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Hop Harrigan Serial Cliffhanger

15 Chapter Aviation Adventure Serial Cliffhanger

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Hop Harrigan (1946) is a Columbia film serial, based on the Hop Harrigan comic books. Hop Harrigan (Bakewell) and his pal "Tank" Tinker (Getchell) operate a small airport and flying service where they are hired by J. Westly Arnold (Vogan) to fly scientist, Dr. Tabor (Merton), to his secret laboratory where he has a revolutionary new power unit. But an unknown character known as The Chief Pilot (Oakman) is interested in the invention and uses a destructive ray to cripple Hop's airplane and kidnap Tabor. Hop and "Tank", aided by Gail Nolan (Jennifer Holt) and her younger brother, Jackie (Robert 'Buzz' Henry), finally overcome the criminals only find a bigger threat to them all within their group...

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Hop Harrigan Chapter 01: A Mad Mission
Hop Harrigan Chapter 02: The Secret Ray
Hop Harrigan Chapter 03: The Mystery Plane
Hop Harrigan Chapter 04: Plunging Peril
Hop Harrigan Chapter 05: Betrayed by a Madman
Hop Harrigan Chapter 06: A Flaming Trap
Hop Harrigan Chapter 07: One Chance for Life
Hop Harrigan Chapter 08: White Fumes of Fate
Hop Harrigan Chapter 09: Dr. Tobor's Revenge
Hop Harrigan Chapter 10: Juggernaut of Fate
Hop Harrigan Chapter 11: Flying to Oblivion
Hop Harrigan Chapter 12: Lost in the Skies
Hop Harrigan Chapter 13: No Escape
Hop Harrigan Chapter 14: The Chute that Failed
Hop Harrigan Chapter 15: The Fate of the World
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Hop Harrigan Chapter 01: A Mad Mission... by comicweb

These Serial Cliffhangers are terrific entertainment, however, the video quality is not nearly as high as the suspense in each chapter. What we're saying is, if you're used to high definition video, this is a massive step down. We recommend that before you buy, watch an episode through one of our free options.

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Believed to have entered the public domain on January 1, 1971

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