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Crimson Ghost Serial Cliffhanger

12 Chapter Adventure Serial Cliffhanger

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The Crimson Ghost (1946) is a Republic film serial directed by Fred C. Brannon and William Witney with Charles Quigley and Linda Stirling playing the leads. This was Witney's last serial, after a career that left him one of the most praised of all serial directors. The serial was re-released as a six-episode television series in the 1950s and as a television film called Cyclotrode "X" in 1966. The villain of the serial, the Crimson Ghost of the title, is one of the most visually striking of the medium. A mysterious villain, the eponymous Crimson Ghost, is determined to steal a counter atomic device known as Cyclotrode X, which can short out any electrical device. Television's future Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, played a rare villainous role in this serial as one of the Crimson Ghost's henchmen, a cold-hearted gangster named Ashe.

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Chapter 1: Atomic Peril (20 min)

Chapter 2: Thunderbolt (13min 20s)
Chapter 3: The Fatal Sacrifice (13min 20s)
Chapter 4: The Laughing Skull (13min 20s)
Chapter 5: Flaming Death (13min 20s)
Chapter 6: Mystery of the Mountain (13min 20s)
Chapter 7: Electrocution (13min 20s)
Chapter 8: The Slave Collar (13min 20s)
Chapter 9: Blazing Fury (13min 20s)
Chapter 10: The Trap that Failed (13min 20s)
Chapter 11: Double Murder (13min 20s)
Chapter 12: The Invisible Trail (13min 20s)
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Entered Public Domain: Jan 1 , 1971

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