranger.mp3
540108 Mickey Rooney.mp3
540114 George Burns.mp3
540115 Al Jolson.mp3
540118 Kraft.mp3
540122 George Jessel.mp3
540125 Kraft.mp3
540128 Esther Williams.mp3
540202 Donald O'Connor.mp3
540212 Groucho Marx.mp3
540214 Frank Morgan.mp3
540215 Ella Logan.mp3
540217 Cass Daley.mp3
540218 Robert Taylor.mp3
540219 Judy Garland.mp3
540221 Frank Morgan.mp3
540225 Peggy Lee.mp3
540226 Les Paul Andrews Sisters.mp3
540228 Martha Tilton.mp3
540302 Lucille Ball.mp3
540303 Rythmnaires.mp3
540308 Joe Venuti.mp3
540309 George Murphy.mp3
540309 Kraft.mp3
540310 James Stewart.mp3
540317 Margaret Obrien.mp3
540319 Gary Cooper.mp3
540321 Frank Sinatra.mp3
540322 Frankie Carle.mp3
540324 Peggy Lee.mp3
540326 Jack Benny.mp3
540402 John Charles Thomas.mp3
540405 King Cole Trio.mp3
540407 Fred Astaire.mp3
540409 Alex Templeton.mp3
540413 Bob Hope.mp3
540416 Jimmy Durante.mp3
540421 Burl Ives.mp3
540423 Peggy Lee Les Paul.mp3
540426 Florence Alba.mp3
540428 Claudette Colbert.mp3
540430 Dorothy Shay.mp3
540502 Peggy Lee Joe Frisco.mp3
540503 King Cole Trio.mp3
540505 Barry Fitzgerald.mp3
540507 Irving Berlin Al Jolson.mp3
540517 Florence Alba.mp3
540526 Bea Lillie.mp3
540606 Fred Allen Connie Boswell.mp3
540611 Ethel Merman.mp3
540618 Bob Hope.mp3
540628 Florence Alba.mp3
540629 Kraft Music Hall.mp3
540706 Kraft Music Hall.mp3
540727 Sonny Tufts.mp3
540907 George Murphy for Bing.mp3
540916 Jinx Falkenburg.mp3
540923 George Murphy.mp3
540929 Claudette Colbert.mp3
541007 Phil Silvers.mp3
541012 Spike Jones.mp3
541015 Dinah Shore.mp3
541016 Bob Hope 1st Show.mp3
541020 William Gargan.mp3
541023 Al Jolson.mp3
541027 Peggy Lee William Powell.mp3
541029 Boris Karloff.mp3
541030 Les Paul Trio.mp3
541106 Rafael Mendez.mp3
541110 Oscar Levant.mp3
541112 Ezio Pinza.mp3
541119 Dorothy Kirstein.mp3
541120 Burl Ives.mp3
Bing Crosby CD 4 episode list
99 episodes
541122 1st Song This Old House.mp3
541123 Salute to Perry Como.mp3
541124 1st Song Mandy.mp3
541125 1st Song I Never Knew.mp3
541126 Frankie Laine.mp3
541130 Spike Jones.mp3
541201 1st Song Somebody Loves Me.mp3
541202 Ed Gardiner.mp3
541203 1st Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.mp3
541204 Jimmy Durante.mp3
541207 Dianna Lynn.mp3
541208 1st This Old House.mp3
541209 1st Somebody Love's Me.mp3
541210 Walter Okeefe.mp3
541211 Peggy Lee Jerry Colonna.mp3
541214 Jerry Cologna.mp3
541217 Joe Frisco.mp3
541218 Peggy Lee Don Barbour.mp3
541231 Danny Thomas.mp3
550105 .mp3
550106 .mp3
550107 .mp3
550110 .mp3
550111 .mp3
550112 .mp3
550113 .mp3
550114 .mp3
550117 .mp3
550118 .mp3
550119 .mp3
550120 .mp3
550121 .mp3
550124 .mp3
550125 .mp3
550126 .mp3
550127 .mp3
550128 .mp3
550131 .mp3
550201 .mp3
550202 .mp3
550203 .mp3
550204 .mp3
550207 .mp3
550208 .mp3
550209 .mp3
550210 .mp3
550211 .mp3
550214 .mp3
550215 .mp3
550216 .mp3
550217 .mp3
550218 .mp3
550221 .mp3
550222 .mp3
550223 .mp3
550224 .mp3
550225 .mp3
550228 .mp3
550301 .mp3
550302 .mp3
550303 .mp3
550304 .mp3
550307 .mp3
550308 .mp3
550309 .mp3
550310 .mp3
550311 .mp3
550314 .mp3
550316 .mp3
550317 .mp3
550321 .mp3
550322 .mp3
550323 .mp3
550324 .mp3
550325 .mp3
550328 .mp3
550329 .mp3
550330 .mp3
550331 .mp3
550401 .mp3
550404 .mp3
550405 .mp3
550406 .mp3
550407 .mp3
550408 .mp3
550412 .mp3
550413 .mp3
550414 .mp3
550415 .mp3
550418 .mp3
550504 .mp3
570921 .mp3
571002 .mp3
XXXXXX Bing Crosby Christmas.mp3
XXXXXX Bing Crosby Interview.MP3
XXXXXX First Ida.mp3
XXXXXX First Mr Meadowlark.mp3
XXXXXX Lionel Barrymore Eddie Bracken.mp3
XXXXXX Peggy Lee Fred Allen.mp3

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