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Haunted Harbor Serial Cliffhanger

15 Chapter Mystery Adventure Serial Cliffhanger

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Haunted Harbor (1944) is a Republic movie serial, based on the novel by Ewart Adamson.

Sea captain Jim Marsden is about to be hanged for a murder he didn't commit, and is rescued from the gallows by two of his crewmen. To clear the captain's name, they head for the island of Pulinan, where they believe the real murderer is hiding. During the search for the killer, one thing leads to another and Jim and the crew soon find that their troubles have just started. Investigating a possible hiding place of the killer, Jim encounters huge sea monsters in Haunted Harbor.

Haunted Harbor's official release date is 26 August 1944, it was re-released on 26 September 1951, under the new title Pirates' Harbor

Haunted Harbor stars Kane Richmond as Jim Marsden, Kay Aldridge as Patricia Harding, and Roy Barcroft as Carter (aka Kane).

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Haunted Harbor Chapter 01: Wanted for Murder
Haunted Harbor Chapter 02: Flight to Danger
Haunted Harbor Chapter 03: Ladder of Death
Haunted Harbor Chapter 04: The Unknown Assassin
Haunted Harbor Chapter 05: Harbor of Horror
Haunted Harbor Chapter 06: Return of the Fugitive
Haunted Harbor Chapter 07: Journey into Peril
Haunted Harbor Chapter 08: Wings of Doom
Haunted Harbor Chapter 09: Death's Door
Haunted Harbor Chapter 10: Crimson Sacrifice
Haunted Harbor Chapter 11: Jungle Jeopardy
Haunted Harbor Chapter 12: Fire Trap
Haunted Harbor Chapter 13: Monsters of the Deep
Haunted Harbor Chapter 14: High Voltage
Haunted Harbor Chapter 15: Crucible of Justice
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Believed to have entered the public domain on January 1, 1972

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