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Captain America Serial Cliffhanger

15 Chapter Adventure Serial Cliffhanger

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Captain America (1944) is a Republic black-and-white serial film based (loosely) on the comic book character Captain America. It was the last Republic serial made about a superhero. It also has the distinction of being the most expensive serial that Republic ever made.

The serial sees Captain America, really District Attorney Grant Gardner, trying to thwart the plans of The Scarab, really museum curator Dr. Cyrus Maldor - especially regarding his attempts to acquire the "Dynamic Vibrator" and "Electronic Firebolt", devices that could be used as super-weapons.

In a rare plot element for Republic, the secret identity of the villain is known to the audience from the beginning, if not to the characters in the serial. The studio's usual approach was the use of a mystery villain who was only unmasked as one of the other supporting characters in the final chapter.

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Captain America Chapter 1: The Purple Death
Captain America Chapter 2: Mechanical Executioner
Captain America Chapter 3: The Scarlet Shroud
Captain America Chapter 4: Preview of Murder
Captain America Chapter 5: Blade of Wrath
Captain America Chapter 6: Vault of Vengeance
Captain America Chapter 7: Wholesale Destruction
Captain America Chapter 8: Cremation in the Clouds
Captain America Chapter 9: Triple Tragedy
Captain America Chapter 10: The Avenging Corpse
Captain America Chapter 11: The Dead Man Returns
Captain America Chapter 12: Horror on the Highway
Captain America Chapter 13: Skyscraper Plunge
Captain America Chapter 14: The Scarab Strikes
Captain America Chapter 15: The Toll of Doom
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These Serial Cliffhangers are terrific entertainment, however, the video quality is not nearly as high as the suspense in each chapter. What we're saying is, if you're used to high definition video, this is a massive step down. We recommend that before you buy, watch an episode through one of our free options.

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This film, produced on 8 July 1953, fell into the public domain on 1 January 1971.

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