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Captain Midnight (1942) was the 17th serial released by Columbia Pictures. It was based upon the radio adventure serial of the same name broadcast from 1938 to 1949. Captain Midnight was only one of the many aviation serials released in wartime whose leading characters where derived from early pulp magazines and radio favorites. In this serial, Captain Albright is an extremely skilled aviator better known as Captain Midnight, who is assigned to neutralize the sinister Ivan Shark, an evil enemy scientist who is merrily bombing major American cities. Our hero leads the Secret Squadron, whose staff includes only highly-qualified specialists as Chuck Ramsay (Midnight's ward) and Ichabod 'Icky' Mudd (Squadron's chief mechanic). Shark has developed a highly efficient mercenary organization, being aided by his daughter Fury (highly intelligent and second in command), Gardo (loyal henchman) and Fang (a strong Oriental ally). Unfortunately, Shark is after a new range finder invented by an altruistic scientist, John Edwards, who has a beautiful daughter, Joyce, who is threatened with death for fifteen thrilling episodes, only to be rescued by her own ingenuity or the skill of Captain Midnight at the appropriate last moment.

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Captain Midnight Chapter 1 Mysterious Pilot
Captain Midnight Chapter 2 The Stolen Range Finder
Captain Midnight Chapter 3 The Captured Plane
Captain Midnight Chapter 4 Mistaken Identity
Captain Midnight Chapter 5 Ambushed Ambulance
Captain Midnight Chapter 6 Weird Waters
Captain Midnight Chapter 7 Menacing Fates
Captain Midnight Chapter 8 Shells of Evil
Captain Midnight Chapter 9 The Drop to Doom
Captain Midnight Chapter 10 The Hidden Bomb
Captain Midnight Chapter 11 Sky Terror
Captain Midnight Chapter 12 Burning Bomber
Captain Midnight Chapter 13 Death in the Cockpit
Captain Midnight Chapter 14 Scourge of Revenge
Captain Midnight Chapter 15 The Fatal Hour
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These Serial Cliffhangers are terrific entertainment, however, the video quality is not nearly as high as the suspense in each chapter. What we're saying is, if you're used to high definition video, this is a massive step down. We recommend that before you buy, watch an episode through one of our free options.

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Released: Feb 15, 1942 believed to have entered the public domain on Jan 1, 1971

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