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Blackhawk Serial Cliffhanger

15 Chapter Aviation Adventure Serial Cliffhanger

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Blackhawk is a 1952 Columbia black-and-white movie serial based on the comic book Blackhawk published at the time by Quality Comics which is now a part of DC Comics. The serial carried the subtitle "Fearless Champion of Freedom"; it was Columbia's 49th serial.

It stars Kirk Alyn as Blackhawk and Carol Forman as the foreign spy that must be stopped from stealing the experimental super-fuel "Element-X"; Alyn and Forman were also the hero and villain of Columbia's earlier Superman. A flying squadron of World War II veterans, The International Brotherhood, is a private flying investigative force led by Blackhawk. They uncover a gang of underworld henchmen, led by the notorious foreign spy Laska, who reports to The Leader, a mystery man. During the a serial's 15 chapters, Blackhawk and his flying squadron set about bringing these criminals to justice.

Blackhawk was produced by the famously cheap Sam Katzman and directed by the team of Spencer Gordon Bennet and Fred F. Sears. It is considered relatively cheap and lackluster, made in the waning years of movie serial production. Blackhawk was the last aviation serial; fliers had rapidly become less impressive in American popular culture, and science fiction was taking its place.

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Blackhawk Chapter 01: Distress Call from Space
Blackhawk Chapter 02: Blackhawk Traps a Traitor
Blackhawk Chapter 03: In the Enemy's Hideout
Blackhawk Chapter 04: The Iron Monster
Blackhawk Chapter 05: Human Targets
Blackhawk Chapter 06: Blackhawk's Leap for Life
Blackhawk Chapter 07: Mystery Fuel
Blackhawk Chapter 08: Blasted from the Sky
Blackhawk Chapter 09: Blackhawk Tempts Fate
Blackhawk Chapter 10: Chase for Element X
Blackhawk Chapter 11: Forced Down
Blackhawk Chapter 12: Drums of Doom
Blackhawk Chapter 13: Blackhawk's Daring Plan
Blackhawk Chapter 14: Blackhawk's Wild Ride
Blackhawk Chapter 15: The Leader Unmasked
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Blackhawk Chapter 01: Distress Call from Space by comicweb

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Believed to have entered the public domain on January 1, 1971

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